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Backlink Gap – Comparing Your Website Backlinks With Your Competitors

Backlink Gap

The backlink gap is part of SEMrush (Saas tool) which helps you to compare – the backlink profiles of five competing websites simultaneously. SEMrush assists you with this process, it will give you access to see how many backlinks your competitors are generating, and what those websites are. All you have to do is enter the domains and then you can easily identify the websites that are linking your competitors. Backlink gap strategy helps companies to identify SEO gaps between competitors’ link-building strategies; which also can help you to enhance and increase the outreach of your websites. 

What Is Backlink Gap?

Backlink gap is another SEO strategy that can help your business to get valuable insights which, in turn, can help your business grow an online presence. Backlink analysis uses the monitoring of links on other websites which redirect to your website. Backlinks are known as inbound traffic as it acts as ‘borrowed’ traffic entering your website. The quality and quantity of links that enter your website are known as link-building strategies. Backlinks can also help your website to rank better with Google or other search engines. 

Google, basically rates pages based on their relevance and well, link popularity. Apart from that it looks at the aspect of the expertise, and how much trust there is in a website. Google rates a page highly if it thinks it is essential for the user who searched the query. Hence, you must make sure that you get the right content and (backlinks) are used adequately, for ranking to be effective.

What Is The Link Velocity?

Link velocity is basically, the number of monthly referring domains, which a website gets. This may include organic search links as well as those generated through link-building strategies. Link velocity is the same as thinking like competition. If you tend to miss out on link velocity, it can be one massive reason why competitors beat you every time. It is the main focus you should have in terms of SEO. 

Know Your Competitors

Know Your Competitors

Knowing your competitors can be one of the beneficial assessments you can do as an online business. We, as business owners, often assume that the competition is on the other side of the street; however, within the digital marketing curve, your competitors can be halfway around the world. Using a backlink gap tool can help you compare your competitors and assess what works best with their online strategies, and in turn, apply them to your own. 

Knowing who your competition is, and what they are selling can help your products and services stand out. It will give you a bird’ eye view on how to set prices reasonably, and help you use marketing campaign tactics wisely. All businesses have competition; but knowing how to use digital marketing tactics like back-link channeling, advertising, PPC, and Ad campaigns will help you to capture your audience’s eye, whilst giving you that online presence and visibility. 

Implementing strategies that your competitors use, however, shouldn’t be done recklessly on your end. Instead, do a whole heap of research, and use the time to strategically assess the backlinks which they use to generate traffic and leads. After all, what works for them, may not always be a solution to yours. 

What Is The Significance Of Backlink Analysis?

What Is The Significance Of Backlink Analysis?

Although backlinks are one ‘favorite’ way to generate leads, using too many of them can be detrimental to the other website. As it can cause ‘harm’ and you may get penalized by Google. Backlink analysis will help you catch all the little ‘unnecessary’ backlink channeling, without your knowledge. Also, having an in-depth audit will help to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your competition, which in turn will help you to build on your domain authority and SEO strategies as well. 

Backlink analysis, in short, is a comprehensive guide of a website’s backlink performance and it will help you, as the owner, to identify all the concerns that could affect Google’s search engine ranking. The analysis acts as the ‘doctor’  for SEO of the website and tactics on how to better perform. 

Off-Page SEO Improvement

Having an SEO link analysis will help you to monitor a website’s performance of each backlink that is generated; while also recognizing which links would, and, can be penalized by Google; this means that an off-page audit will help your website perform better while ‘sniffing’ out the bad links.

Better Domain Authority

How can you gain domain authority for your website? In the digital marketing world, you may find thousands of websites – from a variety of industries. How do you stand out? Well, with backlink analysis, you can check how high your ranking is with your competitors. 

Gain an Increase in Website Traffic

An increase in website traffic is the result of better off-page SEO strategies. Backlink channeling is a strategic marketing tool that can help your domain authority to rank better on Google’s SERPs. Using backlinks for your website can help you generate leads, visibility, and traffic to your website/business. 

How to Export Backlink Data?

How to Export Backlink Data?

When you first begin, it’s important to build a database of backlinks – to help you generate the right leads, traffic, and visibility. Get started on using the right Saas tools which can help you get the best rankings in Google’s SERP algorithm. 

MOZ Open Site Explorer

Moz is a special search engine used just for links. It will show you the Moz ranking and will also give you an insight into who is linking to your website. With Moz Open Site Explorer, you can gather information and strengthen your links or disown them to avoid being penalized by Google.  


CognitiveSEO is a powerful Saas tool that provides you with an insightful backlink analysis, which can help you in terms of a site audit. It comes with a backlink checker, Google penalty prevention and recovery, social visibility, and more metrics that can assist you with a successful and comprehensive site audit. 


SEMrush is a software service that sells online visibility and marketing solutions. This Saas tool has over 30 tools for SEO including rank tracker, site audit, a backlink checker, keyword research tool, and also a lead generator. This tool is an in-depth, all-in-one tool that helps your website to generate traffic and build online visibility, as a whole.  

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO, is a versatile tool when it comes to checking backlinks. This tool has been in operation since 2011 and can be a great way to ensure that you aren’t being penalized by Google for unnecessary backlink content. With a database of backlinks, just imagine – what you may find!

Monitor Backlinks

Are you looking for a way to keep your website safe from spamming backlinks? Monitor Backlinks, is an SEO link analysis tool and is another one of those strategies to detect websites that are backlinking to you. It examines the excellent and poor backlinks for both you and your competitors.

SEO Power Suite

SEO PowerSuite is a platform that provides a one-stop shop for digital marketers who want to get their backlinks right. It gives accurate ranking tracking, SEO link analysis, site auditing, and content enhancement. The best part is that it’s completely free.

How to Quickly Compare Your Website with Your Competitors?

 Compare Your Website with Your Competitors

Comparing your website with your competitors can be one way to help you stay one step ahead of your competition. Finding the difference between what is working for your company and what works for the rival is a great way to help get you started in the right direction, in terms of SEO strategies. As a matter of fact, by using backlink audits, you will gain insights into what the algorithm looks for when deciding which results to return for a search result on Google. 

Evaluate the Competitor’s Tools

Every business owner’s objective is to ensure that their website is well-structured, fast, easy-to-use, not to mention is crawler-friendly. You don’t necessarily need advanced technical skills to build a website. 

Organic Keyword Research

It’s still vital to develop a strong keyword list. Your competitors may have already spent a great deal of time building a fantastic keyword strategy. Don’t allow all of your effort to go to waste. To increase traffic to your website, use this competition analysis.

On-Page Optimization

Google has been less dependent on meta tags with the advent of the Knowledge Graph, having a clear roadmap for both consumers and search engines is still crucial for both parties.

Analyze Competitor Backlinks

You must always make sure to analyze your competitors’ backlinks, just in case you can get the best out of those strategies, which you can implement to better enhance your website rankings. You can identify whether they are fruitful li

How to Do Backlink Analysis?

The backlink audit looks at more than simply the quantity of backlinks to your website. It looks at the amount, quality, anchor text, and recency of your backlinks, as well as other characteristics, to help you enhance your SEO. Plus, you’ll be able to see any bad backlinks that need to be removed, such as a spammy link or a low-quality backlink to remove.

A thorough backlink analysis provides you with a lot of performance data that you can use to improve the performance of your posts and sites, as well as analyze how your company compares to competitors. The information will be very beneficial to your content and SEO strategies.


Backlink gaps help you to assess and compete with your competitors by using proper marketing strategies that can assure you, with the best tactics on how you can implement it onto your website, as this will be a guide on how you can achieve a better; not to mention higher rankings with Google’s SERP algorithm. Using backlinks, therefore, can help you to get the best results through generating leads, traffic, and visibility to your business.