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Google in Korea: Basic Guide Overview on How Google Works

Google in Korea Basic Guide - Inquivix

Google in Korea – Google is the most popular search engine globally, but South Korea’s country is an exception. Even so, Google provides online advertising services through Google Ads. It has the advantage of being able to expose advertisements extensively because it has various linked sites such as YouTube and Gmail.

It still has great and effective types of advertisements as Google has a wide range of audiences. So if used properly, one can bring about a good range in

Google Ads

Google in Korea – Right now, Google Ads has become the most effective way to reach your target customer and grow your business. The good thing about Google Ads is you can choose between the two main networks, namely, the Search network, and the Display network.

The search network offers pay-per-click advertising also known as paid search. It allows advertisers to display their advertisements to the internet users who will enter the keywords in Google.

On the other hand, the display network provides advertisers the option of placing their banner-style advertisements on the websites. According to Google, it reaches 90% of global internet users, which is a large potential market.

Google search page provided by Google and online advertising services based on Google’s services. Google Ads subscribers have the advantage of using some related services such as Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Optimizer for free.

Google Ads Basic Structure

Google in Korea - Google Basic Campaign

1. Campaign

Google in Korea – The exposure device, the location of advertisements, and the standard for setting the daily budget. Based on one campaign, we decide whether to proceed with search advertisements or display advertisements.

  • Search campaigns
    It allows you to reach your current and potential customers if they are actively searching on Google. You can place your ad on Google’s search results. Search campaigns have many benefits for your business. First, it will penetrate more online sales, leads, and website traffic. And more importantly, it’s easy to create.
  • Display campaigns
    As many people want to see a product, they are likely to depend on visual images. The display campaigns enable you to attain your audience by engaging ads when they browse on millions of websites and apps. As a result, this increases your brand awareness and visibility and reaches your new and current customers.
  • Video campaigns
    As the display and search campaigns, this type of campaign uses video ads on Youtube and other websites. Its benefits are important if you want to drive more people to visit your social media accounts. and increase your sales and engagements.
  • Shopping campaigns
    If you sell clothes then you can use this type of campaign. This usually appears on Google’s search results and the Shopping tab. It will promote your products so that people can purchase them. As a result, there will be a growth in your sales.
  • App campaigns
    Based on its name, it helps you to promote your applications on different channels. It lets you look for new users that can increase your app sales. According to Google, one app campaign will appear on Search, Display, Play, and YouTube.
  • Local campaigns
    This ad campaign will help you to find people in your physical stores and business. The app campaign will also show across Search, Display, Google Maps, and YouTube. It will include your business address and hours. Its advantage is it allows you to promote your products or service to the potential and current customers to purchase in your physical stores.

2. Ads Group

Google in Korea – It is also referred to as a cost-per-click (CPC) bid. To acquire an Ads Group, you can bid so that your ad’s keywords will appear. The benefit of this ad is that it organizes your ads by a theme like the types of products or services you want to market. Group of ads grouped by the same subject. A number of the same-topic ads can be managed within a single advertising group.

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3. Google ad’s Case 1: Proceed to Google Search Ads.

Google in Korea – Ads are exposed in text format on the Google search results page, registering potential customers’ searchable words as keywords. It also has the advantage of being exposed to search results pages of search partners such as Bing, Yahoo, etc.

  • Basic: Title + Description + URL
  • Extensions: Title + Description + URL + Description Extension + Site Detail Link

4. Google ad’s Case 2: Google Display Ads

Google in Korea – Ads in text, banner, or video format are exposed to Google Display Network. Different locations of images and videos are different for different sizes => Need to specify exposure areas and targets.

Google Display Network Targeting

  • Targeting by subject: exposure only to sites relevant to the subject.
  • Targeting by age: ex. Exposed only to women in their 30s and 50s.
  • Expose ads to the most relevant areas and targets for targeting on Google Display Network (GDN).

Google Display Network (GDN)

Google in Korea – Refers to advertising exposure areas consisting of Google services such as YouTube, Gmail, Play Store, and other sites and mobile apps in partnership with Google. In addition to Google services, sites, blogs, and communities that have contracted to provide part of the screen to Google.

In addition, it is created to look for the right audience. It has several options that allow you to strategically display your message to your current and potential customers at the proper place and time.

Response-type advertising

Ads that automatically resize images or videos in a variety of locations; can be exposed to any location; can dynamically manage images, text, and URLs

Analysis of Why Koreans Use Google

Google in Korea – Acceptable for conditions only for advertising restricted products on other sites (see table below).

Expand activity areas within Google services other than for search purposes. Increased activity on YouTube, Pinterest, Gmail, Google Meets, Smart Store, etc.

Differences in clarity in search results

Google in Korea – In the case of Naver, it is difficult to find information with pure information because many advertisements are first exposed on the search result page when searching for a specific keyword or site. On the other hand, keywords and sites searched during Google search are immediately exposed to the search results page, enabling clear and fast search.

  • Shopping list appears after main air dresser advertisement + power link advertisement
  • Place the shopping list on the right side to obtain the desired result immediately

The advancement of technology gives birth to the invention of different social network services. Until now, people still experience the consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic which is why there is a change in how people could socialize with others. Personal contact becomes limited. Therefore, people depend on SNS to interact with others despite the distance that sets them apart. Meanwhile, Korean marketing provides opportunities for Korean people to discover new and various things. From lifestyle, communication, and even entertainment, Korean marketing offers many benefits. Due to the high number of users of SNS, Korean marketing uses this opportunity to incorporate it into a new way of advertising.

Korean marketing is currently making its popularity because of the strategies it uses. Aside from maximizing the benefits of SNS, Korean marketing does not stop innovating.

There are many available social network services in Korea and all of them could greatly affect your daily routine. They could have a significant impact without you even knowing it actually. These social network services are an important part of Korean marketing present in the said country.