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What Would Prevent Data from Appearing in a Custom Report?


Custom Report – Did you know that your business is producing tons of data every day? There is a lot, and we mean a lot, a lot of data available, probably some stuff you don’t even know about. How is your company using data to evaluate and streamline your operations process?

Don’t worry if you feel like you fall short in how you’re using data. You’re not alone, and it’s not a unique problem that companies are facing. Even large businesses with top-of-the-line technology are not tapping into all the data available to them to create useful and easy-to-use reports, analytics, and automation. 

What Is a Custom Report?


A custom report is a report that you use to create. You pick the dimensions [for example, city and browser] and metrics [for example, sessions, page views, and bounce rate] and then decide how they should be displayed. You must specify at least one dimension and one metric. 

What You Can Do With a Customs Report?


The Reports tool allows you to build reports based on the data that best matches your needs. Custom reports let you choose which data source to utilize, which fields and filters to include, when and how often to run the report, as well as the delivery format and destination.

The Importance of Custom Writing


Like all reporting, no matter what your industry is, the data will provide your key metrics into certain aspects of your business, and the possibilities are endless. There are three main reasons why you should consider creating customized reports for your business.

Better Decision Making

Consider the most critical aspects of the healthcare industry: patient behaviors, clinical data, pricing, medications, and even operational data. These data sets may be combined into reports that are simple to read and understand, allowing employees at all levels of your company to make more educated decisions. Setting up reports correctly can help you enhance patient care and service satisfaction while also lowering expenses, reducing human error, and streamlining your processes.

Save Time

Manually sorting data or sticking to the “stock” reports that come with your software aren’t always enough. Furthermore, collecting large amounts of data for medical purposes can be expensive and time-consuming. Nothing is more aggravating than a report that you can’t read or that requires numerous extra steps simply to get to the information you need. You may acquire vital insights quickly and efficiently by having reports at your fingertips that dial in to just what they need to gather from their data.

Ensure Compliance

The healthcare industry is fraught with ever-changing regulatory regulations that can be difficult to understand. This industry has its own set of issues, which includes its own set of data challenges. Stock reports don’t always adhere to confidentiality laws, so a custom report is required to ensure compliance. With potentially sensitive information at risk, certain additional layers to a report are required to preserve privacy while relaying the vital data required to make informed business decisions.

What Would Stop Data from Showing up in a Custom Report?


Data would not appear in a custom report if a filter removed all of the data. This would also prevent data from displaying in a custom report if you hadn’t shared it with users in the same view. Filtering the report restricts it to particular dimensions. This allows you to limit which data appears in the custom report. According to the type of filter set on the custom report, filtering your incoming hits permanently includes, excludes, or modifies those hits in that view. As a result, you should always have an unfiltered view of your data so that you can access the entire set of data.


In a world where we are surrounded by mountains of digital data, analytics reports exist to condense everything into a digestible format. Generally, such advanced reports break down the statistics, analyze trends and offer insights valuable to your business and improvement of your ROI. There are many tools that provide pre-configured reports to work with out of the box, but the ability to customize and build your own reports is what will set you apart from the rest. We can assist you in finding your way through.