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The Complete Guide to Digital Strategies in South Korea [E-Book]


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The Complete Guide to Digital Strategies in South Korea is a juicy packed eBook filled with all the best strategies and guides for your business. Are you aware of the digital economy in South Korea? Do you want to build brand awareness within South Korea? Well, then, this e-book has all the insightful knowledge which can help your business successfully penetrate into the South Korean digital landscape. As a matter of fact, this can provide a detailed guide not only to South Korea but also other existing Asian countries to boost social media marketing with digital technology to ensure positive result-driven success. 

When you first begin pursuing digital technologies in the South Korean Market, you will learn more about paid search and how you can best optimize and connect to a website that will benefit all campaigns and advertising strategies to boost your network. This enables your companies to engage and get a better understanding of how Korea uses social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok to operate and get a ranking overall. Although,  

Apart from that, you will also understand how many readers in South Korea like to engage in the content. By using Naver, Daum and Kakao will open an opportunistic reach to a wider audience when it comes to the usage rates. In fact, almost every Korean uses effective marketing tactics in digitized platforms for long-term investments in ad marketing. 

The Complete Guide to Digital Strategies in South Korea

The Digital Marketing Landscape in South Korea

The Korean market has certainly taken a revolutionary stance, in terms of digital marketing. As a matter of fact, there are many digital platforms within the industry that provide effective strategies in outreaching to target audiences. In lieu, these marketing tactics play a significant role with regard to increasing brand visibility and the overall aspect of brand performance. 

There are a number of digital services in South Korea that have been mastered and implemented into the market. Therefore, paving the way for digital infrastructure within the whole industry. When you speak of digital marketing, businesses often consider digital transformation as an important role of the Korean digitized landscape – whether it is from a strategy of digital data of Korean users or from the social media use in the information technology industry. 

Korea is infused with a myriad of cultures and is home to over 50 million people. As a matter of fact, in recent times –  South Korean culture has had an immense impact on the world, in terms of the K-drama and K-pop industry. The significant rise in popularity of the entertainment industry paved the way for English viewers to catch a good bit of K-entertainment fever.

Search Engines in South Korea 

A search engine is a web-based artificial intelligence tool that helps thousands of people to find information on anything (they are looking for) using a generic list of keywords and phrases. In fact, a search engine can generate many results immediately. They use tools like index and web-crawling to better assist us with what we are looking for. 

Search Engines in South Korea 

Most countries, except a few, prefer Google as the main search engine for their web browsing. Korea is one of the three countries in the world that do not use Google as the primary search engine. As a matter of fact, there is only a handful of these used within the Korean digital marketing industry. 

In fact, within South Korea, we find that there are different aspects in terms of digital marketing, and rather than focusing on Google as the main search engine, Naver and Daum have surpassed Google. As a result, Naver (more than Daum) has built its own ecosystem. Naver blog and Naver influencers can help you successfully drive traffic, visibility, and reach through your content; by ranking keywords and distributions. However, Naver blogs aren’t niche-priority, therefore, you can provide high-quality content for cheap, using low search volumes.

Naver SEO solely focuses on Korean businesses to provide a ranking, drive traffic, visibility, and engagement within the community. Naver is the largest search engine used for digital marketers within Korea; with over 70% market share in search queries. Naver requires unique on-page and off-page strategies to penetrate the market; unlike Google – ranking within the Korean digital market needs to be optimized through Naver’s blog and other Naver communities rather than targeting Naver’s SERP

Naver Website

Naver Search

Naver search is keyword optimized, but its results page is quite different from Google results. Naver organizes the search results by category; advertising, influencers, blogs, and then websites. Therefore your marketing strategy for Naver should focus on those aspects rather than web page SEO. 

Naver GFA

This is a type of performance-based advertising displayed on the main screen, feed, or mobile screen. You can include images, text, and branding on the Naver GFA as well as customize your target audience to maximize your visibility.


Daum is one of the second-largest search engines within Korea. As a matter of fact, it has been renamed Kakao. It is a web portal that encourages users to interact through forums, webtoons, and other interactive features. It uses various products and services to engage the user which gives plenty of opportunity for social media marketing.


Kakao Display Ads

Kakao display ads are visible across all related Kakao products such as KakaoTalk, Kakao Story, etc. This is an effective way to reach a larger audience through one platform. To reach the digital market in South Korea, businesses can use Kakao Display ads to their advantage.
Kakao Display Ads

Daum Search

Daum Search is keyword optimized, and the search results are organized by category. This is quite similar to the Naver search. Web page SEO is not successful as content creation. More content will create more visibility in Daum search results.
Daum Search

How Does Social Media Marketing Work in South Korea?

Social media networks continue to increase their popularity. With young people learning to depend on the internet for almost everything, getting your brand onto social media platforms is crucial in building your brand awareness. 

South Korea is a new and emerging landscape for social media marketing in Asia. With the country’s unique culture and people, it stands apart from the rest of the world. To increase your brand visibility and brand awareness, your business should make your presence loud and clear in the crowded field of South Korean social networks. 

You need to ensure that your social media marketing strategy meets the needs of the South Koreans who will be your potential customers. Getting key opinion leaders (KOL) or influencers on your side is a great way to build brand awareness among South Korean consumers.


Download Your Digital Strategies in South Korea E-Book

What are Social Media Platforms in South Korea? 

Social networking services, or social media, are online platforms where users post content or engage in social interactions with others. Typically, users of social media have similar personal or professional interests, hobbies, backgrounds, or real-life connections.

Social media platforms

Further, the format and number of features of social networking sites vary. They could include a variety of creative information and communication features. Social media is accessible on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices (such as tablets and smartphones). In addition, they may include online digital photos, videos, or sharing as well as journal entries like blogging. 


In the past couple of years, YouTube has seen a large growth in users. This is an excellent opportunity to get your social media marketing campaign running. In South Korea, YouTube is mainly used for brand endorsements through KOL influencers.


Instagram is mostly used to create brand awareness and product endorsement. In South Korea, Instagram marketing focuses on follower listing, and uses direct influencers, and also can be approached through a Korean agency for the influencers.


Facebook is useful for engaging content that potential customers can interact with. Brand endorsement through community pages is a key strategy for Facebook marketing. However, Facebook Marketplace has gone down in popularity making it less effective.


In South Korea, TikTok, as in the rest of the world, is highly popular among young people. For industries in beauty, fashion, cosmetics, and cellphones, TikTok is a great platform for brand endorsements to attract the younger generation.

Naver Blog

The Naver Blog uses a strategic plan on how best you can rank your websites in the Korean community. In fact, using the Naver Blog provides a successful drive in traffic through high-quality content, engagement, and visitors to your website.
Naver Blog

The Complete Guide to Digital Strategies in South Korea – Active Social Media Users in South Korea 

South Korea is one of the well-connected digital markets, with the highest average internet speed worldwide. Over 49.21 million internet users in South Korea were reported as of January 2020, and it is expected to increase. This is the main reason why we could expect the rise of social media penetration in the country.

Active Social Media Users in South Korea

According to statistics, active South Korean social media users are about 45.6 million in 2021. It is equivalent to 89.3% of the total population of South Korea in January 2021. This number is expected to reach closer to 48 million in the coming years. This is a fairly large market in which a company should establish its presence. 

South Korean social media users are constantly growing with the country’s own social networks competing for the neck to neck with international social media giants. In 2018, the most frequently used social media platform in Korea was Facebook. As a matter of fact, KakaoStory is the next in line, beating Instagram and Twitter. 

E-Commerce Platforms in South Korea

South Korean users engage in a vast amount of online shopping. Hence, the South Korean e-commerce platform has many diverse websites to meet the high demand for online shopping. These e-commerce platforms meet customer demands with various products and high-speed delivery services. 

The e-commerce industry is ever-changing with different platforms gaining popularity over time. There are many e-commerce platforms like Coupang, 11th Street, and Gmarket. Their market shares change only by a fraction. 

What’s Included in the E-book?

What’s Included in the E-book?
  • Basic Insights on Search Engines in South Korea
  • Insights on Social Media Channels in South Korea 
  • Audience Insights in South Korea 
  • Digital Challenges in South Korea 

Download Your Digital Strategies in South Korea E-Book