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10 Common Digital Marketing Challenges Faced By Businesses


Venturing into digital marketing is a no-brainer for businesses. As the internet is now an essential part of our modern society. The further we go, the more challenges we meet. So as these “digital marketing challenges,” were many businesses struggled to solve.

The internet opens a lot of opportunities for digital marketers around the world. Great opportunities come with challenges as well. Businesses–be it small scale or large scale face numerous trials. Hence, we have written, 10 Common Digital Marketing Challenges Faced by Businesses.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is any promotion of products and services using the internet to reaching more potential customers online. Businesses advertising on websites or social media and improving communication between customers.

What is The Importance of Determining The Business’s Digital Marketing Challenges?

Recognizing first what the challenges are to see what problems can be solved. It is important to be able to determine one’s challenges so that digital marketing strategies can be built and established. While preventing further shortcomings can optimize your business solutions.

10 Common Digital Marketing Challenges Faced By Businesses and How To Solve Them

Here are the ten digital marketing challenges faced by businesses.

1. Lack of Skills and Training

Digital Marketing Challenges - Skills, Knowledge, Abilities

The transition of the conventional business to digital marketing seems to be simple yet a complicated one. Thus, developing new skills is one of the fundamental strategies in earning more sales. But it’s not always easy! Hence, lack of knowledge and skills is one of the most common digital marketing challenges.

What are the factors businesses are considering in dealing with this strategy? These are time, money, and resources. Personnel or staff need to undergo week or month-long training to boost their digital marketing skills. Learning about tools, platforms, and theories can optimize your business. Some books help boost one’s skills when it comes to digital marketing.

In addition, most of these training or courses require registration fees. Businesses struggle with how to juggle their limited funds. They also must invest in training expenses. Business owners should hire skilled and digital-savvy personnel. Waiting for a good outcome in might be risky. Once it pays off, your business will be ahead of other companies.

2. Time Span of Seeing The Good Outcome

Digital Marketing Challenges - Time Span of Seeing The Good Outcome

Waiting for a good outcome in your sales is one of those common digital marketing challenges. Venturing in social media platforms, websites, apps, and many more requires time to show results.

Thus, many businesses are constantly competing for the audience’s attention and search traffic. Businesses that are catching the customer’s attention takes a lot of patience and effort. To gain more customers, businesses must invest in ads. This is a prerequisite for all kinds of business.

Moreover, expanding one’s brand reach is the ultimate marketing goal. Small businesses may not have much budget for advertisement saving money can help establish a source of funds.

3. Business ROI Management

Digital Marketing Challenges - Businessman drawing ROI (return on investment) with graphs

Every digital marketing campaign costs an enormous amount of investment. The Return of Investment (ROI) measures how effective your investments into your business are at generating income (Duermyer, 2020). Hence, this is a crucial financial strategy and is one of the common digital marketing challenges businesses face. Thus, businesses must know how much investments cost and what to prioritize first.

Furthermore, to best measure your business’s ROI, you need to deal with marketing investments. Return on investment is based on actual results related to the campaign goal. Some tools can help determine your best strategy with a high ROI. These are marketing software to CRM solutions such as HubSpot, and MailChimp. Infusionsoft can also be beneficial.

4. Higher Compensation Among Employees

Digital Marketing Challenges - Higher compensation is a digital marketing challenge

One of these common digital marketing challenges points in managing business finances. It may be tough and digital marketing would shake your “piggy bank”. Hiring a digital marketing specialist will cost you a high compensation rate. However, they help you with your business sales and marketing strategies, usually, they also deserve the due amount.

Hence, you have to minimize the digital marketing specialist headcount per business to address this problem. You must also focus on the quality of your digital marketing expert instead of the quantity.

Lastly, you have to assign one skilled marketing strategist for a single business. Consider the importance of your employee’s skills in solving digital marketing challenges.

5. Engagement with Customers’ Feedback or Complaints

Digital Marketing Challenges - We Hear You Banner

Do you believe in the saying that customers are always right? Whether you do or do not, you have to deal with their feedback–pleasing or offending. Customer complaints are inevitable and are the bane of every businesses’ existence. Hence it is one of the most common digital marketing challenges.

Digital marketers are communicating with the customers in a fast-paced. Thus, customers can easily react to the business’s service or products right away. If you fail to deal with their complaints professionally, you will lose more customers. Ruining your brand image as well.

But how do you address this problem?

The best thing to do is to assign personnel or staff who have good customer service skills. Manage customer feedback and settle issues that might cause a bad business reputation. Through this, you can avoid getting in trouble with customers’ complaints. You can also read “Hug Your Haters” by Jay Baer. It is a book that will keep you hooked till the end. Teaching you the secret to tackling haters with compassion, wit, and presence of mind.

6. Security and Privacy Issues

Digital Marketing Challenges - Male hands holding a tablet with data access concept

The internet provides new opportunities and new threats at the same time. Have you seen posts of local social media businesses that their account was hacked? One of the most common digital marketing challenges is a data breach. It is common nowadays! This digital marketing challenge of online privacy has lately become a major problem. The cyberattack has become rampant in business websites.

Hackers steal corporate information, financial information (eg bank details or payment card detail), and money. They also disrupt trading, this is why businesses are not able to carry out transactions online. This digital marketing challenge can lead to financial loss. Cyber attacks can cause a tremendous amount of damage for large businesses. On the other hand, small businesses may not recover from said trouble.

Taking online security seriously is the key. If you aim to expand your market globally, you need to be mindful of more chances of being targeted by hackers. Furthermore, businesses need to secure business online accounts through two-factor authentication, regular changing of passwords, and other security procedures. Digital security software can also protect your private business sites from this challenge.

7. Keeping Skilled Personnel in The Industry

Digital Marketing Challenges - Hire, Train, Motivate, Reward and Retain human resources blocks to illustrate mission or goal of hr team or department in devleoping employees or workforce

The demand for digital marketing experts is growing throughout the years. Businesses need to allot funds for digital marketing campaigns. If not compensated properly, some digital marketers leave the firm. So this keeping skilled staff is also one of those common digital marketing challenges.

Competition in digital marketing also adds pressure to digital marketing strategists. This is true especially if their recent marketing campaigns aren’t producing quick results.

Keeping skilled digital marketers is essential in every businesses’ growth. Managing your business’s ROI by allowing a budget for your personnel is another thing. Give digital marketing strategists the right compensation. Provide them medical or insurance benefits. They deserve it after all. Wait until you see it paying off!

8. Creating Consistent Branding

Digital Marketing Challenges - Branding Market Name Strategy Trademark Concept

With so many competitors that may attract your target customers, it is vital to keep consistent branding. Without it, you will just be wasting time because branding is the core of it all.

How do you create consistent branding? If you’re the customer, you surely get attracted to eye-pleasing posts. In this aspect, font style, text colors, and language of the advertisement matter. Make sure you keep these details across all platforms. In addition, deciding to alter your style will make it recognizable that is not resembling other brands.

9. Decrease in Demands

businessman hand drawing chart red arrow

Demands on products and services decrease over time even in digital marketing. This affects business sales as the economic environment is very unpredictable. Especial these factors such as social issues, political climate, and other major local or global events are crucial in business.

Strategize to adapt whenever demand decreases. Why not try to innovate products and services? Do some rebranding! Let previous customers speak to serve as witnesses to your firm’s excellent performance. In addition, these are some of the simple tips in dealing with sudden demand drops. Immediately adapting to economic changes can save your business from this digital marketing challenge.

10. Keeping Up with the Trends

Digital Marketing Challenges - Marketing Trends Online Digital Concepts

Imagine if you have a digital marketing business and you are not updated with the trends. That is horrible! Before making marketing strategies, businesses must be aware of the current trends happening in the world. Updating to recent trends of the market such as; economic shift, customer interest, stock market, etc. In this way, you can strategize effectively on how to win your customers’ trust.

Use statistical and analytical tools that can help monitor the changes in the market. You can do it by tuning in on digital marketing news sites. Take time to determine the changes in the market. It will allow your business to quickly adapt and plan appropriate actions to current issues.

To Sum Up

Digital marketing challenges are hurdles businesses need to overcome. The amount of money and resources needed to make your digital marketing campaigns may shake your patience and funds. Then with the right strategies, skilled manpower, and efficient management of your finances, you can ace these tests. In a fast-paced marketing world, nobody wants to be left behind. After all, these challenges are just a few stumbling blocks away from another milestone in your business.