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Naver Band – How This Group Sharing App Attracts Customers

Naver Band - How This Group Sharing App Attracts Customers

South Korea’s Naver Corp is one of the most popular companies in the country and continuously strives to provide more services and features that make people’s lives easier. Naver is more than just a search engine, and this full-fledged collaborative platform is notorious for its extensive features, from shopping to streaming music and more. 

This article explores one such feature, the Naver Band app, that helps people and teams communicate online with many additional functions. Keep reading to learn more about this wonderful tool! 

What Is Naver Band?

Naver Band is a group social networking site created specifically for group chats, helping people stay connected with each other, whether they’re friends, colleagues, or family members. People can ditch emails and text messages and instead use groups with unlimited members to share information. With both mobile and desktop versions, this group chat service easily replaces other means of communication.

What Is Naver Band?

How Does Naver Band Work?

The free application allows users to have a variety of groups, from faith groups to sports teams, parent-teacher groups, marching bands, and more. Users can post and share pictures, and videos, and develop a whole conversation on the post. All band members can have voice and video group calls, and communicate better overall. 

Although the Naver search engine uses the Korean language as its foundation, the Naver Band supports the universal English language very well. Naver Band has three types of groups with different permission settings for members that can make them viewers, or permit them to comment. The three types of bands are mentioned below.  

Private Groups 

Only members with an invite can join. All leaders or administrators need to do is invite a user to join the band. Once they sign in, voila, they have access to a plethora of features ranging from messaging, notifications, calendars, RSVPs, pictures, videos, polls, signups, and more.

How Does Naver Band Work?

Listed Groups

Users can look up this band on the site, and can view the band’s description. However, only members can view the posts in the band.

Public Groups

This is accessible to anyone. Everyone on the site can look up a band, its description, posts, and more. 

How Is Naver Band Different from Usual Social Networking Platforms?

Unlike on typical social networking platforms, everything happens inside a band, whether it is communication or planning to organize activities and events. These groups can be specific for business purposes or be a simple tool to connect classmates with each other.

Naver Band’s group challenge feature was loved by many users, especially when COVID-19 was challenging education. Users in each band can have different permission settings. They can also run polls, split bills, maintain attendance and schedules, and manage to-do lists. Naver Band allows more than just communicating with band members. 

How Is Naver Band Different from Usual Social Networking Platforms?

It allows users to have a dedicated location to manage information instead of having it shared all over, like on other social networks. This makes managing data an easy task and makes groups a more organized and less overwhelming platform like other social networking sites, which people are slowly growing tired of. 

Features of Naver Band That Attracts Customers

Naver Band’s marketing is its own features, which has been attracting customers due to its ease of communication and difference from typical social media platforms. Check out the services below. 

Dedicated, Small Groups

Naver Band has three options for bands or groups, allowing group conversations with as few or many members as required. This helps ensure the information will be shared with only those who have to have access, unlike on simple private and public accounts on other platforms. 

Community Board

The community board is an easy way to showcase and clearly share important information. This acts as a pinned board and ensures nobody misses vital messages. 

Features of Naver Band That Attracts Customers


Each post added to the community board can be turned into a notice. Members will be notified, and at least 3 notices can be added every 24 hours. This can even be set as an “important notice” where up to 2 posts can be highlighted at the top of the community board. Users can also be sent alerts in case they missed the post. 

Centralized Information Under One Post

The ability to share multiple types of information, from a photo to live streaming video, files, and more, under one post makes data easily accessible. 


Every time an action takes place, members will be easily notified and aware. 

Are you interested in the Naver Band App?

Naver Band is an excellent group sharing network, used by various people and organizations for different needs. The only similarity is that they want to communicate with many people at the same time, and the Naver Band app is one of the best solutions. 

Users can have various types of groups, with varying permission settings, types of posts, and more. This makes it a highly customizable platform, with information maintained in one centralized location for easy access. Users can do more than just communicate and instead take part in polls, maintain schedules and attendance, and keep track of tasks on a user-friendly platform.

Do you want to take your group communication to the next level without spending any money? Naver Band is an ideal solution for you!