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Search Engine Optimization

Enhance your brand’s online presence and drive organic traffic to your website with our customized SEO services. We offer on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and local SEO services to ensure your website ranks higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

We optimize your website’s structure, content, and meta elements ensuring that search engines can easily crawl your website resulting in better search rankings. Our services include keyword research, developing effective content strategies, link-building, and more.

PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising helps you maximize your online visibility and drive targetted traffic to generate qualified leads. We provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure effective ad campaigns for your business. 

Our A to Z services include, ad account setup, compelling ad creatives, landing pages, performance tracking, and everything in between. With A/B testing, we ensure your PPC campaigns deliver maximum ROI for you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is integrated to everyday life and is one of the most powerful tools for marketing. Our services enable you to build a vibrant online presence and connect with your target audience effectively. Inquivix helps you to handle all aspects of social media management ensuring a consistent brand voice across platforms. 

We help elevate your brand awareness while cultivating meaningful relationships with your target audience with our strategic social media campaigns. We even offer specialized South Korean social media marketing services for brands that want to establish a presence there.

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KOL & Influencer Marketing

Key-opinion leaders (KOLs) and influencers have the power to shape customer behavior and trends. Therefore, you can benefit from partnering with influential personalities relevant to your business niche. You can amplify your brand message while building credibility among your target audience. 

Our services start from identifying relevant influencers to content collaboration and creation. We facilitate seamless campaign execution and management  ensuring a cohesive brand message that resonate with your audience.

Viral Giveaway Campaign Management

The best way to generate buzz and boost your brand visibility is viral giveaway campaigns. We run viral giveaway campaigns to increase visibility, boost audience engagement, and generate leads for the sales funnel. 

We excel in strategic planning that align the giveaway campaign with your business goals. We will carefully execute your campaign with boosted audience engagement and interaction enhancing brand awareness and reach.

PR & Media Management

Our PR and media management services are designed to help enhance your brand’s reputation, visibility and reach. A strong presence in reputable media outlets helps you establish credibility and authority giving your business a better chance of attracting leads.

Our services include writing press releases, media outreach, and distribution. We leverage our network of journalists and publications to distribute press releases that effectively communicate your brand’s news and announcements. 

Korean Digital Marketing

We specialize in Korean Digital Marketing for businesses aiming to enter and establish a strong presence in the dynamic South Korean market. With our understanding and experience in the local market, we offer strategic solutions to help you navigate the digital landscape of South Korea.  We offer specialized Naver SEO services including Naver Blog and Naver Blog Influencers as well as PPC advertising on local platforms such as Naver Ads and Kakao Ads. Our services extend to other native platforms such as Naver Cafe, Kakao Moment, and various e-commerce platforms.

Crypto Marketing

We assist cryptocurrency businesses in navigating the unique challenges and intricacies of digital marketing. Our services help your crypto business to reach your target audience and enhance brand awareness.

We help drive targeted traffic to your landing pages to generate qualified leads while fostering relationships within crypto communities on various platforms. Partnering with us is your best chance to unlock your crypto business’s full potential.

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Web Design and Development

A website is the digital store-front of your business and we help create the best one for you. A well-designed and functional website helps with creating a strong online presence and engaging your customers. Our meticulous services ensure that your website provides you with a competitive edge in the online space.

Our services cover every aspect of web development and design, from creative wireframes with optimal UI/UX designs and content creation to implementation, testing, and quality assurance.

Video Production and Editing

Creatively crafted videos can bring your vision to life be it a brand message, informational videos, or promotional videos. Our innovative creative brilliance can help you craft captivating videos that engage your audience, and inspire them to take your desired actions. 

With cutting-edge technology and tools, we produce high-quality videos that convey your vision effectively to your audience. Our experienced team can elevate your video production to new heights.

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