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SEO Case Study – 500% Traffic Growth for SaaS Start-up Business

This case study is based on the Saas startup business and how Inquivix has generated organic search traffic and growth through the use of SEO services for brands and businesses. This case study will educate the audience on how you can implement digital strategies for your business. 

The Background

SEO Case Study – 500% Traffic Growth for SaaS Start-up Business

Many global startup companies provide services and solutions to different brands and industries by offering Saas software to ensure you can get the best traffic and engagement to your business. As a matter of fact, Saas tools have been a great way to optimize and produce higher-quality services to your audience. 

The Opportunity

The Opportunity

Saas startup businesses have been approaching the market gradually and this has spiked an increase in terms of SEO and hence, the rise has been immense. Therefore, nowadays the Saas industry needs SEO strategies to best beat their competitors. 

SEO services from Inquivix can assist to provide brands digitized solutions to get the best results, since they are a start-up business, they require help on SEO to rank/promote their business.

The Challenge

As many global startup companies were fairly new to SEO optimization, in terms of ranking, they needed a partnership with a digital marketing agency who knew how to navigate through the digital infrastructure and give them boosts and ranking in Google’s SERP

Many startup companies didn’t understand the techniques of keywords, ranking, organic traffic, backlink auditing, and search terms to strategize and optimize their website to drive, attract and create an online presence on the digital landscape.

SaaS StartUp Global Keyword Position

The Approach

Start-up companies have encountered challenges in terms of SEO over the years; meaning that the start-up companies couldn’t understand how to navigate through the website infrastructure through ranking, keywords, organic traffic, and competitor research. They required assistance in terms of SEO

Inquivix provided the strategy and implementation to provide the best SEO services to our clients. We assisted them in terms of all SEO to rank and boost their businesses so that they can get the best results on Google’s SERP.

Here are a few strategies which Inquivix implemented:

The Approach

SEO Competitive Research

SEO competitive research provides a basic analysis of what is occurring in terms of links, keywords, research, content optimization, and how it is compared to their competitors’ website, this gives a general idea on where our clients are at the moment.

Interpretation of Inquivix’s Effort in SEO Services_SaaS Business

Domain Overview

When conducting a competitive research analysis Inquivix’s aim was to strategically analyze the quality of the domain on Google and other search engines and compare it to their competitors.

Traffic Analysis

Analysis of their website traffic was eventually compared to their competitors’ website traffic, to provide us with an understanding of how we can assist the startups.

SaaS StartUp Global Traffic Trend

Organic Research

Organic research was implemented and we structured extensive research to provide the relevant keywords related to their niche, and also their competitors’ organic keywords.

With Keyword and backlink analysis we conducted, it was observed that our client’s keywords and their competitors’ organic keywords, generated were from both the same backlinks. By analyzing this data, it would be convenient for Inquivix to implement a perfectly crafted tailor-made SEO process according to our client’s needs. 

On-Page SEO

After the conclusion of our SEO competitor analysis, we did an analysis on our client’s live website and we encountered several on-page elements which were awry.

We detected issues with:

  • Website structure
  • URL structure
  • Keywords optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Meta description
  • Images
  • Word counts
  • Alt text
  • Duplicate content
  • Robot txt
  • Schema
  • Quality of the blog posts

The Strategy

SaaS Start-up Business Strategy

After an extensive analysis of our client’s competitors, their site, and their contents. Inquivix devised a carefully structured plan packed with enough SEO juice to help boost their website in Google’s SERP. 

Inquivix provided 100% high-quality content per month, with a minimum of 1250 words, based on our competitor research. The content we contributed was tailor-made to ensure that all the content we provided was SEO optimized with relevant search volumes and keyword difficulty research, image optimization, meta tags, and ALT text handling, with internal and external link processes. All content provided was original, authentic, and passed through the plagiarism checks. 

SEO Content Submissions

Inquivix provided a content submission strategy, by approaching a related and reputable company with high-quality domains, to publish articles by means of guest posting and referring to our client’s domain on their website, for more traffic. Inquivix also ensured that all social media channels related to their market were optimized, and we provided a social media marketing strategy to follow.

SEO On-page Optimization

Inquivix provided tailormade on-page elements in terms of keywords, title tags, headings, and content; we also ensured that our clients optimized their SEO On-page elements so it would run perfectly on their site.

The Results

SaaS Start-up Business Strategy

The use of all of the above SEO strategies has resulted in the successful generation of result-driven traffic for our clients’ projects. This has allowed them to consistently rank higher on Google’s search engine results page (SERP), and also have increased brand awareness and identity to their brand.

SaaS Start-up Business