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Kakao Account – How to and Why Should You Create a Kakao Account

Kakao Account - How to and Why Should You Create a Kakao Account

This blog will guide you on how to create a Kakao account and why it’s vital to do so because of Kakao’s presence in the country. South Korea’s Internet service revolves around a few prominent companies, and Kakao Corp and Daum are two of them. The two companies merged in 2014 when Kakao acquired Daum, and now provide a plethora of services with both technologies. 

South Korea’s government does not have a great relationship with Google, which minimizes any of Google’s localization attempts, giving great space to local competitors like Kakao and Naver. 

This means the majority of users turn to Kakao for its services, with the company’s messenger app, KakaoTalk, being the most used communication channel in Korea. Keep reading to find out how to create a Kakao account and the wide range of services you will have access to once you do! 

What Is Kakao?

What Is Kakao?

Kakao is an internet company in South Korea, known for its innovative technologies and the variety of apps and services the company has created. Apart from its most famous app, KakaoTalk, which makes communication easy with free group chats, emoticons, shopping experiences, and more, it is also popular for its merged company, Daum.

What Is Daum?

What Is Daum?

Daum is a web portal founded by Daum Technologies, which was acquired by Kakao in 2014. It is the third-leading search engine in South Korea and is Naver’s biggest rival. With Kakao, the search engine was propelled into more success, giving its users great features like Daum Cafe, Kakao Webtoons, and more! 

Why Should You Have a Kakao Account?

If you’re Korean and don’t have a Kakao account, you’re missing out. A Kakao account gives free access to many people’s favorite activities, from shopping to building a connected community. Keep reading to find out what not having an account will make you lose at a glance. 

While the features below are attractive, we’ve not mentioned a whole lot of other features from Kakao Gift Shop, Kakao Style, Games, and a Calendar to organize all your anniversaries scattered around, and more, which are amazing additions to Kakao Talk, the perfect messaging app to make and contact new friends, promote business, and more. 

Why Should You Have a Kakao Account?

Daum Search Engine

The Daum search engine is popular for providing great search results that match the user’s search intent. You can use it without a Kakao account, but having one helps you have a more personalized experience, along with access to Daum Cafe, Tistory, and more. 

Daum Cafe

This is a great platform for users to share stories, with the mobile app available on Google Play. Users can add in their favorite photos of them basking in the sun, or videos of their choice. It is also home to many fan cafes, where fans can interact with their favorite celebrities, receive updates about upcoming events, and connect with other users that share the same interests. 


Kakao’s music streaming service is used by Kakao’s users around the world. It was initially available only within Korea, but the growth of Korean music pushed the company to update its settings and include international fans to stream music on Melon.


Tistory is a blog-publishing service, a product of Daum. Users can create and share blog content and portfolios, along with features to personalize their websites. 

Kakao Mail

This easy-to-use mailing service is straightforward and a great addition to using Kakao’s services. Although it is not a must, a Kakao mail is more useful for logging in to KakaoTalk and other applications.

Kakao Pay

This is one of the most convenient and sought-after methods of payment in Korea. Supported by many apps, Kakao Pay allows you to easily link your bank account. With little to no cost, users are at a great advantage with this amazing service.

Kakao Friends

These are characters that were initially developed as emojis and stickers for KakaoTalk. These characters have grown to have their own stories and even a shop that sells KakaoFriends merchandise. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Kakao Account

Now that you have an idea that having a Kakao account is essential, below is the much-awaited process of creating one. Some steps are optional, so paying attention can help you have an easy signup and login process. There are two ways to create an account for users without a Daum ID, both of which are explained below. Let’s get started!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Kakao Account

Users that already have a Daum ID can simply choose to convert their account. If not, there are two signup methods depending on whether you choose to use an existing email address or create a new one. 

Creating an Account with an Existing Email Address

The first step is to choose the option that says “I have an email account.” Thereafter, follow the quick steps mentioned below.

Read and Agree to Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are straightforward, with users having to be older than 14 years of age. Simply tick those that apply to you and click agree. 

Type In Email Address

If you’re ready to use your existing email address, the platform easily supports it. Users need to simply click on the signup option displayed on the screen, and add in their email address and password.

Users that already have a Daum ID can choose to signup with their Daum ID at this point. The option is available at the bottom left of the screen, with clear instructions on how to convert your Daum ID into a Kakao account.

Creating an Account without an Existing Email Address

Users need to start by choosing the option that says “I need a new email account.” Thereafter, follow the quick steps mentioned below.

Creating an Account with an Existing Email Address

Agree to Terms and Conditions

Ticking off terms and conditions that users agree with, along with criteria that they meet, is the first step. Click on “agree” to be directed to the next page.

Signup with Number

  • This is an essential step for verification. 
  • Simply choose your country code, and add in your phone number. 
  • Click verify
  • Type in the code received on your phone
  • Click Enter 

Create Your Email

You can choose an email address that does not exist and add in a new password. Thereafter, you will be sent a verification email. Simply click “agree,” and voila- your account is now created! 

Experience the Best of Kakao and Daum with a Kakao Account

Kakao Corp and Daum Technologies are perfect examples of the fact that a beautiful venture can be formed when two innovative technologies merge. From having a personalized and hassle-free search engine experience to communicating with your friends and family, interacting with your favorite artists, streaming music, and more, having a Kakao account keeps all features in check. 

Creating an account is a fairly simple process, and is explained in detail above. Create an account and instantly experience a plethora of features. Sign up here now.