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10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Indonesia


Digital marketing agencies in Indonesia have lots to offer. They provide an optimum boost and growth to a brand’s return on investment. Other than that, it also aims to improve your performance and increase customer engagement. It develops your brand and generates a lead engine.

Digital marketing agencies in Indonesia can examine the website traffic and helps you with the best online platforms to invest in. Its function is to make sure that there is a balance between marketing activities and their results. Thus, convert leads into actual customers.

Digital marketing agencies in Indonesia - Digital Marketing Worker

Truly, digital marketing agencies in Indonesia aspire to be the best among all of them. They aim to change how your brand can attract more customers and generate more revenue. These days, brands look for the top marketing agencies that can assist them.

We combined a list of top digital marketing agencies in Indonesia that you can decide on.

List of the Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Indonesia


Digital marketing agencies in Indonesia - Arfadia

Initially, to give you some insights about Arfadia, this agency was founded in May 2010. A business entity engaged in the field of Digital Marketing and Multimedia.

They have carved out their own niches in SEO, social media marketing, and social media publishing and distribution. Other than that, they also provide video production and commercial photography.

This agency knows how to value time and aims to provide quality services. Of course, its primary concern is to meet their customer’s recent and future demands. And they aim to provide the same level of importance to their customers.

Especially, with the help of edge solutions. Among digital marketing agencies in Indonesia, this could best suit your brand.


If you would want a team that specializes more in SEO marketing then this agency is a perfect choice for you. Founded in 2002, they offer various services. Including web design, PPC, and SEO solutions.

They also offer services for a cybersecurity news website. Apparently, users have been visiting this agency online.

Digital marketing agencies in Indonesia - undercover.co.id

They have collaborated with a lot of online service providers in Indonesia. They even had a chance to partner with Google. And that is in terms of working on all online promotions related to its search engines. They even make sure to have a greater understanding of their client’s objectives.

One of the digital marketing agencies in Indonesia that makes sure to maintain trust and job retention from their clients. They also tend to prioritize first the quality and outcome so that customer satisfaction can be achieved.


Digital marketing agencies in Indonesia -  LocalDIGITAL.co.id

The third one on our list is another digital marketing agency in Indonesia. This is established in 2011. LocalDIgital aims to offer content, social media marketing as well as SEO solutions.

Been working with different market firms in various industries. They have no more than fifty employees and their office is based in Pematangsiantar, Indonesia.

One of their accomplished projects was when they provided SEO solutions for an IT company. The company was having trouble with its website as to its visibility to present and potential clients. The agency developed a new design and adapted SEO campaigns.


Digital marketing agencies in Indonesia -  PlusOneMark

Started in 2016, an Indonesia-based digital marketing agency with a small team. They specialize in lead generation and online reputation management. Primarily, they aim to work with great outcomes for their clients, coaches, and even software companies.

Aside from all that, their service listings also include B2B lead generation, email, and social media marketing. They aim to help their clients reach a highly targeted market, reduce their costs, and increase their brand’s ROI.

Apparently, dedicated and hardworking experienced professionals consist of this marketing agency. They ensure to provide the best customer experience to their leads. They even have their own 6-D process which consists of “discover, design, define, develop, deploy, and deliver.”

Go Mobile

Apparently, Go Mobile is another Jakarta-based marketing agency that has been around since 2014. Service listings of this marketing agency consist of the provision of media buying, Go NET, and influencer marketing.

Digital marketing agencies in Indonesia -  Go Mobile

It also includes design and video production as well as digital consulting. Primarily, their market is small to mid businesses in over-selected countries. Mentioned as one of their projects was partnering with an e-commerce startup. They set up ads in several countries through selected online platforms.

Its aim is to increase the likelihood of purchases on the client’s mobile app. The client, fortunately, approved the project and was very satisfied with the results because of the revenue-sharing model. Moreover, a particular team of Go Mobile was even recognized.


Digital marketing agencies in Indonesia -  Luminary

Luminary is one of the digital marketing agencies in Indonesia that’s been operating since 1999 up until the present. Recognized for their complex web projects as well as in digital transformation and user design. They are now 21 years in the making and won a hundred and thirty-nine awards in total.

This agency provides services on UX/UI and web design as well as web development. Their target market is mainly from financial services, consumer products and services, and even education sectors.

Mentioned as one of their projects, they developed a new website in relation to their client’s mockups. They filled it in with photos and improve its responsiveness. Moreover, their client was very satisfied for their conversion rates increased along with the activities of the site.

AJ Marketing

Digital marketing agencies in Indonesia -  AJ Marketing

Providing a digital marketing and even full influencer solution in Asia, AJ marketing operates as a social media marketing agency. Basically, their webpage presents all their top influencers you can decide on. They are operating since 2019 which focuses on social media advertising, content marketing, and even mobile and app marketing.

The team is recognized as an agent who knows how to handle its influencers with professionalism and cooperation. One of their projects was to select applicable influencers on Youtube to promote their client’s products on other media platforms.

AJ Marketing prioritizes the brand’s applicable needs and channels. Also, they even make sure to select suitable influencers depending on the brand. Apparently, they have this campaign management to supervise their influencers properly. Lastly, they aim to give the outcome and even suggestions in the form of reports.


Digital marketing agencies in Indonesia -  Meson

Operating since 2018, Meson continues to provide digital marketing services for midmarket and small business ventures. Its services focus on social media and SEO/SEM marketing, and digital ads. It also consists of website development as well as marketing consultations.

Meson promises to help businesses create their marketing strategies in the digital world. Its main objective is to create a significant contribution for every client through digital platforms.

Seemingly, they maintain to be result-oriented and they even make sure to always put integrity on the top of their game. One of their agency’s projects was updating a client’s branding and website. With their abilities, they were able to help their client generate more sales and even help in meeting vital KPIs.


Digital marketing agencies in Indonesia -  Eyesimple

Another digital marketing agency that’s been operating since 2011. Eyesimple remained serving domestic and even international businesses for more than a hundred brands. They promise to exert the best effort in providing quality service.

Eyesimple focuses on branding and design, website development, mobile apps as well as SEO and maintenance. Their target market is mostly enterprise and mid-market firms. Eleven of their employees maintain their niches in SEO and personalized software development.

They developed a mobile ticketing app for a theme park. The project includes a digital payment feature as one of their company’s projects. Through developing an IOS and Android solution, the client claimed that this has helped them in their operations.

Public Media Solution

Digital marketing agencies in Indonesia -  PMS

A development agency that’s been around since 2014. PMS remained with its objectives in delivering high-performance public relations along with its service listings. They promised to provide an experienced team in creating marketing solutions.

They also claim to hire only a number of PR professionals, expert software, and web developers. This is to bring the quality their clients deserve. Their services consist of SEO, SMO, as well as content writing services. Aside from that, they remained in providing public relations and e-commerce solutions.

They have written SEO content for a particular project which helped their clients in building efforts and engagements. With that, they have maintained a good working reputation that serves as their competitive edge.

Endnote | Digital Marketing Agencies In Indonesia

Digital marketing agencies in Indonesia truly make competitive images and reputations for their clients. Definitely, they make sure to offer functional and quality services through their marketing solutions. They even engaged with a number of local and national brands which makes their services more proven and known by their existing and potential clients.

As you go through this amazing list, we hope to assist you in deciding which agency to invest in. And be able to share helpful information, we would like to present another digital marketing agency that can also be suitable for your brand’s needs. Inquivix as a leading digital marketing agency in South Korea ensures that your investments will be in good hands.

Digital marketing agencies in Indonesia -  Inquivix

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