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KakaoTalk – Why Is It the Most Commonly Used Communication Tool in Korea

KakaoTalk - Why Is It the Most Commonly Used Communication Tool in Korea

South Korea is famous for its generous array of applications and services created by local companies. Kakao Corp is one such Internet company, the founder of Korea’s number one messaging service, KakaoTalk. There are at least 48 million monthly active KakaoTalk users, and this poses a huge opportunity for Korean companies and people to find the best of what they need.

In this article, we’ll talk more about what led KakaoTalk to take Korea by storm. Keep reading to learn more about this wonderful service.

What Is KakaoTalk?

What Is KakaoTalk?

KakaoTalk is a messaging application that people can use to keep in touch with their friends and families. Users can also add new friends who share the same interests, send free voice messages, take part in group chats, and do more than just communicate. Users can also shop, share their favorite photos and videos, plan their schedules, and more, all with their devices and a working Internet connection. 

The app is a popular rival to Naver’s LINE messaging and China’s WeChat but holds stronger ground in Korea than both applications. This is because of the user-friendliness of the mobile app and its intuitive features that make the experience much more seamless and interesting than its competitors. 

How to Use KakaoTalk?

All you need to do to use KakaoTalk is sign up to create an account. You can do this with your Kakao account and email address, or simply use a phone number. The catch lies in that some of the features require users to have a Korean mobile number, so international users may find that disappointing. 

Regardless, the signup process is straightforward, and both individuals and businesses can benefit from using KakaoTalk and its features with ease. Below, we’ve explored each of the features that make this platform unique and such a favorite in the Korean market.

The Perks of Using KakaoTalk for Communication

KakaoTalk, as a product of Kakao Corp, means that users are gifted with many technological services to make their lives easier with little to no cost. With the after-effects of COVID-19 making long-lasting impacts on how people’s lives have changed, an app that lets you do everything you need from the comfort of your home is a great advantage. 

Convenient Features

KakaoTalk is so widely used mainly because of the features mentioned below.

Free Chats

Whether you are having a one-on-one chat or a group chat, the service is free to use. KakaoTalk also has two different types of chat apart from the regular messages between individuals. People can also have secret 1-1 messages which are encrypted end-to-end or jump on a public chat and connect with their desired community.

Users can also use Daum Cafe, which acts like a Facebook group or Reddit subgroup, where users with similar interests can interact with each other. Korea is also famous for its die-hard fans of Korean celebrities, and there are many fan cafes that users can join to interact with their favorite celebrities and keep up with their upcoming events and other updates, all for free. 

Kakao Friends and Emoticons

Kakao Friends is KakaoTalk’s famous group of emoticons or rather characters. These characters have a story behind them based on their insecurities, which makes them relatable. Korea has many stores based on Kakao Friends, from its famous characters Ryan to Apeach.

The best part is that people love to communicate with these characters, and other emoticons and stickers on KakaoTalk are available for free and for purchase as well. These make conversations much more interesting, and developers at Kakao take emoticons very seriously. 

The Perks of Using KakaoTalk for Communication

Customizable and User-Friendly

KakaoTalk’s features are easily accessible, and the platform is very straightforward. Users can easily identify and access whatever they want and communicate with anyone on KakaoTalk wherever they are in the world. 

Kakao’s chatrooms are safe and can also be made appealing with the use of ‘themes,” so users can contact people in real-time while enjoying the user experience. KakaoTalk allows users to use “themes” and create backgrounds they like, as well as use their favorite emojis and stickers. They can also share their themes with friends. 

Users can also contact businesses they are interested in and inquire about products and services. KakaoTalk is also available for all devices, although it was mainly created for smartphones. It is available for both Android and iOS users. 

Supports Business Advertisement and Marketing

Businesses can use Kakao Channel to reach interested KakaoTalk users. These channels can be customized and used to promote their products and services as they like. They can also list their products on Kakao Shopping, Kakao Gift Shop, and Kakao Style. This makes it a great communication platform for businesses and their customers, helping businesses easily target their customers as they browse through the app. 

Additional Kakao Services

Many other services make KakaoTalk attractive. Although it doesn’t directly improve communication, it is still a huge contributor to why people stick to using KakaoTalk over other apps. 

Kakao Shopping

This is KakaoTalk’s fourth tab, and it allows users to purchase products from their favorite stores without having to step out of their homes. 

Kakao Gift Shop

This is a great way to send gifts to friends and family. You can pick out a gift or send in coupons that they can use to buy their own gift! 

Kakao Talk Order

Think Uber Eats but as Korea’s version. Users can order from their favorite restaurants, have a look at their menu, and get the food delivered to their desired destination, or they can pick the food up if the store is nearby. 

Additional Kakao Services

Talk Calendar

Talk Calendar makes scheduling and planning calls and other personal tasks easy. If you find important dates like birthdays and anniversaries scattered around, you can easily keep track of them with this calendar.

Kakao Mail

This serves as a great tool for improved communication, allowing users to check their mail through the KakaoTalk app and respond to it with ease.

Kakao Wallet and Kakao Pay

Secure financial transactions are as easy as a piece of cake with Kakao Wallet and Kakao Pay. Users can connect their bank accounts, make purchases, and sell on KakaoTalk. 

Kakao Labs

Kakao Labs is Kakao’s testing platform for new features. Users can easily check out features before they’ve been finalized, which is great for both users and Kakao. The platform can be easily improved for its users with this exciting addition. 

KakaoTalk – South Korea’s Most Effective Communication Tool with Many Features

At least 93% of Korean Internet users, use KakaoTalk and find it very convenient to use. KakaoTalk features are free, with the app having a user-friendly interface, making users have a great experience from signup to daily communication. With secure communication, shopping, and transactions, the app is great for both individual users and businesses. 

KakaoTalk also provides plenty of entertainment, from music to using lively emoticons and stickers in the chatroom, which users can gift or collect, a calendar to manage tasks and important events, and many more intuitive features. KakaoTalk offers many “Live Talk” options, from voice to video, in real-time, to enhance users’ interactions.  

Have you downloaded the app yet? What are you waiting for?