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10 Things You Should Do To Find The Best Digital Marketing Consultant

10 Things You Should Do To Find The Best Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing consultant – If there’s anything your brand should first be prepared for in marketing activity, it would probably be the development of a marketing plan. All because you’ll need this plan to create directions to operate effectively. This will serve as your objectives on what to put in your promotions and marketing strategies.

The question is: how are you going to create a marketing plan efficiently? This is the reason why you’ll need a digital marketing consultant for your business.

Having a consultant to lead your marketing plan is truly a huge deal. Apparently, a marketing plan helps you outline strategies that an organization will need to have to generate leads. And helps to further reach its target market. Containing a list of actions, it should therefore be supported by a sound strategic foundation.

Continue reading for we’ll provide you with immediate insights about hiring a digital marketing consultant and how are you going to find the best one for that position!

A Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Consultant - a woman consult to an expert

Above anything else, we’ll need to know what being a consultant of digital marketing means. A person or an organization who specializes in using specific marketing channels to help clients generate leads and increase revenue conversions.

Its functions consist of formulation of plans, giving workable advice, and even studies marketing strategies that will best suit your brand. As it helps generate leads and earnings, it can also increase the likelihood of your engagements with your target market.

Basically, if you wish to have a digital marketing consultant, there are responsibilities. This may include studying your company profile and operations to understand marketing needs.

Your consultant can also conduct marketing researches to identify industry trends and commercial opportunities. Aiming to develop and implement strategies in line with your brand’s objectives and financial budget.

Additionally, a digital marketing consultant makes sure to check on the status of your website and social media accounts. It even ensures that there are enough client interactions and promotions happening there.

Plans to develop campaigns using various digital platforms. It utilizes various methods such as A/B Testing to track the user experience as well as to look through marketing analytics.

Some brands would even opt for consultants that possess particular expertise in digital marketing. For example, you would want someone expert in content marketing.

What does a Digital Marketing Consultant do?

Typically, a marketing consultant tends to practice some of the most popular and workable marketing trends. This is for the reason that they know it will surely drive positive results. Some of the marketing trends they use are the following:

Content Marketing

Basically, they will use this through posting blogs, uploading videos, and adding social media captions.

Email Marketing

With this one, consultants make sure to send messages to target recipients which contain updates and even discounts.


Your consultant would most probably want to rank your website and see your brand’s name and identity at the top of various search engines.


Basically, consultants may also opt for this one as advertisers tend to pay for every click and view of their ads.

Social Media Marketing

Indeed, this one is very widely used and is considered one of the most functional trends. This is for the reason that the amount of online exposure these days is relatively high.

Certainly, a digital marketing consultant can understand your marketing needs. It helps you win client engagements and even expand your identity using these marketing tools. A good digital marketing agency surely needs the best consultant.

Finding The Best Digital Marketing Consultant

In selecting a digital marketing consultant that will best suit your marketing plans, you’ll have to be smart and careful at the same time. Because observations and analysis should be done first.

The following list is provided for you to help you search for an outstanding marketing consultant.

Research What Services You Want for a Digital Marketing Consultant

It would be best to also do some research before you hire a digital marketing consultant. Initially, you will also need to know what may best suit your brand. In this way, you can track more particular consultants based on their abilities.

To achieve this, I think you’re aware enough of the growth of digital marketing. Nowadays, many reliable websites tend to provide visitors relevant knowledge you’ll need about online marketing. This will help you stay informed of the trends and updates regarding marketing tools.

You can also search for affordable consultation services available online. Some agencies may even be worthy of their costs due to the quality of their services. Through this, it will also help you in allocating resources and financial budgets thereafter.

Check Their Services

From the number of searches you conducted, your brand can already create a list of potential digital marketing agencies available. You can even take into account your project budget as you fill in your list with options.

Digital Marketing Consultant - Our Services

Some brands may even engage with freelance jobs due to their flexibility and lesser commitments. However, this may not be applicable and may not meet the demands of your brand because freelancers tend to have a large number of workloads.

That is one of the reasons why most brands still tend to invest in a digital marketing consultant like Inquivix. Aside from providing marketing solutions, you can also experience their offered services:

  • Social Media Advertising
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Web Design and Dev
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing in Korea

Analyze Their Prices

Undoubtedly, one of the things you consider in selecting a consultant is the range of their prices. As you have the list of agencies and consultants, you can try and compare their price rates as your strategy.

As you go for affordable prices, make sure that it will not compromise the quality of their services. You will need to invest smartly and carefully. Of course, you would always want a greater return on your investments.

What’s good with digital marketing consultants is that they are quite transparent when it comes to their price rates. They even present their accomplishments and even feedbacks from their previous clients. This just shows greater confidence in the services they can offer you.

Investigate Their Tech as a Digital Marketing Consultant

As you further look for a suitable digital marketing consultant, you may tend to overlook the technology they use. Among them, most consultants may use analytics made from Google. But some of them actually found a way to create a competitive advantage through the use of in-house software.

digital marketing consultant - Analyze

As for Inquivix, they tend to analyze data to make sure their clients’ investments are leading to maximum results. They aim to use return on investment (ROI) software to lead different brands and industries. This is possible through the use of digital marketing tools.

Through knowing their kind of technology, you can have knowledge about the consultant’s edge and expertise along with their professionalism in this particular field. Providing you with an advantage among your competitors and even relevant knowledge as you operate digitally.

In this way, you’d also be able to find the best digital marketing agency in town.

Review Their Portfolio

For optimum results, going through your consultants’ portfolios would also help in selecting the best one among all of them. With this, you can have a visual outlook of their offerings and abilities. Most of them have published their portfolios online, giving you presentations to explore. This will serve as a basis with regard to their ability to drive optimum results.

digital marketing consultant - portfolio

In reviewing their portfolios, you can have a look at these factors such as their specialty, results, and brand. For specialty, you’ll need to consider if they’re into a particular digital marketing strategy. If it best suits your brand, you can highly rely on this one.

As for results, knowing the way they measure outcomes would also be of contribution. They should also know where to focus to have a positive impact on your brand. In branding, the consultant you’d wish to have would probably be one that knows what’s to be prioritized first. And that would be their client’s brand over their own branding.

After going through their portfolios, try to look for those that interest you and you may also create another list out of these choices.

Read Their Reviews and Client Testimonials

As you continue searching for the best digital marketing consultant, you can also opt to go through the reviews and their clients’ feedbacks to know what to expect from them.

Testimonials can even give you either the downside or strengths of a certain consultant. This will even contribute a lot to your capacity to decide which to select among them. Reading feedbacks helps you know more about such consultants eventually.

Looking at reviews and testimonials gives you immediate insights about their customer service, the quality of their offerings, drawbacks, rants about prices, meeting deadlines, and even good feedbacks.

Look for a consultant, just like Inquivix, who manages to work with multiple, publicly traded companies and small retail boutiques alike. And is also able to bring the same level of creative energy and attention to detail with each of their clients.

Look For Credentials

You would also want to consider searching for the consultant’s credentials. This may include their awards, project accomplishments, certifications, and years of operation.

Looking at those, it would certainly create interest and confidence for their clients. Because it certainly shows that they’re putting a huge effort and passion into their projects. You can also able to conclude that they can offer you quality services.

Accordingly, Google provides certification to those digital marketing consultants that are Google Partner Agency. It helps you verify their specializations.

Explore Their Values

Professional ethics and values should also be considered in the process of selection. Background checks can be done prior to the actual selection to ensure that these consultants are legal and ethical. Company values are just as important as business matters.

Clearly, their values will show and reflect on the quality of their work, the professionalism they possessed, their customer relationships, and even their ways to cope up with their challenges.

A team of educative and competent employees also makes a good consultant agency. In this way, productivity and enthusiasm are both highly built and visible in their team. And will further reflect better outputs from all their project engagements.

Check Their Client Retention

Consultant with a high client retention rate speaks so much about their competency and effective engagements with their clients. This will even surely reflect in the reviews and feedbacks. Having to know a higher client retention rate means such consultants are skilled and probably passionate about their craft.

This critical area will surely help you in determining which one on the list could really be the best consultant. However, it would also be relevant to be smarter enough in interpreting numbers and data.

Some consultants may not present their retention rate for reasons like having a lower one. And some may even try to manipulate you with these. So it would be best to verify these claims by going onto the reviews, testimonials, and feedbacks, their credentials, and a lot more.

Talk to Them

Digital Marketing Consultant - talk to them

Having actual engagement with a digital marketing consultant would surely be a critical factor in your selection. In this way, you tend to experience their actual company and their ways to approach and talk to their clients. Also, professionalism and diligence can already be seen just by communicating with them.

Talking to them helps you observe if they work on their values and objectives. Engaging with them gives you the chance to ask them a series of questions that will further help you decide who to choose.

  • Do you have any experience in my industry?
  • How many years have you worked as a consultant?
  • If you’re going to work on my marketing plan, what do you think are the best strategies for my brand?
  • How do you involve clients in the processes?

These are just basically some of the questions you can ask the consultants. And hearing their answers will further help you decide if they’re still worth the next steps of your consideration.

Endnote | Digital Marketing Consultant

These things being considered, you can able to find the best solutions to find the best digital marketing consultant. Now to help you with something more relevant:

As you look for a trusted online marketing consultant for your business, a suitable one for you would surely be Inquivix! As a trustworthy digital marketing agency that operates on the principles of diligence and transparency, Inquivix analyzes data to make sure clients’ investments are leading to maximum results.