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Increased Growth of 480% In Lead Generation from Giveaways for Water Sports in South Korea


This brand provides services for every seafaring adventurer. From thrill-seekers to leisure goers – the brand’s wide range of reliable, safe, and powerful machines make it the top choice for everyone. Since expanding in Korea, the brand had some concerns raising awareness about their brand identity. Therefore, they wanted to make sure consumers recognized the company when they were looking for seafaring services in Korea. This is where the Inquivix team helped organize a giveaway.

Lead Generation Overview

The Challenges

Lead Generation Challenges

Raising brand awareness for a company in this niche was difficult because people generally wouldn’t spend a lot of time looking through seafaring services outside the summer months. When people search for these types of activities, the more established brands in the market would be ranked higher on Google’s SERP We needed to take a different approach to create brand awareness, especially since the majority of customers will show up in the summer months; and only focusing on SEO would not give many results during the rest of the year.

The Approach

Since the brand is catering to a niche with seasonal demand in a market with established competitors, we had to take a proactive approach.  Therefore, to raise awareness of the brand, three key approaches were selected; viral giveaway, social media management, and influencer marketing.

Lead Generation Approach

To create this brand’s awareness, the team put together a campaign to launch during the summer months, with a summer vacation theme. The campaign would run for 4 weeks, on Facebook and Instagram, with the goal of having consumers like, follow and share the posts with their friends to get a better chance of winning.

Viral Giveaway

The brand needed to attract customers and to create a demand for their products while creating a high level of brand awareness. The best way to do this was to use a viral giveaway campaign. 

The participants were expected to complete certain tasks in order to qualify for a chance at winning the giveaway gift. They were asked to follow the client’s Facebook and Instagram accounts and like the event post on both channels. They were further expected to tag a friend in the comments and repost the Instagram post. 

The viral giveaway campaign was successful in reaching a new audience and attracting more potential customers. With the excitement of receiving a valuable gift for such small tasks as following, liking, and tagging, the event reached a wider audience.

Lead Generation Leads

Social Media Management

Social media management is another approach taken to attract potential customers. It was also useful in retaining the existing customers who provided valuable feedback and recommendation. 

Keeping a consistent presence on social media helped the brand to grow thousands of organic followers. It was a steep curve during the promotional weeks compared to the rest of the year.

Lead Generation Leads

Influencer Marketing

This was the third approach taken to increase brand awareness. We partnered with high authority figures like Kwon Tae Ho, a martial arts coach and actor, who recently starred in the popular Netflix show “My Name” to share the brand’s product on his Instagram feed with a potential reach of 73,609 followers. 

Inquivix also promoted the brand on a famous Korean show 요즘것들2(These days 2) produced by Dong-A TV that was hosted by high-profile, well-favored celebrities, Singer Young Ji Hur commonly addressed as Youngji of Korea’s popular girl group KARA and actress Jiwon Shin. Both actresses are of extremely high caliber, with an immense following. The show was also shared on YouTube and Naver TV apart from its television broadcast. Along with these macro-influencers, other micro-influencers on different platforms were hired, and this resulted in a staggering growth of increased brand awareness, traffic, engagement rates, and lead generation. 

As Naver is extremely impactful in the Korean community we use Naver Blogs to ensure that the brand is optimizing all its opportunities. We publish 20 Naver Blog posts, not high traffic but more oriented on getting the brand’s blog articles ranked for certain keywords. Using higher-ranking Naver bloggers, this task was simplified even more despite some of the keywords being highly competitive. This ensured the brand got ranked on Naver SERP keywords. 

PR Management 

We provided PR management services using appropriate channels from our database of journalists and POC’s at several digital media outlets ranging from executives to lower-level management. Dong-A TV is one of these partners that we used to build brand awareness, which resulted in high conversion rates.

The Process

Lead Generation Process


A comprehensive audit will provide you with the best results in terms of knowing what is working out for your brand with regards to keywords, your competitors, and other elements to get the best results for your website. 

Defining Goals

Based on the findings from the audit, the campaign goals need to be set. Defining what your goals are will help you to set a timeframe and set achievable targets. This helps to track the progress, as well as make adjustments as you go. 

Preparation & Deployment

The preparation process focuses on mainly advertising and marketing campaigns to ensure our clients get the best results when it comes to their brand. We focused on entering a selected few 


The campaign launched on July 21st and asked participants to tag a friend in the Instagram comments, repost an Instagram post, follow the brand’s Instagram account, like the event post on Instagram, follow on Facebook, and to like the event post on Facebook. Other than generating leads, the giveaway also focused on growing the brand’s social media accounts.

Results with Inquivix 

The campaign took off and we saw great results, even within the first few weeks. With 3400 total visits and 15% of visits converting into leads, the brand experienced a lot of growth and traffic.

Top 3 Traffic Sources

The Facebook campaign reached just short of 10,000 people, with a total of 14,326 impressions.

Ad Manager


The Inquivix team focused on generating the best results, for clients in the most effective way possible. We did extensive research on the brand’s niche and competitors, and from there, we were able to conclude the best way to raise brand awareness in a cost-effective way. This way, the brand gets the best return on their investments, and can fully focus on growing their brand in this market.

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