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10 Best Social Media Marketing Platforms And Tips In 2021


Are you one of those who sell products on social media? Or are you the one purchasing these products on this platform? Social media dominates our modern culture and lifestyle. Social media users love what they see on the feed–clothes, foods, etc. One may ask, how far can we go with this? So, here is a list of the best social media marketing platforms as well as the tips you can use in 2021.

People utilize social media when they want to connect to other people or build a business on the internet. Businesses use social media marketing to exclusively promote their brand reach. With a wider range of audiences, they build a relationship with the community and established their industry expertise.

What Are Social Media Marketing Platforms?

Social media marketing (SMM) is the use of social media networks to promote their products and services. Marketers connect with the audience using posts, blogs, and videos on different platforms to increase sales by increasing brand awareness and web traffic. These social media marketing platforms are helpful as it gives the marketer a lot of potentials for growth.

10 Best Social Media Marketing Platforms

Now let’s deal with the social media marketing platforms that are widely used by different generations. Below is the necessary information about the common marketing platforms such as the number of active users monthly and types of audience. We also include the advantages of using them, as well as some social media marketing tips to be able to leverage the platforms more effectively. Discover the best fit for your business so you can deal with your target customers well.

1. Facebook

Social Media Marketing Platforms - One of the best social media marketing platforms is Facebook

Facebook has 2.8 billion active users across different ages. Among these 2.8 billion “netizens” 48% are male while 34.7% are women. Meanwhile, the most demographic consists of males who are around 25-34 years old. Around 42% of Facebook’s monthly users can be found in the Asia-Pacific region while India boasts Facebook’s largest advertising audience.

Moreover, Facebook’s revenue in 2020 amounts to roughly 86 billion US dollars. In 2021, it has massive revenue growth of 30% price per ad and a 12% increase in ads shown.

Facebook has a lot of features that can help your marketing. These are:

Social Media Marketing Tips For Facebook

  1. Facebook cleans up News Feed
    Facebook can reduce spammers over time. This will help your top-quality content to promote a landing page. Hence, resulting in an increase in organic traffic to web pages.
  2. Facebook 360 for Gear VR
    Imagine you can connect with your consumers for a real experience. Let them have a sneak peek of your products or services that can lead them to the next course of action.
  3. Dynamic Ads
    Facebook has a feature for customized catalogs for customers based on their browsing history. These remarketing tactics can influence your customer’s buying decision and can increase your conversion rate.

2. Twitter

Social Media Marketing Platforms - Macro shot of the twitter website in web browser on a computer screen.

Twitter has 353 million active users as of February 2021. More than 80 percent of the platform’s active users live outside of the United States. According to advertising audience data, men between 25-34 years old are the largest Twitter age demographic. This is 19 percent of the total Twitter users. Women around 18-24 years old comprise 12 percent of the prevailing Twitter age demographic.

Meanwhile, 85 percent of India’s Twitter ad audience is male, ranking the country third for the highest male-to-female ratio. On the other hand, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, and Brunei have the highest female ratio.

Twitter is a very popular platform next to Facebook and has a very large active user base. It can provide successful businesses paid advertising campaigns. From 2010 to 2020, Twitter generates $3.2 billion of ad revenue. Ads saw an increase of 28 percent of revenue in the last quarter of 2020.

With this, one of the most helpful social media marketing tips you can have is using Twitter features for free publicity. Paid ads can also be an option to maximized sales growth.

3. LinkedIn

Social Media Marketing Platforms - a woman on desktop open LinkedIn website

LinkedIn has more than 1 million active users. As a professional social networking platform, the majority of Linkedln’s user base are millennials, ages from 25-34 years old (Statista, n.d.). The total number of users consists 57 percent of male and 43 percent female. In addition, U.S. adults who are 30-49 years old are 37% of the total users of LinkedIn as of 2021.

Global statistics also show that 48% of LinkedIn came from North America and Europe. There are 174 million users in North America and 163 million in Europe, respectively. This also includes users from Asian countries total of 196 million and Latin America with 107 million.

LinkedIn generates more leads compared to other social media platforms. According to Hubspot, LinkedIn is generating more leads by 277% greater than Facebook, and Twitter. Marketers of 79% choose LinkedIn as a leads source and 43 percent are LinkedIn users. LinkedIn is a very ideal platform for social media marketing. It is the highest lead generating rate. Have you wondered how much LinkedIn earns? It earns over $3 billion last year (Microsoft, 2020) with sales boosts by 33%!

Starting a campaign on LinkedIn is such a wise business. As the statistics show, LinkedIn is a great platform for SMM campaigns. This is because business professionals help brand recognition while generating leads in the process.

4. Instagram

Social Media Marketing Platforms - Instagram Mockup

Imagine having 500 million active Instagram users. It means a million or more potential clients. The gender spread of Instagram users is pretty even, the male being 51% and females at 49%. However, around 43% of Twitter users in the U.S. are females, and 31% of males. Millennials ages 25-34 are the largest demographic among IG users at 33%, followed by Generation-Z at 29%. The U.S was the country with the most Instagram use around 120 million, followed by India, and Brazil.

Just like the other popular platforms, Instagram can generate a large amount of online traffic. In the U.S. alone, Instagram earned $18.16 billion in 2021.

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is designed for social media campaigns. It’s not surprising why Instagram gains billions of dollars worth of ad revenue every year. Post free advertisements while building your audience is an obvious strategy.

5. Snapchat

Social Media Marketing Platforms - LONDON, UK - APRIL 13TH 2017: The official homepage of the Snapchat social media website, on 13th April 2017.

Snapchat has 265 million daily users. Compared to other platforms, Snapchat’s user count is lower but has higher daily active users of 265 million. Largely younger audiences of 59% aged 13 to 24 from the U.S. users Snapchat. Regardless of age, more female Snapchat users ranging to 57.4% and males at 40.9%. The U.S. too takes the larger audience size on Snapchat being 108 million. Next is India with 74.35 million.

Snapchat is the 2nd most widely used app in the world and producing 210 million snaps every day. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat is short of daily users by a million, yet it can still earn almost ten times its active users count. In 2021, Snapchat has an estimated net advertising revenue of $2.62 billion coming from $1.53 billion last 2019.

Investment in Snapshot is still profitable since its viewership and net revenue have grown in the past years.

6. Pinterest

Social Media Marketing Platforms - Pinterest dashboard on a tablet

With over 100 million active users per month, Pinterest can give your business more possibilities for growth.

In addition, about 77.1% of its users are female, dwarfing male users counting at 14.5%. Within this 77%, 35% of these female Pinterest users are around 35 to 49 years old. Most over, 80% of U.S. female users are mothers and 48% are adult women.

Centered on visual design, Pinterest can provide countless opportunities to businesses such as graphic design and photography. Pinterest also boosting its revenue by 78%in the 1st quarter to $485 million. Its monthly Pinterest users rose to 30% giving it another $475 million. Even if its growth is compared 37% to last quarter, more active users are still coming to this platform.

Fashion and decor-centric businesses companies can find marketing success on this platform. Promote products for the female demographic and Pinterest will do the job for you.

7. Reddit

Social Media Marketing Platforms - illustration the Reddit logo is displayed on a smartphone.

Reddit has 430 million monthly active users. It has a broad and diverse user base, with about 430 million active users with an increase of 30.3% from last year. The popularity of Reddit with millennials, aged 25-29 years old at 23% and followed by 21% aged 18-24. In the U.S., the gender split between Reddit users is 49% male and 51% female (Marketing Chart, 2019). Statistics show that older users ages 30-49 are 14% and ages 50-64 are only 6%. Reddit also has 52 million daily active users and receives 30 billion views per month. By February of 2021, Reddit has a value of $6 billion.

Investing in Ads can spread audience awareness since Reddit is consists of 2.2 million subreddits. You can also narrow it down to your demographic’s subreddit, as it can gather easier attention.

Learn how the platform works and how the audience behaves, increasing your brand’s popularity. Reddit users can then help to share your posts if your brand creates enough notoriety within your subreddit. A good social media marketing tip is to Utilize Reddit and securing your brand’s place on the platform.

8. Tiktok

Social Media Marketing Platforms - tiktok

According to DataReportal, Tiktok has 689 million monthly active users. There are 689 million Tiktok users worldwide, which doesn’t include the Chinese version (Douyin) with 600 daily users. Tiktoktogether with Douyin, they have a total of 1.29 billion users worldwide and 52% of them are iPhone users. Tiktok users and 56% male and 44% female, while the largest age group is 16-24 years old counts at 41%. As of August 2020, U.S. has 65.9 million users followed by Indonesia around 22.2 million.

There are 2.6 billion downloads on Tiktok worldwide (Sensor Tower, 2020). By February 2021, Tiktok has a revenue 1.9 times higher than last year.

Its popularity grew exponentially, especially during the pandemic. A good social media marketing tip to apply here is paying for ad store apps is a good investment. You engage in Tiktok trends to promote your business while having fun.

9. YouTube

YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users. Hence, it is becoming a really powerful medium for marketers to leverage. It has a wide variety of audiences, so as the numerous catalog of video content to watch. Male audiences, 56% of the total Youtube users while 44% were female. The U.S. has a 16% viewership rate on Youtube however, 89% of users are outside the U.S. Every day 51% of all Youtube users visit the site.

As a video website, Youtube is easily accessible to everyone on the internet. In 2021, Over 1 billion video views on Youtube per day, earned $6 million in the 1st quarter alone.

You can apply as a sponsor to the Youtube channel. The channel then promotes your product campaign in their video or set it as ads, Choose channels with a lot of subscriber count and uploads consistently. If that channel’s viewership is in the millions, it will boost your business’ sales significantly.

10. Viber

Viber, on the other hand, has 250 million active users monthly. The number of Viber users is more than 1 billion this 2021 (Editor’s Choice) and 30% of them use it daily. Viber has 500 million downloads and has been used in 193 counties. More than 340,000 people took a survey saying (LionHeartTV, 2021) 77% of global users value their privacy while in the Philippines these numbers are high at 95%.

Viber has a devoted user base around the world because of its privacy policies. Businesses also use Viber for online shopping and delivery services because it’s cheaper and more accessible.

How These Social Media Marketing Platforms Can Help

Social Media Platform has different strength that can be effective to a different type of market. Making Social Media a versatile platform to use and make sure to reach your business goals. From building and establishing your brand to reaching your target market. From connecting to a new type of audience to building a profound relationship with your customers.