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Viral Giveaway Services
What is a Viral Giveaway Campaign

What is a Viral Giveaway Campaign?

Viral giveaway campaigns are a digital marketing strategy that involves hosting a giveaway to get your brand in front of new followers. They’re a low-cost marketing strategy used by small businesses and established brands alike—from your local coffee shops to shoe giants like Nike.

Why Does Everyone Love Them So Much?

Because they can have a serious payoff. And in the age of social media, you need to find a means to cut through all the noise online like a chef’s knife. Viral giveaways help you compete with other brands in your niche. With the right campaign, you can boost your brand awareness and rake in new leads, all by running a simple giveaway.

Unlike your typical giveaway or sweepstake, we help you craft a viral campaign that’s going to get you tangible results. We’ve got all the tips and tricks tucked in our back pocket to give your campaign the viral potential it deserves. And no, we aren’t just going to leave you hanging with a landing page and nothing else.

At Inquivix, we want you to succeed—not fend for yourself. We’ll help you get real followers and more sales by managing your viral giveaway from start to finish.

Viral Giveaway Campaign

How Viral Giveaway Campaigns Grow Your Brand

When you host a giveaway on your social media pages, you’re giving your brand a makeover from head to toe. And it’s not just a one-time boost – a giveaway gets you lasting results to drive your business goals, like:


Insane post engagement

That’s right, Instagram contests receive 3.5x more likes and 64x more comments than your typical posts. (source)
Search the Web

Ridiculous sharing rates

After signing up for a giveaway, 62% of the participants are likely to share with a friend. (source)

Boosted conversion rates

Captions with a contest call to action have a 3.7% higher conversion rate than a non-contest call to action. (source)
Social Media Brand Consistency

Lightning-fast follower growth

Brands that hosted giveaways grew 70% faster than those that didn’t. (source)

Plan a Viral Giveaway Campaign in 7 Steps

A viral giveaway campaign can help boost brand awareness, visibility and even boost sales and build engagement within the team. Here are 7 steps on how you can lead a successful giveaway campaign:

KOL and Influencer Management services

Want to Go All In?

We know all the different ways you can combine digital marketing strategies for the best results. If you’re planning a viral giveaway campaign, then you can improve its performance with our KOL and Influencer Management services. 

Ask us how to bring your giveaways to the next level.

How Giveaways Work for Participants

Want to see what your participants see? Of course you do. Here is what your participants will experience when they sign up for your campaign to get those high-ticket prizes, whether it’s the latest iPhone or their dream car:

How Giveaways Work for Participants

What Makes it Viral?

These aren’t your typical giveaway campaigns. By providing participants with their own “Unique Referral Link,” they’re able to share your content further. Why would they? Well, because they have a higher chance of winning. If they really want that sleek, new laptop, then they’ll actually want to spread the word. After that, their friends, family, and own fans will want to share it, too. You see where this is going.

Eventually, this whole process snowballs into a “viral” giveaway as more and more people join through your referral system. While advertising helps get your giveaway campaign started, word of mouth is what really brings your campaign to every nook on the internet.

We highly recommend combining this strategy with our other services to maximize its effects and get real results. Influencer management and social media advertising are both great ways to make your giveaways really pop.

What Makes it Viral

We’ve Already Run Tons of Giveaways

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Let’s Plan Your Next Viral Giveaway

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