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Increased Traffic Growth of 490% In Social Media Engagement from Influencer Marketing for Intimate Pleasure in South Korea


The story of a premium sensual lifestyle brand, first began when a German couple decided it was time for a change, in the sex toy market. This was when they developed their first intimate product, which works in sync with the human body; driven by the idea to close the orgasm gap between men and women, by focusing on clitoral stimulation. After its release, the public response had been positively overwhelming. However, entering the Korean market remained difficult in the beginning.

Influencer Marketing Overview

Inquivix helped the company to advertise its products, through a mini-giveaway, and handled its social media campaigns. Due to the novelty of their niche, most platforms placed many restrictions on advertising. We were able to navigate those restrictions, successfully create, and execute a mini-giveaway Ad campaign, and provide social media management.

The Challenges

Blog Challenges

Since, the idea of sex toys is still a taboo subject within Korea, a cultural acceptance of sex toys was hard to achieve. However, it wasn’t just  the Korean culture, and regulations that were complicating for an adult pleasure business to grow in Korea; but also the Facebook terms and conditions. 

This is why a comprehensive SEO plan was needed, to address multiple on-site optimization tasks, as well as, the need to grow awareness about the company’s product lines.

The Approach

Influencer Marketing Approach

Due to many restrictions placed on traditional online advertising, we created our own space to manage giveaways. Next to that, we ran Ads on separate accounts, because client accounts were blocked, on social media platforms.

While the brand is well-known and understood by key customers also known as distributors and merchants. The product advertisements on social media platforms can be less likely to be successful, due to the type of niche. Advertisements in this niche can be repeatedly shut down, without warning. And though adult sites would take Ads, they send in the wrong traffic. Inquivix wanted to use a different approach.

The swing-dancing community is very big in Korea. It is tied with women’s rights, and is very progressive. We were able to reach out to the community, and partner with community leaders. From there, we were able to create a “dance giveaway” where couples were invited to submit dance videos together, to spread awareness of a new product. 

Viral Giveaway Contest

Viral giveaway contests implemented by Inquivix,  were customized to appeal to the company’s audience. Since Korea’s openness to the subject was limited, using the swing-dancing community to create the dance giveaway and bring about awareness of new products helped the company gain the right traction and bring in relevant traffic. 

Email Marketing

We used email marketing to keep the community updated with the viral giveaway contest, where participants could track their progress and were notified of the winner.

Social Media Management

We provided high-quality social media management services that had to tactfully navigate the Korean taboo regarding this niche. We conducted intensive research on the terms and conditions of social media platforms regarding campaigns, posts, and ads for this niche, along with ensuring highly SEO optimized social media content to drive in the right traffic and avoid the accounts from getting removed or reported.

Influencer Marketing

We shortlisted influencers whose audiences were open-minded, and/or interested in this niched and created a database of Korean influencers that could share our tailored content on their blogs, websites, social media, and other platforms.

Top 5 Social and Custom Action

The Process

The team guaranteed to be subtle in creative design, copy, and other content. We wanted all advertisements to be fun, colorful, and approachable. We then got the Ads approved and ran on a separate platform, and we managed to get  a great performance, whilst generating a lot of traffic.

We wanted the campaign to be fun, and selective with the targeted community; with a spark of color. After running it, the advertisement was well received by the audience and really made an impact in the community.

The Process


A full audit will provide you with the greatest results in terms of determining what is working for your brand in terms of keywords, competition, and other factors in order to get the best results for your website.

Defining Goals

The marketing objectives must be established based on the audit results. Setting a timetable and setting reasonable milestones will be easier if you define your goals first. This allows you to keep track of your progress and make modifications as needed.

Preparation and Deployment

To guarantee our customers achieve the greatest outcomes for their business, the planning phase focuses mostly on advertising and marketing initiatives. We concentrated on just a few people.


Participants were urged to tag a friend in Instagram comments, repost an Instagram post, follow the brand’s Instagram account, like the event post on Instagram, follow on Facebook, and like the event post on Facebook when the campaign kicked off.

Results with Inquivix

The brand’s social media account grew 8x and had a high engagement with participants. This also made it easy to get influencers on board for future campaigns.

The biggest win for us as an agency is that we did not just make our clients happy, but we were able – to push through with a positive step forward in the movement for women’s sexual liberation, especially in Korea: love your body, and take time to find your sexual fulfillment!

Influencer Marketing Result

Many young couples joined the dance giveaway, and word spread amongst the community in Korea. This caused us to easily get influencers on board for future campaigns. This, therefore, demonstrates the real impact that a well-planned, and well-executed SEO strategy can have on an online marketing campaign. The company experienced a lot of growth with thousands of leads, sign-ups, and purchases made.

Social Media Engagement Result


This provides a great example of how Inquivix works to drive real business results for our clients and strives to be part of a positive impact in communities. We listen to our clients and provide tailormade solutions to reach their full potential and maximize traffic. With modern ideologies along with our clients’ brand; we were able to look beyond the initial goal. That is why, the company saw such good results with the campaign, after working with us, and continued to grow in the Korean market.

Social Media Engagement Result