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Article Submissions – Explore 8 Key Benefits For SEO Purpose

Article Submission

Article submissions are an effective strategy of content promotion that can help improve various elements on your website, as a matter of fact, whether it is an SEO technique, brand presence, quality of the submission, visibility, free marketing methods, and traffic generation. These directories have paved the way for published articles to be submitted and recognized worldwide. In fact, feature articles can be sent out for publication which can promote your business to be internally linked as well 

As a matter of fact, with such an informative article you can probably get the best search engine rankings through free article submission refers to providing the best article marketing strategy in attracting traffic across Google’s web crawler and other third-party websites regularly. In fact, the off-page optimization activity provides an extensive database with maximum benefits. 

What are Article Submissions?

Incorporating main keywords is a great way of content promotion to achieve lifetime links to popular article submission directories by using related keywords which can successfully generate backlinks. An editor uses these famous article submission directories to find information on relevant topics, read interesting articles, and learn about new products or services. Essentially, submitting SEO-optimized articles are one of the best ways to promote your business.

One of the key benefits of using popular article submission websites is that it can help improve the quality of your brand’s content. Because you’re writing unique, original articles for each directory, there won’t be any duplicated simultaneous submissions between them. If you struggle with producing enough high-quality simultaneous submissions for your site, this could really help out! 

Benefits of Freelance Writing

There are a number of article submission benefits, which can boost PageRank and gain traffic throughout your website and other social media platforms. As a matter of fact, the higher your SEO score – the high domain authority you get for your brand. Hence, to reap maximum benefits ensure to incorporate main keywords to relevant categories to get the best search traffic. 

Benefits of Freelance Writing

There are a number of free article submission sites that digital marketing agencies are aware of. In fact, submitting quality articles rather than multiple articles without the main keyword can throw your on-page SEO and website traffic of the world wide web. 

Improves Visibility and Presence

Arguably, the most important benefit of article writing is that it can help improve your business’s visibility. This is because publications are one of the best ways to generate high-quality backlinks. When other websites link to your article, they’re essentially saying that your submissions are worth reading and linking to. This will help improve your website’s search engine ranking, as well as its visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Free Marketing

One of the great things about article submission is that it’s a free marketing method. You simply write articles on your chosen topic and submit them to relevant directories. There’s no cost involved! The only thing you need to worry about is generating quality content for your articles.

Getting Traffic

One of the key benefits of article submission is that it can help generate additional traffic for your site. With high-quality backlinks pointing at your article, more editors will find your website and click through it. This helps increase brand awareness, improves lead generation efforts, and overall engagement.

Generating New Customer

Another major benefit to article submission is that it can help generate new customers by improving the visibility of your business in SERPs. More visits to your website mean increased chances of converting lead generation into real customers! If you’re trying to grow your business or revenue stream, adding research to your story can help with marketing strategy and would be a great place to start.

Large Exposure and Reach

As previously mentioned, many articles published can help you obtain high-quality backlinks from other websites that want to link to your content. This exposure will give your business a large reach, as well as exposure in niche markets and industry verticals. It also helps improve the overall exposure of your brand – which is never a bad thing! 

Less Time and Money Efforts

Along with helping you save money and generating free traffic and leads, article submission sites can also help reduce time spent on marketing activities such as content creation for new blog posts (and guest blogging). Instead, you can spend more time focusing on sales and lead generation activities.

Building Links for The Website

A key benefit of article submission is that it helps build links back to your website. This is an essential component of any successful SEO strategy, as it helps improve the authority and relevance of your site in the eyes of Google (and other search engines). 

Builds Credibility

One final benefit of article submission is that it can help build credibility for your business. By writing high-quality articles and submitting them to reputable directories, you’ll be seen as a credible source of information in your industry or niche. This can help increase trust and confidence among potential customers, leading to more sales and conversions over time.

Tips of a Good SEO Written Article

A good article will always have the 6 main points in the following list.

Good SEO Written Article

A Catchy Title

A good title will make the editor want to read the article. It should be relevant to the topic, as well as interesting and catchy. The title should not exceed 65 characters, including spaces. This will ensure that the title is visible in Google.

The Article Body

The article body should have a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 600 words. It should be engaging by using intro, body, and conclusion paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that supports the purpose of the simultaneous submissions to keep engaged readers to your content. 

Use Keywords for SEO

Keywords are important for search engine optimization purposes because they drive traffic from search engines like Google or Yahoo! You can either use a keyword tool or use Google Analytics to see what terms an editor is searching to find your blog post or website. Always make sure you use these keywords at least once in the beginning, middle, and end of your article.

Social Sharing Icons

It is very important that you include social sharing buttons to allow readers the ability to share your content on their social media profiles. The editor will use their own personal Facebook and Twitter accounts to share submissions they read with their family and friends who would be interested in reading the subject matter as well. This helps generate additional traffic for your website from the social media sites, which can improve business overall.

Use Images

Many good blog posts will have either a YouTube video or an image within the article body content itself. This allows the editor who scans through RSS feeds or search engine results page listings to stop and check out what images are included with the article. If the image is interesting, they will then read the accompanying text to learn more about the topic. 

Good Formatting

A well-formatted article will be pleasing to the eye and easy to read. This means using proper headings, subheadings, lists, and paragraphs. It is also a good idea to bold or italicize key points or words that are important to the article. You can also use different font colors but make sure it is easy on the eyes and does not distract from the overall content of the article.

What are the Article Submission Guidelines?

The following steps will show you how to publish an article for publication.

What are the Article Submission Guidelines?

Choose a Good Article Directory

The first thing you must do is choose your article directories. There are many to choose from, but I would recommend staying away from the very large corporate-sponsored sites that have thousands of writers competing for exposure. Instead, find smaller niche sites with much less competition so your submissions get featured much easier.

Set Up an Account

To publish an article, you will need to set up an account with each site you plan to use. This includes adding in your relevant profile information as well as uploading images to use with your articles when they get published on the websites that accept them. You can also add in a picture or additional media that goes along with the words of the final draft of your article.

Submit Your Article

Once you have your user account set up, you can submit your article for consideration to the audience of the websites. Most will allow you to do this now which is very convenient compared with snail mail submissions like in years past. 


When your article is published it can be a very valuable tool for visibility and marketing. It helps you to reach a large audience with your content while spending less time and money than other methods. Additionally, helping writers with submissions builds credibility and help to improve the search engine optimization of your website. Follow the steps outlined in this article to get started today!