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How To Market A Golf Resort: 9 Strategies To Maximize Revenue

How To Market A Golf Resort 9 Strategies To Maximize Revenue | INQUIVIX

Are you looking for ways to increase revenue and attract more customers to your golf resort? Whether you’re a golf course owner, digital marketer or part of the promotional team of a hotel or spa tied with a golf resort, marketing should be at the forefront. With proper strategic planning, you can set yourself up for success by implementing effective tactics designed specifically to maximize the income of your golf property. But how do you go about this? 

In this blog post, we’ll provide nine effective strategies that can enhance how you market your golf resort and improve its profitability.

What Is Golf Resort Marketing?

What Is Golf Resort Marketing | INQUIVIX

Marketing for golf resorts is the practice of promoting what the resort offers, especially for enjoyable golfing experiences to attract customers and influence their decisions. It helps them to showcase all the amazing amenities that they have to offer, like beautiful golf courses, luxurious suites, and unforgettable experiences so people know what they can expect when they come. 

Marketing for golf resorts isn’t just teeing off into the unknown. It’s carefully crafted marketing intended to bring in tee-time novices, regulars, and everyone looking for a “mulligan” in between. It’s marketing with a purpose – to establish an exclusive experience that can be enjoyed by seasoned golfers while whetting the appetite of newcomers. 

Of course, marketing also means understanding who the right people are – if you’re marketing golf resorts, that means beginning and end-of-season specials for snowbirds, à la carte packages for resort stay-and-play guests; maximizing social media presence to generate buzz, and leveraging partnerships with local businesses to make sure your resort stays tailor-made relevant. Golf resort marketing is all about the details, so chances are if you’re marketing one, it’s a hole-in-one. 

As in employing any good marketing strategy, the benefits are immense starting with improved brand awareness, higher recognition, improved engagement, and positive customer perceptions which result in increased sales, customer loyalty, and retention. We no longer need to convince people of the importance of g olf resort marketing since its benefits are so popular, so instead let’s dive straight into great marketing ideas to become successful in the golf industry. 

9 Effective Golf Resort Marketing Strategies For Guaranteed Success

Below are nine impactful marketing approaches that will give your golf resort guaranteed success! 

#1 Promote Your Golf Resort As An Event Venue

Promote Your Golf Resort As An Event Venue | INQUIVIX

Promoting your golf resort as an event venue could be a hole-in-one! Weddings, business meetings, conferences, parties, and any other gathering are sure to hit a fairway with golf course attractions making the event memorable. Entice planners with an appealing way to choose your golf resort as their venue by displaying images, and videos highlighting the golf course deal as part of their packages – add that little extra something to make it more attractive and enjoyable for all the guests. 

So go ahead and show off your golf resort – after all, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. This way you can appeal to your target audience by letting them know that even their events can be more fun with a well-prepared golf course to make any event more sociable and less boring! 

#2 Prioritize SEO

Prioritize SEO | INQUIVIX

68% of digital experiences start with the search engine, so you would want anyone interested in playing golf to easily find your golf resort in their top search results. Implementing SEO strategies is essential to reach golfers looking for a great course for their holiday plans or everyday golf sessions, or even as an event destination as we mentioned above. You need to ensure your website is easily displayed when users search for keywords like “golf club”, “golf resorts”, “golf birthdays”, “golf holidays” etc to ensure you don’t lose out on potential customers looking for a golf course with or without the resort experience.

If you’re looking to amp up your SEO, here are some strategies that can help. Regularly post helpful and informative content tailored towards event professionals, potential guests, or related groups – this will start building your reputation as an industry expert. Additionally, choosing keywords relevant to these target audiences is a must! Make sure they appear in website copy and blog posts for optimal visibility online, which will help improve your site’s rankings on search engines. 

FAQ pages are also great: not only do they make navigating websites easier while helping customers find answers more quickly, but high-quality ones showcase knowledge about the products/services too! Finally, don’t forget backlinking via journalists and other authoritative sources by suggesting broken links with suitable replacements from your site which are invaluable for boosting SEO success! 

#3 Offer Easy Online Registrations For Tee-Times

Expand your golf course’s reach with the power of digital reservations. By taking advantage of online reservation technology, you can make it easier than ever for aspiring duffers to schedule tee times and practice their swings on your green. Take away those clunky manual processes and replace them with convenient web-based booking options – so nobody has an excuse not to hit that perfect drive down the fairway. 

You don’t need to do intensive market research to know that golfers need convenient booking processes – everyone needs convenience. This is a simple yet effective marketing idea that will easily encourage customers to register. An easy-to-use dedicated landing page for registrations can make a world of difference. 

#4 Use Immersive And Engaging Content

Use Immersive And Engaging Content | INQUIVIX

Quality content is the foundation of successful marketing approaches. We’ve given a few effective ways to utilize content below but there’s plenty more and it’s always important to experiment and find the best-performing content for your golf resort and leverage it. 

Drone Videos Capturing The Golf Course

Drone Videos Capturing The Golf Course | INQUIVIX

Give prospective guests a grand tour of your golf resort from an elevated perspective with high-end drone footage. Showcase every winding hole, luxurious clubhouse, and all the recreational opportunities available on site – like swimming pools, spas, other adventurous activities, etc. Plus add this stylish video to websites, social media pages, venue listings, and media outlets for improved brand awareness. 

Use Videos To Offer Course-Specific Tips To Play Golf

Video marketing itself is one of the better-performing content marketing categories, and while it may be harder to put together, people are most likely to watch your videos and retain information compared to other content pieces. If you want to draw in site visitors and give them the full golfing experience, videos are your best bet. 

Crafting helpful tips for potential players can be just as essential as having a challenging course – if someone sees that they’ll have support along their rounds, it could mean all the difference! So take some time out to shoot quick videos of how anyone from an amateur hacker up to a seasoned golfer can tackle anything on your new course. You can use the most typical doubts golfers at your resort have, use them as talking points, and create the perfect video that attracts, engages, and encourages golfers to take action! 

Interesting Content Across Social Media Pages

Interesting Content Across Social Media Pages | INQUIVIX

A social media presence is now the basic criterion for successful marketing. To up your game, you need to provide content that is valuable to your target audience – whether they are amateurs or seasoned professionals. This can range from informative posts and stories about golf resorts, and videos on the experience at your resort to running a social media contest that has a great discount on a golf package or some other value for your customer. 

Encourage User-Generated Content

Another great way to market your resort is by engaging directly with previous, existing, and potential golf customers. People trust brands that talk to their customers, reshare their posts, reply to comments, etc. Encouraging users to share their own content is an exceptional way to reach out to new customers while establishing your golf resort as one that golfers enjoy and love. There are many other social media marketing strategies for resorts that you can use to market your golf resort. 

Utilize Influencer Marketing

The success of influencer marketing has shown people will always prefer information that comes from people they trust or believe in. Reaching out to influencers in this niche allows you to access their already built following, so a higher reach is instantly guaranteed. When a credible influencer promotes your resort, it instantly becomes more appealing. 

This is a great technique, and if you don’t know how to find the best influencers for golf resorts, reach out to a professional marketing agency to help you source impactful influencers to get your golf courses the recognition they deserve. Tap into this powerful promotional tool to drive reservations – it’s an incredible opportunity for success on the greenest fairways around!

#5 Invest In Paid Advertising

Paid marketing may seem like an unnecessary expense for your golf resort. But think of it this way: why not test the waters? Launch a few ads, and see how far they take you! With the positive metrics usually attached to paid campaigns, the chance that one of these campaigns will skyrocket is not farfetched – one Facebook campaign might be all that’s needed to convert some curious browsers into putting green VIPs. Give paid options a try – chances are good they’ll deliver enough ROI to make them worth your while!

#6 Encourage Online Reviews On Golf Advisor, Etc.

As established above, people trust other people as opposed to the resort’s own marketing materials. Encourage your satisfied guests to post reviews on great golf sites like Golf Advisor, other relevant sites in your geographical location, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, and whatnot. Naturally, guests will be interested in golf resorts that have more positive reviews. 

#7 Have Rewarding Loyalty Programs

The more you value your guests, the more chances they will return. While they may have had a positive experience, there may be many other golf resorts that they want to try out. Having a loyalty program with perks like special discounts, happy hours at the resort’s restaurant, etc, can be an attractive way to get guests to return to your resort. 

You must ensure your loyalty program has significant value and offers that are better than that offered by competitors. This way guests will become comfortable with your golf resort and keep returning for more. Reward your top spenders with better incentives that will keep them attached to your golf resort.   

#8 Utilize Email Marketing For Repeat Business

Maximize your resort’s marketing budget by tapping into the power of automated email – an effortless way to stay connected with customers even when you’re off the links. Whether it’s reviving relationships that need a bit more tee time or giving potential visitors the last nudge they need, email reminders can be just what your golf course needs for making those par shots! 

Remind previous guests about upcoming events and exclusive offers – like loyalty programs – while retargeting website visitors who have yet to make their reservations. After all, why swing at shadows when there may already be someone on the green waiting?

#9 Partner With Local Businesses To Become The Go-To Local Golf Course

Although digital marketing for resorts may have taken the world by storm, tapping into local connections is still very relevant and powerful. Get connected in your community and grow relationships with other businesses around you by joining forces for networking events or monthly fundraisers that offer something special to guests. 

Hold a ribbon-cutting event of your own at a golf resort where everyone can sample what’s new while having fun! Offer door prizes, delicious food, drinks, tour opportunities – everything it takes to make an impressive impression on potential partners in the area. You can also partner with local schools and universities to give students an opportunity to experience a premium golf experience. 

Use Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Golf Resort’s Business

By following the 9 marketing strategies we listed above, you’re guaranteed to see a boost in your golf resort’s business. Prioritizing SEO, using immersive and engaging content, investing in paid advertising, and encouraging online reviews are all great ways to get more people interested in your resort. And once you have their attention, you can use email marketing and loyalty programs to encourage repeat visits. By becoming the go-to local golf course, you’ll maximize your revenue and ensure that your business is thriving for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Start implementing these marketing strategies today!

If you need assistance with exceptional digital marketing for your golf resort, reach out to us and let us transform your business’s success rates. Get in touch with us for more information. 


How Can You Advertise A Private Resort?

If you own a private resort and are looking for ways to advertise it, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways you can get the word out! Before committing to anyone advertising strategy, it’s important to have a good understanding of your target audience. Put together some social media campaigns highlighting picturesque views, fun activities, and other draws that your resort offers. Become active on travel-related forums and post reviews of your business on popular vacation sites. It may even be worth considering sponsored content if you have the budget. All these strategies will go a long way toward helping you advertise your private resort.

How Do You Attract New People To A Golf Club?

Attracting new people to a golf club often time doesn’t have to be as hard as sand trapping your way out of a bunker. An effective way to draw in fresh faces is by offering specials on tee times, memberships, and opening events. Who can turn down a good bargain? By actively advertising these deals and announcements through social media platforms, you can ensure your golf club is top of mind for would-be players to come to swing their clubs away! With special offers and more interesting updates tailored towards non-golfers, the membership pool of the next golf club in town can grow in no time!