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Increased Growth of 500% In Brand Awareness from Viral Giveaway for Software in South Korea


The client is a launchpad for SaaS startups which connect powerful software tools with intrepid businesses and secure exclusive lifetime deals, and discounts on the most cutting-edge SaaS products to help entrepreneurs expand their businesses.

Viral Giveaway for Software in South Korea

They partnered with Inquivix to run a giveaway campaign that would allow the client to gain more leads. Inquivix ran the campaign which is well-known to be simple to use. It is also affordable and has robust fraud detection – two crucial considerations for any start-up that wants to run referral campaigns.

The Challenges

Saastronautics Challenges

Our client’s challenge was to generate high-quality leads with high conversion rates. Inquivix needed to identify a solid process for identifying your best leads. Finding the correct leads through traditional marketing alone. 

The Inquivix team felt that a campaign would create a lot of quality leads without breaking the budget of our client. The decision is based on a simple philosophy: it’s better to pay more for a few good leads than to obtain a lot of bad leads for a low price.

The Approach

Brand Awareness Approach

Before launching the campaign, our client had specific goals in mind—to generate new leads, build partnerships, and nurture strong connections with other SaaS brands.

Viral Giveaway Campaign

To accomplish our client’s objectives, Inquivix used the following elements to structure the Viral giveaway campaigns strategy that involves hosting a giveaway to get your brand in front of new followers. The viral giveaway helped compete with other brands.

Giveaway Landing Page 

We created a Design and Copy for the landing page for a giveaway, as well as the customized action for the giveaway. We also set up the hosting and domain for a specific website, so that you can easily enter to win via email or social media.

Social Media Advertising

We used Social media advertising campaign, to assist our clients on social media platforms and this significantly improved their brand recognition, conversion rates, reduced their marketing costs for our clients brand and company’s online presence.

Saastronautics Social Media Advertising

Lead Generation

Inquivix used lead generation to generate more consumer interest for our client’s product. This helped to produce an effecticve strategy to help gain more traffic and customers to our client’s website.

Lead Generation

E-mail Marketing

With the use of email marketing, we were able to keep the audience informed about a viral giveaway campaign. Participants were able to follow their progress and were informed when a winner was selected.

E-mail Marketing in South Korea
  • All participants will get a 15% discount coupon.
  • Over 100 lucky winners will receive an LTD from one of the clients’ partners (Min 250 points random)

Timing Of The campaign

The campaign was launched during Black Friday – a day when the audience was looking for something worthwhile to buy. Because it was introduced on a special day, it received increased attention and interaction from the audience.

When it comes to freebies, timing is everything. Aside from incentives and other considerations, knowing your target audience is also important–this made the giveaway successful.

The clients Giveaway Landing Page

The clients Giveaway Landing Page

This complete, yet, engaging landing page was an additional asset for the success of the giveaway too. The landing page which Inquivix created helped the clients capture leads and add them on their email list.

That’s right! The process does not end after the giveaway has ended. So what Inquivix did was, continuously nurture the leads, until they were converted to loyal paying customers.

The Process

The Process


A comprehensive audit will provide you with the best results in terms of knowing what is working out for your brand with regards to keywords, your competitors, and other elements to get the best results for your website. 

Defining Goals

Based on the findings from the audit, the campaign goals need to be set. Defining what your goals are will help you to set a timeframe and set achievable targets. This helps to track the progress, as well as make adjustments as you go. 

Preparation and Deployment

The preparation process focuses on mainly advertising and marketing campaigns to ensure our clients get the best results when it comes to their brand. We focused on entering a selected few 


The Inquivix team took over the company’s campaign to increase the brand’s social media engagement, with the help of systematically designed campaigns. In addition to this, we organized a giveaway in line with the client’s products through a campaign, where we engaged to produce more brand awareness and add an online brand presence to the platform. 

Promoting The Campaign

Inquivix promoted the giveaway campaign successfully to get the best results on the client’s website. In fact, the campaign has increased the client’s brand awareness anf traffic to their website. 

Social Media Posting

Consistent social media posting provided the best services in terms of gaining followers and brand awareness. This regular social media posting has given brand loyalty and trust from our client’s customers.

Social Media Posting

To promote the giveaway, posting on social media was the perfect strategy. Social media is a perfect strategy to capture leads. From tagging people to sharing features, it is easy for the giveaway to attain a wider reach. Continuous engagement was also key to the campaign’s success. 

Because of the expertise team Inquivix has on social media management, a lot of people engaged in the community during the campaign period. Our client’s FB page and the group definitely became active!


Email is another tool to reach a lot of leads. It is also a perfect tool to educate prospects not just about the giveaway, but also about the brand. Emails also helped the client’s viral campaign become a success.

Sending emails greatly contributed to the success of the giveaway, because it caused  a sense of urgency to the entrants. It also helped our clients make the community bigger, by asking participants who were not members, to join the community.

Additionally, making sure that the emails were personalized, and have catchy subject lines resulted in the clients’ high open rate.

Results with Inquivix

The campaign pulled great results, with 99,544 landing page visits. 99.79% of users interacted, 6,644 total actions and 7000+ leads for the clients. The results exceeded the clients’ expectations and the best thing was– Inquivix did it in just 1 month!

Overall, the awareness the giveaway created was a great stepping stone for the clients. We are pleased to say that the Inquivix team did not just meet these goals, but exceeded them.

Saastronautics Result

Why Did The Prize Strategy Work?

Because, the prizes were relevant to the participants. Since the first goal was to attract the right leads, partnering with SaaS companies and using LTDs as prizes, attracted SaaS enthusiasts in the community.

Moreover, using tangible prizes attracted a lot of leads too! When it comes to giveaways, physical products work better than intangible products, but since the clients offer digital products, they also need to prioritize digital prizes. That’s why Inquivix recommended the combination of the packages, and the discount coupons for the major winners. 

This paved ways of opportunity for everyone to try the clients’ exclusive deals, which had led to an increase in the client’s revenue. This is what it feels like to partner with Inquivix, you can get the assurance that your product will reach the right target market. 


The Inquivix team was dedicated to delivering the finest possible outcomes for its customers in the most efficient manner possible. We conducted comprehensive research on the company’s specialty and rivals, and as a result, we were able to determine the most efficient strategy to build brand awareness at the lowest possible expense. As a result, the brand receives the highest possible return on their efforts and can devote their whole attention to expanding their brand’s presence in the market.

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