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Increased Traffic Growth of 200% For a Boutique Hotel Brand in Thailand

This case study is based on the Hotel industry in Thailand and how Inquivix created an immense growth in terms of organic search traffic and engagement with SEO strategies. We provided effective marketing strategies to boost the current situation in terms of ranking with SEO in Google’s SERP.

The Background

Case Study Background

The hotel brand in Thailand has been one of the most recognised and established within the country for a long time. As a matter of fact, SEO strategies were to be implemented and optimized on the client’s website in hopes of a wider search range for a greater traffic reach and engagement to the business.

The Opportunity

The Opportunity

The hotel brands in Thailand have been in the market for quite some time, however, this has created a requirement to expand and increase a wider audience in terms of SEO. Therefore, nowadays the hotel industry needs SEO strategies to best beat their competitors. 

SEO services from Inquivix can assist to provide brands digitized solutions to get the best results, since they are a hotel branding, they require help on SEO to rank/promote their business.

The Challenge

As many of the hotels in Thailand required SEO optimization, in terms of ranking, they needed a trusted partnership with a digital marketing agency who knew how to navigate through the digital platform and give them boosts and ranking in Google’s SERP

Many of the hotels didn’t understand the techniques of keywords, ranking, organic traffic, backlink auditing and search terms to strategize and optimize their website to drive, attract and create an online presence on the digital landscape.

Thailand SEO optimization

The Approach

Hotel brands have encountered challenges with SEO, in terms of reaching a wider audience, the conclusion we faced was that hotels needed to do extensive keyword research to understand how to navigate through the websites through ranking, keywords, organic traffic, and competitor research. They required assistance in terms of SEO 

Inquivix provided the strategy and implementation to provide the best SEO services to our clients. We assisted them in terms of all SEO to rank and boost their businesses, so that they can get the best results on Google’s SERP.

Here are a few strategies which Inquivix implemented:

Hotel brands SEO

SEO Competitive Research

SEO competitive research gives a general sense of where our clients stand at the moment in terms of backlinks, relevant keywords, analysis, content optimization, and how it contrasts to their competitors’ websites.

Interpretation of Inquivix’s Effort in SEO Services_Hotel in Thailand

Domain Overview

Inquivix’s goal in doing a competitive research analysis was to compare the quality of the website on Google and other search engines to that of their competitors.

Traffic Analysis

And then Inquivix analyzed their website traffic compared to their competitors.

Thailand Hotel SEO traffic Trend

Organic Research

After that, Inquivix examines the keywords relevant to their market, as well as the organic keywords of their competitors.

Our keyword and backlink research revealed that our client’s organic keywords and their rivals’ organic keywords were both provided by the same backlinks. 

Inquivix will be able to implement a flawlessly built tailor-made SEO approach according to our client’s requirements by assessing this data.

On-Page SEO

Following completion of our SEO competitor research, we inspected our client’s live website and discovered many on-page aspects that were erroneous.

We discovered problems with:

  • Create advanced list items
  • Options to choose list design
  • Beautiful interaction transitions
  • Internal linking
  • Meta description
  • Images
  • Word counts
  • Alt text
  • Duplicate content
  • Robot txt
  • Schema
  • Quality of the blog posts

The Strategy

Hotel SEO Strategy

Following a thorough examination of our client’s competitors, website, and contents. Inquivix designed a well-structured strategy that would include sufficient SEO juice to assist their website rank better in Google’s SERP.

Based on our competition analysis, Inquivix delivered 100% high-quality articles every month, with a minimum of 1250 words. The content we distributed was custom-made to ensure that all of the content we provided was SEO optimized, including keyword research, image optimization, meta tags, and ALT text handling, as well as backlinking processes. Not to mention, that all of the content provided was original, genuine, and free of plagiarism.

SEO Content Submissions

Inquivix developed a content submission approach that involved asking a similar and respectable niche with high-quality domains to guest post articles and mention to our client’s website on their page, resulting in increased traffic. Inquivix also made sure that all of their market’s social media platforms were optimized, and we provided them a social media marketing plan to follow.

SEO On-page Optimization

Inquivix provided tailormade on-page elements like keyword analysis, title tags, headings, and content which were optimized in SEO strategies to get the best ranking in their websites. 

The Results

SEO tactics

The use of all of the above SEO tactics have resulted in the continuous improvement of result-driven traffic for the projects of our clients and their websites. This has assisted them to continuously rank higher in Google’s search engine results page (SERP), as well as to develop brand recognition and identity for their business as a result of their efforts.