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The 7 Best Tips To Boost Your Sales On Instagram


Sales On Instagram – As of today, brands do not just rely on one social media site, mainly Facebook to promote their products and services. Instagram is another big hit for marketers to spread out their niche. At the same time, reach out to a much wider demographic. As a result, these sales on Instagram are a great help for a business’s overall marketing strategy.

This platform has now been a big part of every marketer’s social media marketing campaign. This is to effectively achieve their business and marketing goals. Instagram marketing is vital for your business. Especially, if you want to step up your game and take your business to the next level. Always know that taking full advantage of this social media site, allows you to:

  • Establish your brand and its value.
  • Encourage more people to acquire your products and services.
  • Turn your passive shoppers into active and loyal ones.

It produces creative and quality images that are guaranteed to look better. As a result, you will gain a better chance of engagement than generic photos.

Data from Instagram

We have created a comprehensive report of different data from Instagram. We based this report on over 48 million posts from 300,000 users. In this report, we have observed the trends that influence the users’ engagement rates. We have also compiled different statistics related to Instagram as of our current year. All statistics below will be of big help in creating and improving  your own marketing strategy:

  1. There has been an increase of 25% of active users found on Instagram. As of our current day, there are over 1 billion active Instagram users all over the globe.
  2. Over 71% of businesses in the lifestyle, fashion, and all other industries now have their business’ Instagram accounts.
  3. Another 71% is the average Instagram user in America with ages ranging from 18 years old to 24 years old.
  4. Over 80% of Instagram users follow a certain brand.

All the statistics given above are just a few of our research. To know more about other statistics involved in Instagram to help you enrich your marketing, you may download our Instagram Engagement Report eBook. This will help guide you in your marketing pursuits this year, 2019.

Why Boost Your Sales on Instagram?

sales on instagram

Instagram is where the cool kids are. Yes, you have read it right! From youngsters to oldies. Instagram, like Facebook, has now also been one of the most popular social media sites for people of all ages. Its instant rise to fame is mainly because of its visual appeal. What makes it more interesting is that it is constantly improving. New features are being added very often.

Any type of business from different industries, and of any size can leverage this social site and greatly benefit from it. As for your own business, once you have mastered how to post the right content, zero in on your target audience, and drive more conversions for your online business, you will surely achieve a skyrocket in your sales.

Instagrammers are Shoppers

Shoppers usually use social media as their reference for their purchases. More so, they also rely on what other people online have to say about a certain product. Then they will make a decision based on that.

About Instagram, your followers are your potential customers. Posting the right image will definitely drive more consumers to trust your brand. Trust that you won’t even need to put that much effort into your sales pitch. Keep in mind that Instagram is all about visuals. Additionally, some brands actually prefer this social media site to others.

Instagram Affects Every Stage of the Consumer Journey

Social media, in general, plays a huge part in brands. They strengthen their engagement with their target audience. The consumer’s journey online is compromised by three parts. Instagram itself has proven to have a great influence on each stage of the consumer’s journey:


Instagram brings a whole new meaning to “window shopping”. As of our present time, consumers often turn to Instagram to draw in fashion inspiration and look for brands.

In a nutshell, Instagram has quickly become the search engine of the modern-day youth. Thus, as for business owners like you, your Instagram business page can also be classified as your homepage. Once users type in a search, your beautiful photos will serve as the result. Then your number of followers will determine your authenticity to seal in the searcher’s approval.


Instagram has recently released its new feature. This feature allows businesses to sell directly on the platform. This gives shoppers even more convenience since they don’t have to open more sites to check out.


49% of Instagram users have said that they are now even closely connected to their favorite brands. Thanks to this platform! Through this social media site, brands can strengthen and maintain long-term relationships with their consumers.


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Tips to Boost Your Sales on Instagram

Sales On Instagram

Always keep this in mind, “good marketing is all about your audience, it’s not about you”. The Instagram engagement rates prove that this social platform is a very effective marketing platform than other social channels.

Despite the above-mentioned, you shouldn’t always be relying on your image content. While this platform is mainly about visuals, you cannot simply just ramble on an image after image just for the sake of posting content.

Marketing on Instagram may not be as easy as it seems. Marketers have been strongly competitive when it comes to social media. It is most likely that you have been exhausting all marketing efforts for your Instagram page. More so, here are our tips to help you give an added push to your sales on Instagram in no time:

1. Optimize Your Instagram Business Page

Your personal account is different from your business account. The very first step in converting those followers into your loyal customers is to create a profile that will give your audience an idea of what’s in store for them. Focus on how you will be able to capture effectively your target audience attention.

Make your Instagram profile into a social media version of your storefront.

Bio Description

Include a call-to-action (CTA) by adding your contact number so they can reach out to you if they have questions. If you have incentives such as discounts or free shipping, we highly recommend that you include them also in your bio. Do not forget to add the link on your site to add some traffic to your site. Also, it is the only place where you can put a clickable link to redirect people to your online shop or any targeted page.

IG Stories

As for your Stories, create highlight albums to feature your (new) products, current offers, and updates.

2. Stick to Your Brand

Stick to your brand name and logo. It is as simple as it is. You have to be consistent in using your name and profile image in all your social media accounts. Note that consistency is the key to being recognizable. Your brand is what sets you apart from your competitors. Stay true to your brand.

Use a color palette for your brand

Represent your brand’s own visual style by choosing a color scheme that will suit perfectly to your brand’s identity. You may opt to start with your logo colors combined with other shades for your posts. Another option is to make use of a color combination checkboard to help you decide.

Brand’s element

Include your brand’s element into your every content. Always add a touch of your brand to each of your posts.


Create hashtags to represent your brand. Make a list of hashtags to represent your brand and see how searchable they are on Instagram. You may use combined hashtags or long-tail hashtags, both centers to a smaller niche.

3. Create Compelling Posts

Basically, your images must be attention-grabbing and creatively done. Always represent what you want to promote. Note that when people visit your profile, they must immediately recognize your brand identity.


Advertise your products with a touch of creativity – market your products by posting professional-looking photos. In short, post only high-quality images.

Fresh content

Your follower engagements are highly important. Create fresh content and at the same time focus on your presentation to engage your followers.

Personal touch

Your content and reputation are your best chance to boos sales on Instagram. Establish a relationship with your followers. Add a more personal touch to your content. Something that your target audience can relate to.


Your user engagement highly matters. Your type of content must align with your marketing goals. Take note that, the more likes you have, the more chances of following.

Furthermore, your likes are a valuable tool in analyzing what your audience best reacts to. Thus, comments on your posts may result in a much wider reach. It can also be classified as an indicator concerning your content’s shareability.

4. Be Relatable and Humorous

Being relatable and humorous will guarantee you a strong engagement with your target consumers. Improve your audience’s positive perception of your brand. Try to post content such as funny, relatable quotes or images with witty captions.

More so, if humor doesn’t align with your brand image, you can try inspiring and provocative quotes that your target audience can relate to.

5. Use Hashtag To Boost Sales on Instagram

Although hashtags have been first introduced on Twitter, it has also been a vital part of Instagram, especially for brands. Generally speaking, if you want an effective engagement on the platform, utilizing hashtags on your content is vital. You can make use of hashtags on your:

  • Bio
  • Captions
  • Comments
  • Stories

As of our modern-day, hashtags are now also being classified as keywords on searches. Hashtags are the not-so-secret ingredient to your brand’s Instagram growth. These hashtags are not just restricted to one word alone. While Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post, using an excessive amount of hashtags in one post may also have its downside. As much as possible limit your hashtag usage to 5 in each of your posts.

6. Make Use of Instagram Advertising

Promote your products through ad campaigns and include this in your marketing strategy. Note that you can always attract people organically. However, ad campaigns help you easily and effectively reach a wider niche. This is also a perfect form of investment especially for businesses that are just starting.

7. Make Use of Influencers

Another way of effectively boosting sales on Instagram is by using influencers.

Instagram Influencers have an established name online. These people have strongly earned loyal followers due to their job, lifestyle, hobby, and the stories they often tell. Influencers are a big thing not just on Instagram but on the whole social media. Businesses make use of influencers to strengthen their presence online. Most brands partner with influencers to represent their brands on Instagram.

In 2017 alone, many companies have spent billions of dollars on Instagram Influencers to help promote their brand. Shoppers are most likely to try out a certain product when a real person is the one introducing it. Influencers have a very strong impact on the user’s decision-making when it comes to purchasing online.

Instagram influencer marketing is another must to be included in your marketing strategy. This type of marketing enables brands to reach their target audience authentically and effectively than traditional advertising.

Sales On Instagram – Conclusion

An effective Instagram marketing strategy that will amplify your sales will always fall to your good quality content. This platform’s visual appeal has made it the most favored social site that both consumers and brands utilize to purchase and promote certain products.

As for business owners like you are the perfect platform to represent your brand’s story by visibly grabbing your target consumer’s attention. Bear in mind that social media as a whole is consequently evolving, and this includes Instagram. Your type of content will also depend on what is currently on-trend, so you have to keep up and remain aware of what is the current craze.

With billions of active users across the globe, Instagram enables brands to promote and advertise their products and services effectively and with great results in terms of establishing their brand, reaching a much wider demographic, and most especially, an added sales conversion.