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Increased Traffic Growth of 300% For Real Estate Agency in Singapore

This case study is focused on the Real Estate market in Singapore, and how Inquivix used SEO strategies to increase organic search engagement rates. We devised efficient marketing initiatives to increase the present situation in terms of SEO ranking in Google’s SERP.

The Background

SEO ranking in Google’s SERP

For a long time, the real estate business in Singapore has been one of the most well-known and well-established expanding economies in the country. In fact, SEO strategies were to be implemented and improved on the website based in the hopes of targeting a larger search range, leading to increased traffic and engagement.

The Opportunity

Real Estate Agency in Singapore

Real estate has been in the market for a long time, and this has required the increase of a bigger audience in terms of SEO. As a result, in order to stay ahead of the curve, the hotel business today needs SEO techniques.

Because they are a hotel brand, they require SEO support to rank/promote their business. SEO services from Inquivix can assist in providing brands digitized solutions to obtain the best results.

The Challenge

Since many real estate companies demand SEO optimization in terms of ranking, they required a trusted relationship with a digital marketing agency that knew how to navigate the digital platform and provide them with boosts and rankings in Google’s SERP.

Many real estate companies didn’t know how to use keywords, ranking, organic traffic, backlink auditing, and search phrases to strategize and optimize their websites in order to generate, attract, and develop an online presence in the digital world.

Real Estate Keyword

The Approach

In order to reach a wider audience, real estate in Singapore has confronted SEO challenges. The conclusion we arrived at was that real estate business needed to conduct extensive keyword research in order to understand how to navigate through their websites using ranking, keywords, organic traffic, and competitor research. In terms of SEO, they required guidance.

Our clients received the greatest SEO services thanks to Inquivix’s strategy and implementation. We aided them with all aspects of SEO in order to help them rank and grow their businesses so that they could achieve the best possible results on Google’s SERP.

Here are some of the strategies that Inquivix used.

Real Estate Agency in Singapore

SEO Competitive Research

SEO competitive research gives a general overview of where our clients remain at the time in terms of links, keywords, research, content optimization, and how it compares to their competitors’ websites.

Interpretation of Inquivix’s Effort in SEO Services

Domain Overview

Inquivix’s objective in conducting a competitive research analysis was to assess the quality of the domain on Google and other search engines to that of their competitors.

Traffic Analysis

The analysis of their website traffic was eventually compared to that of their competitors’ websites to give us a better understanding of how we can benefit the companies.

Singapore Traffic Trend

Organic Research

We ran an organic research and prepared an extensive review to provide appropriate keywords linked to their niche, as well as the organic keywords of their competitors.

Our keyword and backlink findings show that our client’s organic keywords and their competitors’ organic keywords were both provided by the very same backlinks. Inquivix would be able to design a precisely crafted tailor-made SEO approach according to our client’s needs by studying this data.

On-Page SEO

Post completion of our SEO competitor analysis, we inspected our client’s live website and found several on-page components that were wrong.

We identified difficulties with:

  • Website structure
  • URL structure
  • Keywords optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Meta description
  • Images
  • Word counts
  • Alt text
  • Duplicate content
  • Robot txt
  • Schema
  • Quality of the blog post

The Strategy

Singapore Traffic Trend

Following a comprehensive review of our client’s competition, website, and contents. Inquivix designed a really good strategy that also included enough SEO juice to help their website rank better in Google’s SERP.

Inquivix delivered 100% certified high-quality articles every month, with a minimum of 1250 words, according to our competition study. Keyword research, image optimization, meta tags, and ALT text handling, as well as backlinking methods, were all custom-made to ensure that all of the content we produced was SEO optimized. Not to mention that all of the content was unique, authentic, and plagiarism-free.

SEO Content Submissions

Inquivix devised a content submission strategy that enlisted the help of a similar and reputable niche with high-quality websites to guest post articles and include a link to our client’s website on their page, resulting in increased traffic. Inquivix also ensured that all of their market’s social media channels were optimized, as well as providing them with a social media marketing strategy to implement.

SEO On-page Optimization

Inquivix provided custom on-page components such as keyword analysis, title tags, headings, and content that were optimized in SEO tactics to help their clients get the greatest ranking possible for their websites.

The Results

Consecutively, all of the SEO services described above have resulted in an increase in online traffic for our customers’ respective websites and businesses. Because of this, they have been able to effectively increase their rating in Google’s search engine rankings (SERP). This has improved our client’s overall engagement to their brand and significantly increased brand awareness.

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