Dominate Korea’s Digital Market

Dominate Korea’s Digital Market

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As one of the top digital marketing agencies in Seoul, South Korea, we specialize in helping global enterprises enter the dynamic Asian markets, especially South Korea. Our strategic focus on long-term business growth enables us to enhance website traffic, optimize lead quality, and fuel exponential online sales growth. 

We are a full-service Korean digital marketing agency empowering enterprises to drive customer conversions through impactful and result-driven digital solutions. Partner with us to unlock the true potential of your brand in the digital realm.

Our Clients

We have worked with many leading brands including global high-tech companies and have shown excellent results with boosted reach, engagement, and sales with effective digital marketing strategies customized for their industries and niches.

Our Services

Inquivix empowers brands to achieve their maximum potential with the latest digital marketing strategies and tools. We provide comprehensive digital marketing services that cater to all aspects of your business.

Your Digital Marketing Partner in South Korea

Our core expertise in the cultural, social, and economic landscape of the South Korean market has been refined over many years of working closely in the region. As a Korean marketing agency, we offer unparalleled support for businesses looking to expand their reach to potential customers in South Korea.

We offer a full range of digital marketing services from SEO and PPC advertising to social media marketing and more to lay the foundation for a growing digital presence in South Korea for your business. Our expertise helps you identify and target the correct market segments and engage them effectively. 

Inquivix is South Korea’s leading digital marketing agency specializing in strategies and platforms that work for the Korean market. We specialize in native South Korean platforms such as Naver, Kakao, Daum, and many others. Our team’s native Korean speakers create content for these platforms with an insider’s knowledge about the market.

For any business and foreign companies that wish to enter South Korea, having us as their digital marketing partner makes it more effective to reach the right customers and achieve their business goals. We will ensure you reach your targets because we are the best digital marketing agency that provides the best marketing mix in Asia, especially for the South Korean market.

At the core of South Korea’s digital ecosystem is Naver, which offers plenty of opportunities for brands to establish their presence in the South Korean market. It has a unique SEO landscape with Naver Brand Blog and Naver Blog Influencers and social media like Naver Café and Naver Band. One of the major advantages of Naver marketing is the paid advertising (PPC) platforms within the ecosystem – Naver Search Ads and Display Ads (Naver GFA).

KakaoTalk Marketing

Being the most popular messaging platform in South Korea, with over 47 million users, KakaoTalk is one of the best ways to reach your target audience. Equipped with various ad types such as display ads, message ads, Bizboard, video ads, and others, it offers brands a chance to be noticed by potential clients. Furthermore, the KakaoTalk Channel can help your brand to engage and build a closer relationship with your clientele. 


As a long-established search engine in South Korea, Daum has a loyal user base that your business can tap into with the correct SEO practices. Though not as popular as Naver, there is a considerable amount of usage within specific demographics, which your business can use to your advantage. Daum search advertising is another way to use this platform to increase your brand visibility and reach your target audience.

Local Display Networks

For businesses looking for a more localized display ad campaign, Display networks like Taboola and Dable are the best choices. Tailored toward Korean digital consumers, these platforms can take your brand’s message to your target market seamlessly and integrate it into their daily online activities. Display networks are best suited for B2B advertising with targeting options to drive engagement, letting you reach decision-makers and influencers in your niche.

Korean E-commerce Marketing

South Korea has one of the biggest e-commerce markets in the world, with platforms such as Coupang, Gmarket, 11st, and more offering B2C businesses a great opportunity to set up shop. Popular among millions of daily users who shop for everything from beauty products and clothing to fresh fruits & veggies delivered within hours, Korean e-commerce could be the kickstart for your South Korean expansion.

Google SEO and Ads for Korea

While Google is a global platform, the approach and strategies for the South Korean market can be different. The Google SEO for your brand has to be localized and tailored to suit the unique behavior of the Korean audience, considering language and cultural nuances. Both Google Search and Display Ads should be localized to engage the Korean audience.

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Other Region-Specific Marketing Services

Inquivix is headquartered in South Korea and is a leading digital marketing agency in Asia. We have branches in the United States, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. Because of our local regional teams and vast knowledge of local markets and economies, we offer region-specific online marketing solutions, especially in Asia, to grow your brand and expand your business.

Whether it’s social media management, content marketing, SEO, web design and development, or other digital marketing needs – we can help you reach new heights and maximize your online presence. We are experienced in providing services customized to the unique needs of each client, whether they are a startup or an established enterprise.

Our services are specialized in, but not limited to, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore and are offered with a unique approach to each region after careful market research.

Digital Marketing in Indonesia

Digital Marketing in South Korea

Digital Marketing in Thailand

Event Planning and Management in South Korea

Crafting Extraordinary Moments, Creating Unforgettable Experiences
Elevate your event experiences with Inquivix’s top-tier Event Planning and Management Services. From corporate functions, festivals, webinars, trade shows, or virtual meetups, our expert team is here to bring your vision to life. With a comprehensive approach, we blend creativity, meticulous planning, and strategic marketing, ensuring each event resonates with your audience and achieves your goals.

Corporate Events


Virtual and Hybrid Events

Festivals and Concerts

Trade Shows and Conventions

Workshops and Seminars

Product Launches

Craft extraordinary moments and create unforgettable experiences, exclusively in South Korea with Inquivix. Explore more about our offerings today.

Tailored Event Planning

Crafted With Precision, Delivered with Passion
Crafted With Precision, Delivered with Passion We help you create captivating event concepts that echo your brand ethos and resonate with your audience. Budget planning and logistics are handled with attention to detail, ensuring a smooth execution that maximizes your investment. Finally, our marketing and promotions harness the power of digital strategies to amplify event visibility and engagement, making each event a memorable experience.

Comprehensive Event Management

Navigating Your Event Journey Towards Success
We handle the complex dynamics of project management and vendor coordination for you, utilizing strategic thinking and a proactive approach to mitigate risks. Our on-site coordination guarantees a smooth flow of events, while post-event analysis provides insights for continuous improvement and enhanced results.

Bring Your South Korean Event to Life with Inquivix!

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Case Studies

Inquivix offers a wide variety of digital marketing services for our clients. Take a look at our portfolio of case studies to see the effort we put into our work.

Inquivix Blog

Stay informed on the latest digital marketing trends, updates, and strategies with insights from our expert team of marketing professionals. Read our guides and solutions to keep up with the market.

Client Testimonials

Discover how our clients have benefited from the marketing services offered by Inquivix, leading to enhanced brand awareness and increased revenue.


An Indian Manufacturing Brand

Our company was doing okay generally but we all felt it could be better. That was when we approached Inquivix and asked for their input. From there, the team helped us with optimizing our social media advertising and so much more. This really was the extra bit of help we needed to reach our full potential.

Chief Marketing Officer

A Software Marketplace Corporation

We initially approached Inquivix for help with designing our website. But they looked further than that and also saw opportunities to help us with our SEO strategy. Since then, we’ve seen our lead generation and traffic go up tremendously.

Digital Marketing Manager

A Luxury Fashion Brand

Inquivix was completely helpful. The team helped me improve my online marketing a lot. I had a problem with my social media marketing and reaching my target audience but they took action right away and the results definitely show.


An Indonesian Gluten Free Food Brand

Inquivix has helped us improve the branding of our company. We had almost everything set up but we weren’t generating any leads. Inquivix helped us fix this issue by improving our branding until it was just right for our target audience. We have achieved so much with their help and I don’t think we could have done that on our own.

Vice President

An American Consumer Electronics Accessory Brand

We were a bit worried after some unsuccessful partnerships with other marketing companies but Inquivix delivered outstanding work, especially in bringing structure into the content we put out to our audience.

Executive Director

A Canadian Personal Watercraft Brand

Inquivix really brought a lot of strategy and experience to the company when we started working with them. They listened to our challenges and came up with the most creative ideas to solve them. It has made a big difference for our company and it’s because of this that we feel like we can truly call them a partner.


A German Intimate Pleasure Brand

Inquivix was a big help for me, they understood my struggles right away and offered solutions to problems I initially didn’t even think of. I had a problem expanding my digital presence in South Korea, but they took care of it with amazing results.


A French Perfume Brand

Inquivix has been an amazing asset to our company. The team went beyond our expectations and never failed to come up with new ideas to set us apart from the competition.

Our Awards

With the success we have brought to our clients, Inquivix has earned several awards from some of the industry’s most prominent institutes and has been placed among the best digital marketing agencies. This has enabled us to reach great levels of success and strive for true excellence among digital marketing companies.

As Seen On

Over the past 7 years, Inquivix has been showcased on various prominent websites including Forbes, Business Chief, and many others from software network industries, financial industries, and technology industries.

About Inquivix

From South Korea to the World

Our digital marketing agency, with its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, has expanded globally and now has offices in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the USA. The success of our clients has been the key factor in enabling our growth, which is directly tied to the effectiveness of the services we provide.

Our brand has a global presence, providing effective solutions for various industries and niches. We prioritize trust and transparency in all our dealings. We are Inquivix, the top digital marketing firm in Korea, and our goal is to become a leader in the global market.

Our mission is to assist brands in building their online presence and reaching their objectives by utilizing data-driven marketing campaigns and prioritizing performance-based delivery. Grow with us!

Returning the Favor

One Tree Planted

Inquivix believes in safeguarding our planet for future generations by engaging in environmental protection efforts. We have collaborated with The One Tree Planted Foundation to contribute to global reforestation initiatives. It is our duty to protect the environment, and we believe in taking actionable steps to make a positive impact.

  • Giving back to the community
  • Protecting Mother Nature
  • Save Earth from global warming
  • Plant trees for our children
  • Help reduce deforestation
  • Protect all wildlife

Our Locations

Inquivix has its headquarters in Seoul, Korea, and has regional hubs in several locations including Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the USA. Wherever your business is located, the Inquivix team is available to assist you in realizing your brand’s potential.

South Korea

402-A 1198, 12, Teheran-ro 70-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 06193

3rd Floor, 54, Sincheondong-ro 96-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea 42001


82/22 Soi 2, Nuntawan 2, Land and Houses, Chalong, Phuket, Thailand 8313

United States

651 N Broad St, Suite 206, Middletown, Delaware, USA 19709


Kabinet Tower, Surabaya Jln. Mayjen Yono Soewoyo AK 2 no.27, Surabaya, Indonesia 60256


51 Goldhill Plaza #07-10/11, Singapore 308900

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