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Increased Growth of 250% In Brand Awareness for Fashion Brand in Indonesia

Our client was already investing a significant amount of money in order to gain market share. They hired Inquivix, to increase social media engagement and brand awareness within Indonesia.

Client’s Unique Selling Proposition

Brand Awareness for Fashion Brand in Indonesia

Every component of our client’s product is handmade in Bali, these traditional Balinese methods are at the heart. Screen printing may be seen in all of their collections, as one such process.

Based on sketches drawn in their workshop, this handmade printing method uses a stencil to print on fabric. Because it is produced by hand, each yard of cloth has its own distinctiveness, ensuring that the item is one-of-a-kind.

Kerawang embroidery is another prominent style of their apparel. Since the 17th century, this technique has been handed down from generation to generation. Kerawang begins with a pattern drawn on paper, after which thread is stripped away from the fabric, creating a lace-like pattern that resembles the one drawn on paper.

This method, requiring a high degree of attention to detail, perfectly represents dedication to perfection in all of their designs.

The Challenges

Brand Awareness

These days, Instagram plays a huge role in the world of fashion e-commerce, and it’s likely near the top of marketers’ strategies.

Increasing the number of followers and likes for the brand’s Instagram account, should not be overlooked. Maintaining a high level of engagement, helped in building brand validation. The amount of consumers who’d see the contents and stories is determined by how popular they are on Instagram,  and not by how many followers they have.

The brand engagement rate was below average even with the appropriate reach and impressions of the posts. There was no visible appearance on the SERP with the Indonesian market. Also, zero lead generations that could be converted to potential customers. Their engagement rate is so low even within reach and impressions of the posts as well.

The Approach

There is a pressing need for brand awareness efforts, as this is our client’s first entry into the Indonesian market. While social media is a simple way to do this, we recommend utilizing another marketing technique such as:

Brand Awareness Approach

Viral Giveaway Campaign

To expand their email list, social media followers, website visitors, and other outlets, we established a viral giveaway campaign. The campaign was modified to match our client’s interests and demands.

The client’s user tasks will be utilized to score the promotion. Tasks would include things like “like our Facebook page” and “follow us on Instagram.” Each activity would receive a point total, with each different number of points.

This approach of marketing is extremely effective in Indonesia, and it provided the additional boost we needed in the early phases of brand recognition. We used “review our client’s products on social media or YouTube.” 

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Press Release

A press release is a powerful tool for businesses, but it has its drawbacks. That’s why we provide an efficient service, which will take care of all of the client’s PR needs at an affordable price!

  • Creating articles on relevant themes, and topics is a good way to get exposure.
  • We’ve observed a lot of people go to the company’s website to check out what new things they have there.
  • Using social media, to interact with the audience
  • Pitching stories to journalists, and bloggers

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Social Media Management

We never underestimate the importance of social media because we realize that’s where the future consumers are. We have the knowledge and experience to help them use their social media platform to its full potential in order to boost and grow.

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Ads Management and Content Boosting

We understand that advertising is the voice to inform the audience about the company, the goods they offer, and the services they provide. We work with them to develop the most cost-effective approach for expanding brand recognition in the proper market.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a relatively new and innovative method for promoting products, and services on social media, by way of prominent content producers. It’s also an excellent method to discover the target audience, and boost brand recognition.

We provide tailored, and bespoke influencer marketing services that can assist the company in obtaining much-needed exposure and converting more leads into sales.

Inquivix engaged in strategizing in KOL influencer marketing and booked an Indonesian celebrity to promote the product on social media channels. 

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The Process

We understand that Indonesia is a major market for local, and international businesses seeking to break into, but we are authorities on reaching success in the Indonesian digital market, having a diverse culture and population.

Instagram is also popular in Indonesia. In fact, Indonesia ranks sixth worldwide in terms of active Instagram users. Instagram stories and posts are the most essential features of Instagram. It helps businesses promote their services, and goods in order to attract more consumers. This is the process when we started growing our clients in Indonesia.

Brand Awareness Process


The first step in our approach is to conduct a comprehensive audit, to figure out who the target market is, what they’re interested in, and how they’ll react to certain situations.

Defining Goals

We devised feasible aims and tracked the campaign’s performance against those criteria.

Preparation And Deployment

We created search-based advertising, to be distributed across the chosen networks; based on the audience and objectives.

All campaign materials will be given to our clients for approval before being sent out after distribution, and all of them will be reviewed by our client before going live.


Every month, we send the campaign’s current situation and results, as well as additional metrics.

Results with Inquivix

We saw amazing results with this campaign, with over 8700 visits for the viral giveaway. This campaign had a 17.5% conversion rate, resulting in 1536 total leads. The brand’s Instagram community grew massively from this as well, gaining 2846 followers, and leaving 1316 impressions with their stories.

They had a large reach with their social media, and gained many engaging followers, as can be seen in the graphs below. All of these results helped the brand grow, and keep this engagement of the viewers. 

Viral Giveaway Campaign

The Viral Giveaway campaign results were proven successful, as shown in the image below.

Leads Traffic

Press Release

Here are the results of the press release Inquivix provided our client.

Average Reach per Day

Social Media Management

Here are the results of the engagement and traffic on the social media platforms.

Social Media Management

Ads Management and Content Boosting

Here are the results provided of the successful results with Ads management and content boosts.


Influencer Marketing

Here are the results for the KOL and influencer marketing we provided to our client. We reached out to one of the top-class celebrities @evacelia with a verified Instagram account and a follower-base of 735K in Indonesia.



As seen in the results above, we had a great performance with the strategies that our experts provided in accordance with the brand’s needs. The brand found its place in the Indonesian market along with its recognition after all these campaigns. 

This is a good example of how our marketing professionals can use a variety of tools to help clients with their problems. We often combine these tools according to the brand’s needs and make sure that they get the best return on their investment.