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Instagram Highlight Covers For Business

Instagram Highlight Cover For Business: 100 Free Templates

Now you can use your Instagram stories to tangibly show off the highlights of your day to audiences, and they’ll be able to loop it as long as you want.

Instagram Highlight Covers For Business: 100 Free Templates

Instagram Highlight Cover For Business

Influencers and brands often share their social media highlight covers, giving followers an idea of what the account specializes in.Instagram users can customize their highlight covers with colors, patterns, and graphics to help keep accounts unified.

“Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources.”

Sean Gardner, author

What is Instagram highlight cover For Business

Instagram is one of the best social platforms to build your brand. What’s great about Instagram is that it’s a great platform for personality-driven businesses. It’s all about telling the truth and sharing interesting content, which works well for small businesses that want to build trust with their customers. One of the most popular features of Instagram is the highlight. That helps categorize products from brands.

How to make an Instagram highlight covers using Canva


Log in to Canva


Draw a circle


Edit template





Frustated With Social Media Management ?

Effective social media management is essential to supporting a digital marketing strategy. It increases brand awareness as well as brand loyalty, generating new customers, and driving repeat business.

How to add Instagram highlight covers: Step-by-step

Hold your finger pressed on a Highlight

Select “Edit Highlight”

Select “Edit cover” and then Press on the “image” icon at the beginning of the list

Choose a cover from your camera roll

What size to make Instagram highlight covers

The best size for an Instagram cover photo is 1080 by 1920 pixels or within a 9:16 aspect ratio. This way, even if designs are cut off on the profile and account page, they will still be contained Instagram Highlight Covers For Business

What’s Included in this bundle

20 Instagram highlight covers for business pink

Instagram is the perfect social media platform to show off the products your brand is promoting. For example, the highlight function on Instagram can be used to categorize products in a way that brands are completely control of to show off their best work. it’s awesome for the business brand if they use pink color for their highlight cover.

20 Instagram highlight covers for business blue

Instagram is a great platform for businesses to use as it helps them build their brand reputation. A great way to create a great first impression is to use blue color as your highlight cover. Blue is a color that represents trust, which creates a positive perception. This is why blue is so popular for businesses wishing to represent themselves as a trustworthy business that’s built on a solid foundation.

20 Instagram highlight covers for business yellow

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to get more attention from potential customers and keep them engaged, then we recommend using a yellow highlight cover. It turns out that people are drawn in by bright colors like yellow because they stimulate our brain activity.

20 Instagram highlight covers for business grey

Instagram highlight covers are a great way to share your business brand with the world. Grey is an awesome color for this because it’s neutral and doesn’t distract from whatever you’re trying to show off!

20 Instagram highlight covers for business purple

Instagram highlights are a great way to catch people interested in what you’re doing on the platform. By being creative and using colors that match your brand’s aesthetic, you can build your business’s brand. Purple is a great color to use for your highlight cover, for example, because it’s eye-catching.

Instagram Highlight Cover For Business: 100 Free Templates