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Increased Growth in Lead Generation from 500% In Giveaways for Perfume in South Korea


This brand is about freedom and high appreciation of personal craftsmanship. They enable people to become their own master of perfume blending and allow them to create their own scents.

Perfume in South Korea

They wanted to be a part of a community that is within their niche and collaborate with well-known authentic influencers to raise their brand awareness. 

However, before investing in campaigns, the company wanted to learn more about the complicated market that exists in South Korea. This is when they started working with the Inquivix team.

The Challenges

Perfume in South Korea Challenges

The company aimed to build a large consumer base in South Korea, but didn’t  know enough about consumer behavior, user demographics, marketing opportunities, current trends, and brand influence in the South Korean market. The brand needed to understand these areas of the market, better to reach its full potential and succeed with their campaigns.

The Approach

Perfume in South Korea Approach

The global perfume industry wanted to increase sales and improve conversions, so, they were looking for a digital marketing agency, which could handle enterprise-level online sales. Inquivix was chosen by the brand, because –  We are creative and brand-focused with extensive experience, and knowledge about the Korean market. Inquivix also has a good track record of successfully managing clients’ brands, and producing great results with campaigns. This is exactly what Inquivix wanted to do for the company.

Social Media Ads – FB and IG

Social Media Ads can increase brand awareness and get the best results to ensure the client’s audience reach. In fact, while increasing the social media ads they improved significantly to get more visibility, engagement and potential leads for their brand. It is an excellent medium for foreign companies to penetrate the Korean market. Facebook and Instagram ads have shown a monthly average reach of 20,000 and higher engagement rates.

Performance By Ad Creative

Viral Giveaway Campaign

Viral giveaway contests were initiated by Inquivix to drive more traffic and reach a wider audience. As a company that needed to penetrate the Korean market, was unaware of how to tackle it, the viral giveaway campaign was a great initiative that Inquivix offered. This helped the client’s brand to successfully get more brand awareness and engagement which significantly increased the rate of their followers and business.

Page Engagement

The Process

The Inquivix team took over the company’s campaign to increase the brand’s social media engagement, with the help of systematically designed campaigns. In addition to this, we organized a giveaway in line with the PR Campaign, where we published an article on Naver Blog; to add the online brand presence to the platform.

Page Engagement


The initial stage of our strategy is to conduct a thorough audit of the brand to identify the brand’s target audience, their preferences, and participation with social media campaigns to understand how to best increase the brand’s online presence.

Defining Goals

Setting achievable goals within a specified timeframe helps clients and us gauge the performance of the campaigns implemented. 

Preparation and Deployment

We curated social media campaigns to be circulated to specific audiences and their requirements on different platforms. All campaign resources were delegated for approval and evaluation by the client before going live.


We provide the clients with a monthly report of the campaign’s ongoing performance and other relevant metrics.

Results with Inquivix

Since the Inquivix team overtook its social media campaign, Inquivix was able to increase the brand’s social media engagement, with the campaigns best suited to the company. We saw great results with these campaigns, a total of 25,304 visits and 2,119 leads in total. The brand’s search engine optimization, and digital marketing strategies were given new life in a short period of time. Therefore, the company started building customer recognition within  the Korean market.

Total reach


Our digital marketing professionals were able to achieve this level of success, by carefully listening to the brand and taking the time to track, and test digital marketing campaign tactics that were best suited for the brand. We, therefore, provide tailor-made solutions for all clients. Inquivix believes that using such strategies will better enhance the difference, and lead to success during the campaigns.