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How to Do Instagram Marketing in Indonesia?

Instagram Marketing in Indonesia

Instagram Marketing in Indonesia is ranked as the world’s fourth most popular social media networking site, with approximately 1.4 billion active users. Indonesia has a social media penetration of 59%, which is 160 million social media users. 33.2% of Indonesia’s total population, accounting for approximately 92 million people, are users of Instagram. These great numbers make Instagram an amazing channel for businesses of all types and scales to reach their target audience.

This article outlines what Instagram marketing is and gives great tips on how it can be used as an effective marketing tool to reach Indonesia’s diverse population because of its archipelagic state. We’ll also guide you on how you can create an Instagram account, explore the different types of posts on Instagram and use them to increase engagement rates and witness the success of your company! Read below to indulge in the valuable insights on Instagram marketing we’ve put together for you. 

What Is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram’s impact on eCommerce is undeniable given the size of the social media platform and its large audience. Having established that, Instagram marketing is the social media marketing strategy of running ad campaigns, sharing posts, stories, videos, reels, hosting live events, partnering with influencers, and using other resources on Instagram to reach consumers that are actively using the app to showcase your brand. Brands put out their content and digital advertising to create an online presence that is attractive to market their brands to the Instagram community to conclude with lead generation. 

Instagram marketing is utilizing the app’s audience and easy infrastructure that allows you to easily contact your consumers and communicate with each other to understand their needs. Using a simple feature like an Instagram post can help you advertise your product, make consumers curious, and engage with your company. This will likely result in a rise in followers, as they will consider your brand to be conscious of what a customer likes and consequently promote your account to their friends and family. You can also use the services of Instagram influencers who have already built their brand. Have a look at what an Instagram influencer can do for your social media marketing campaign below.

What Is an Instagram Influencer?

Influencer marketing, as you know now, is prevalent across all digital platforms. The idea is the same as that of how businesses used to use celebrities on traditional media platforms to advertise and market their products. Although influencer marketing in traditional media has been exhausted, it is still very fresh on social media platforms. It is not confined to celebrities, and as long as people enjoy the content a person puts out, find it relatable or suitable to their tastes, and users want to engage with their posts, anyone can become an influencer. 

Instagram Influencer?

An Instagram influencer is a user that specializes in content creation that appeals to an audience that continues to follow them for more content. Influencers fall into two categories: macro and micro-influencers. Although the number of followers is important, what determines how efficient an influencer is is the engagement rate an influencer is able to generate. Content creation varies from influencer to influencer, so each influencer has a different audience, according to their tastes and likings. This nature of people being interested in other users’ different storytelling methods enabled influencer marketing to become an excellent social media marketing strategy. 

Why Use Instagram Marketing in Indonesia?

Why should you use Instagram if you’re going to use social media? Evidence interests customers, and that’s why research and case studies have proven that at least 130 million Instagram users tap on posts about shopping on the app each month. 80% of the app’s users follow at least one commercial profile, while 72% have made a purchase using the app. People also use the app at different stages of their buying journey, with 81% of the users using the app to learn about products and services they are interested in using. 62% of the community also said that they were interested in purchasing a product after seeing it on Instagram stories. 

Terrific numbers like this make social media networks attractive, which makes Instagram stand out as a great platform for companies to run campaigns, drive traffic and make sales. People enjoy using the app to stay up to date with the accounts they like. Instagram marketing is also so powerful because of the app’s continued efforts to support e-commerce. Instagram ads have shown high rates of engagement, while the Instagram algorithm itself is tailored to analyze users’ needs and wants and showcase the accounts and posts of brands that fall under this category. Ensuring your company knows how to navigate around this algorithm means driving traffic to your account becomes a piece of cake! If your account has more than 10,000 followers, you can also link your website on your Instagram stories, increasing your chances of driving traffic to your website.

There is no hard-and-fast rule, and the scale of your company does not matter. Small businesses have thrived greatly on the platform simply because they understood how to customize their posts and other digital marketing tools to reach, attract, and engage their customers. So we’ll ask you now: given all these amazing benefits, why would you not use Instagram for marketing? 

How to Create an Instagram Business Account?

Interested in using Instagram for marketing? Below are steps you can use to create an account to start your social media marketing journey on Instagram. 

The app has two types of accounts: an “Instagram Business” account and an “Instagram Creator” account. If you already have a personal account, you can simply change it to a professional account via Settings.

How to Create an Instagram Business Account?

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to your profile and tap the hamburger icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Some accounts will have a “Switch to Professional Account” option here. If you don’t, continue with the following steps.
  4. Tap Account.
  5. Tap to switch to a professional account, then continue.
  6. Select a category for your organization, then tap Done.
  7. Tap “Business” and follow the prompts.

Instagram Marketing Suggestions

Brands cannot become successful without a social media marketing strategy that aligns with the brand’s business goals. Here are some great insights that make sure your social media marketing on Instagram is a guaranteed win!

How to Improve Your Instagram Profile?

Sort your basics out, make sure your username and profile picture are associated with your brand and make your brand easy to remember and identify. Instagram has limited space for profile details, so optimizing the limited options is vital to your marketing success. 

Include keyword-optimized descriptions in your bio along with clickable hashtags that you would use on your posts to direct traffic to your Instagram posts. Instagram also allows users to follow hashtags, so this increases the chances of your account showing up if you use hashtags that correspond to your niche. Include clickable links using the website option for your website, or links to ongoing offers or giveaways for a product or service. Use story highlights to display menus, current product offerings, upcoming products, how-to-order processes, how-to-use your products, and services, etc., so that customers can check them before reaching out to you. If you turn on Instagram Shopping, you can showcase your products on the in-app store, allowing customers to simply click “View Shop,” browse through your products and make their purchase.

Develop a Content Strategy

A content strategy is part of a vital part of your social media marketing’s success. It is critical to understand your audience, how they perceive your posts, and what type of content they want to see more of. What’s great is that there’s plenty of data to tell you what posts and campaigns are performing well and who’s interested in them. Don’t forget that Instagram is a visual-centric platform, which means aesthetics, innovation, and eye-catching digital content. No matter the form, we’ll always keep your customers engaged.

Here’s what we know about the most popular Instagram content:

  1. Lighter photos outperformed darker ones.
  2. It is preferable to have more backdrop or white space.
  3. Photos with more dominant blue colors outperformed images with more dominant red colors, while images with a single dominant color outperformed those with several dominant colors.
  4. Images with contrasting tones tend to get more likes.

Using all this insight, along with your understanding of the audience for your niche and the timings at which your posts result in higher engagement rates, you can create a detailed content strategy that will help your business soar.

Instagram Marketing Suggestions

Make Use of Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most important factors in determining your success on Instagram, yet hashtags are, predictably, a bit tricky to master. The recommended practices listed below can help you optimize your reach and results:

  1. Include your customized hashtag in your profile description. 
  2. Use a small number of hashtags. Numerous case studies have revealed that between eight and eleven hashtags for each post is the sweet spot, especially if the sorts of hashtags are varied. 
  3. Change up your hashtags. Use different hashtags for each post. Make hashtag groups that you can switch between for different postings. This will not only boost your visibility to diverse audiences but will also prevent your account from being marked as spam.

Collaborate with Instagram Influencers

Instagram influencers have built audiences specific to a niche that trust their opinions and views, and engage with the influencer’s different types of posts. According to recent research by HypeAuditor, you will receive $4.87 in paid media value for every dollar you pay for influencer marketing on Instagram, implying that influencer marketing might provide a higher ROI than traditional forms of advertising. 

Working with influencers will help your company promote its services and products and also associate your brand with being “trusted” and reliable, especially if shared by your favorite Instagram influencer. Influencer marketing on Instagram is, therefore, a great opportunity for your company. 

Strategies for Creating Effective Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a successful Instagram influencer marketing campaign.

  1. Define your objectives: Be clear about what your company hopes to accomplish through the campaign. Know how much of your product or service you want to sell, and measure it against what you will receive at the end of the campaign.
  2. Know your budget and stick to it.
  3. Create a document that serves as an influencer media kit. Explain what your brand is about, how the content creation and delivery look for your brand, and what clear objectives you intend to achieve through your campaign with them.
  4. Reach out to influencers on a good note, making sure your public relations game is on point! Be professional and send out a clear, but short email, and follow up with a DM only if they don’t respond.

Instagram Post Types

Your audience hates monotonous posts. Alternating between a variety of posts keeps your audience interested and engaged. Have a look at some of the different posts that you can include.

Posts from Behind-the-Scenes

Show your audience what you’re focusing on or provide an overview of how you develop your products and services.

Instagram Post Types

Employee Repostings

It increases the “human-ness” of your brand and shows customers an insight into your diverse employees and some of the fun they have while working.

Educative Positions

Deliver educational content about your niche but explain it in layman’s terms. Include interesting facts and other informative content creatively.

Posts by Influencers

Influencer posts build reliability and brand awareness. Customers engage more when they see their favorites are using the same products and services they use.

Inspirational Posts

Customers enjoy uplifting content, so always alternate these with your other posts.

User-Generated Content

Sharing user-generated content motivates users to use your products, leave reviews, and purchase them again.

3 Ways to Boost Your Growth and Engagement

We all have one thing in common, no matter what social media marketing initiative we use. We want clients to engage with our content and witness the growth of our company. Below are techniques you can apply to serve this purpose. 

Accept User-Generated Content

Sharing your potential clients’ Instagram stories, posts, and other content related to your company motivates them to give you more content, be more involved and engage in the happenings of your company. This customer-centric approach will also encourage them to share your brand with others, especially to showcase your involvement with them.

3 Ways to Boost Your Growth and Engagement

Use Faces in Your Posts to Increase Engagement

Research has shown posts with faces on them have a higher reach and engagement with 38% more likes and 32% more comments than posts without them. Showcase your brand’s people and you’ll instantly up your engagement game!

Experiment with Sharing Your Instagram Posts on Facebook

Posts reshared from Instagram to Facebook were shown to have 23% higher engagement rates in a study conducted by Buzzsumo with over 1 billion Facebook posts. 

How to Calculate the Engagement Rate on Instagram?

An engagement rate is defined as the percentage of followers that engaged with a post compared to your estimated reach and follower count. Below are metrics you can use to calculate the engagement rate of your campaign. 

Engagement Rate as a Function of Followers

Brands with fewer than 50K followers should aim for or exceed an 11.3 percent engagement rate, whereas brands with more than 100K followers can expect a lower proportion (7.7 percent).

Photo vs. Video Engagement Rate

The average engagement for the best performers’ photos is 13%, while for videos it’s 8.5% for users with less than 10,000 followers, up to 9.2% for photos, and 6.4% for accounts with over 1 million followers. The obvious winner is photos! 

Industry Engagement Rates Vary

Understanding the pattern of engagement rates by industry and adjusting your benchmark metrics is a smart way to gauge your performance.

Posting Times Influence Engagement Rate

Depending on the industry, users tend to respond and engage better with content posted at different times. 


Instagram Marketing is an exceptional digital marketing tool that the Indonesian market can utilize to reach their clients. By analyzing and understanding their clients, companies can cater tailor-made content through the plethora of resources that the app provides to users to optimize the commercial potential of their users. Having a clear content strategy, and overall optimized profile, and alternating between different types of content can help significantly boost growth and engagement rates. Influencer marketing has shown great success in a country like Indonesia, and maximizing this opportunity through Instagram influencers will translate directly to increased brand awareness and engagement rates.