We understand that every country has its own social media landscape, and has its own PR set of laws and rules. Our expert team will make sure that they are intimately familiar with the cultural norms, legislation, and standard of your target country.


Journalists are always looking for the next big scoop. That’s why it is so important to know how to work with press and media relations in order to get your company featured in the news!

Press relations is a specialized field within marketing that focuses on getting the word out about your company, product, or service, in a variety of media outlets – from online publications to print magazines. Not all endorsements can warrant a news story as they can sometimes be perceived as an editorial endorsement of the product.

Media relations, on the other hand, is the process of planning and executing a public information campaign to gain exposure for an organization, event, or cause. A media relations campaign requires more than just good messaging; it also needs to be strategically timed with a company’s marketing objectives for an effective and successful marketing strategy.


How To Promote Your Brand Using Press & Media

Public relations can increase positive engagement towards your brand.
Here’s what you can do to promote your products and services through the press and media.

Write An Insightful Press Release

The first step to do is to write a press release describing your product or service. This press release can be about letting the public know about the developments in your company.

Create A List Of Journalists And Reporters

The next step is to create a list of potential journalists and reporters who cover the particular topic your press release is all about. Not all journalists and reporters can cover your release effectively.

Reach Out To Appropriate Media Contacts

You can now reach out to appropriate media contacts and pitch them your story, using the press release you have prepared to discuss the specifics of your products or services.

Offer Interviews With Key Staff

Interviews are a great way for the writers to create original and high-quality press releases about your brand. With this, you will be assured that they really understand the story they are going to cover.

Provide High-quality Product Images

Sending all materials needed for the press release will make your story a priority. Oftentimes, reporters prioritize those who have necessary materials on hand because they are following tight deadlines.

Follow Up With All Media Contacts

The last necessary step to do is to follow up with all the contacts you have on the list to make sure everything is ready. After the stories went live, you can follow up with them again to thank them and build a good relationship.

How Can We Help?

Your success is our success.

Our team will make sure that everything about your press releases is properly taken care of. We understand the importance of ultimately building your brand and reputation. We’ll connect you with industry-relative reporters and journalists who can promote your brand with key messaging, audience targeting, and boosting.

We have vast numbers of reporters and journalists who can cover your stories effectively. We will take care of the process, right from writing your press release, even after it went live.

Press and Media Case Study

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Press and Media FAQs

We are sure you still have some questions in mind!
We got you! Here, we compile some of the most common questions we have received from our previous clients.

Why do I need International PR?

If your company is planning to enter a new sales market, PR is valuable to consider as its nature continuously develops and expands. If you want to reach your potential international markets, PR can help your company gain trust and raise awareness.

Do I need a press kit?

On rare occasions, reporters will offer to allow sources so you can review the copy before the publication. Generally, you cannot check the press release before publication. However, in cases that the subject is technical or scientific, they can allow you to review.

What if I don’t like the published work?

Since the press release will be written by humans, we cannot guarantee that it will be perfect. However, we will work with you closely to focus on what is a factual and correctible error and we can discuss the appropriate steps to do.

What’s a pitch letter?

If you have a few selected media outlets to target, you can put the information in the form of a business letter instead of sending a press release. You can do this by establishing some connection with the editor then explain what you have to offer.


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