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How to Do LINE Marketing in Indonesia?

LINE Marketing in Indonesia

LINE is a popular Japanese application boasting approximately 90 Million users in Indonesia in 2019. LINE holds a strong network in the Indonesian market, constantly introducing avenues to increase convenience in their lives. Indonesia is an archipelago in Southeast Asia, because of which its people have different cultural beliefs, norms, and practices. LINE, therefore, presents plenty of inclusive opportunities for businesses looking to market their products in this diverse country. 

LINE is more than just an instant messaging application. The company has a dedicated platform, “LINE for business”, which streamlines marketing solutions for businesses. LINE official accounts, promotion stickers, talk head view, LINE ADs, point ADS, LINE flyers, LINE sales promotion are a few of the multitudes of services LINE provides for its customers to reach its target audience. Stick by to find out which LINE marketing tool is ideal for your business in Indonesia. 

What Is LINE Messenger?

What Is LINE Messenger?

LINE Messenger is an instant messaging application initially allowing users to keep in touch with each other through messages and notably increased fun through the sticker options they introduced, voice and video calls, gaming, and other applications and services to have an experience of convenience and connection with other users.

LINE is also one of the first few apps of its kind to implement official accounts, attached to user IDs allowing users to add through phone numbers or User IDs according to their preference. The implementation of official accounts gave users and their favorite brands an easy way to follow each other and even receive promotions with consent. LINE messenger is very popular for its all-in-all messaging features especially in the countries with its highest number of users.

The Growth of LINE Messenger in Indonesia

Many Indonesians have expressed their inclination towards using LINE as they found it had many options that increased their user experience. LINE messenger grew from simple messaging to ensuring users had an enhanced yet fun experience while messaging. While their DIY, localized, and different sticker options attracted more users and excited existing users, the company went on to expand its options. Adding friends with ease, group video calls, gaming, and news were just the basics of its growth.

LINE Today was introduced to encompass Indonesia’s diversified culture, which made the app more popular. The app went further to integrate many services from taxi services, healthcare, and business. LINE has grown tremendously in Indonesia to become the second-largest user base, following Japan in Southeast Asia.

Localization Using Stickers

The introduction of localized stickers interested many users, especially because of the personalized user experience it gave. Indonesian artists showcased their skills and LINE Indonesia’s market was impressed with the stickers that felt ‘home’. Stickers related to trending Indonesian interests from artists in and out of the country were popular too and an avenue for businesses to promote their products was also created through this.

Growth of LINE Messenger in Indonesia

Easy to Add Friends

Adding friends was not as complicated as sharing or memorizing numbers, as the LINE had USER IDs associated with the numbers, along with the option of adding friends by scanning a personalized QR Code for each LINE user through their phone camera. It could not get easier than that!

Group Video Calls 

LINE dominated group video calls even before its prominent rival, WhatsApp. LINE allowed 4 users on a video call, and it was a first-mover advantage that made the app popular when it was initiated.


LINE messenger offered many games that were enjoyable and gave the feeling of multiplayer online gaming. Let’s Get Rich, Cookie Run, and Rangers are a few games that users enjoyed immensely. LINE then further introduced Face Play, to play games through video call and increased the consumer’s experience.


LINE Today was introduced to bring together the different communities in Indonesia’s diverse culture. LINE Today displayed information ranging from politics, technology to entertainment and economy, and so much more. It is a great example of how LINE serves the interests of all different age categories and interests.

LINE Marketing Solutions

LINE, wanting to be more than just a messaging app, wanted to streamline services for all its users. This meant they focused on how business owners on their platform, apart from general users, could also thrive from their beginning with LINE. They introduced marketing solutions for brands to maximize their productivity from their services. 

The ultimate communication experience, advertisements, and sales promotion opportunities are some great tools for a brand to utilize. If you’re looking for LINE marketing solutions, we’ve briefed them for you right below.


LINE thoughtfully curated the app for brands to communicate with their consumers, with the same zeal and connection friends and family would use the app. It created an inclusive platform for all types of LINE users to meet and connect.

LINE Marketing Solutions

Line Official Account 

Line Official Account is a service that allows the incorporation of a brand and its clients to move simultaneously in an environment as they would usually connect with a friend or family member.

Line Promotion Sticker

Brands can market online through LINE promotion stickers, which help build brand awareness and impress users enough to friend and follow a brand’s official account and be up to date with the brand’s future endeavors.


LINE boasts a staggering 83 million users every month, who could become potential customers. It is also a service that is specific and ensures business channels reach the right audience fit for their niche. A few advertisements LINE provides are mentioned below for you.

Line Ads 

LINE Ads allow you to create marketing campaigns that influence your branding positively. It provides a platform for clients to understand your business, and become active participants in propelling businesses forward.

Talk Head View

LINE created an innovative opportunity that allows one brand to showcase a video ad at the top of the chat screen each day. It is one of LINE’s excellent examples of its effort for brands to maximize the app.

Sales Promotion / Online-Merge-Offline

An effort to provide users with a seamless online experience that falls no short of going directly to the store. Businesses can promote their products through campaigns, influence store visits while simultaneously understanding their client’s buying behavior to cater to them better.

Line Sales Promotion 

LINE provides various channels that combat different types of business needs from participating in promotions, efficient store performance, and studying consumer behavior.

Line Flyer 

LINE also developed a digital flyer dedicated to enhancing smartphones and increasing efficiency in shopping experiences.

Line Point Ad

LINE POINT Ads help businesses increase user acquisition, inform users about their products and services, and encourage them to friend their LINE Official Account.

Grow Your Business with LINE Ads Platform (LAP)

The LINE Ads Platform developed plenty of solutions to reach the right audience with the right marketing tools to reap the best benefits of using LINE. It is an impactful opportunity, created to serve all business targets, objectives, and needs. Some of them are mentioned right here for you!

Opportunity to Meet LINE Users

LINE provides an opportunity for 50 million users to know your brand, and a minimum of 2500 million views a month. An amazing opportunity for the majority of LINE users to become your audience. Auction and machine learning, generate automatic placements that direct your business to your target audience only. LINE helps you reach your target audience around the world. 

Grow Your Business with LINE Ads

Meet All Business Objectives

LINE helps you focus on choosing and meeting all your business objectives, from brand awareness to increasing your clientele, expanding your sales, and retaining your clients. LINE helps you create brand awareness by driving website traffic, allocating a fixed number of reach and frequency for your campaigns and video views. LINE also has tools that help support customer retention and attract a larger customer base, sales, and better engagement.

Serve All Target Audience

LINE allows you to create your custom audience through its intricate data gathering technologies by analyzing your websites, official accounts, Device ID to create a lookalike audience ideal to your expected customer base and draw in the right target audience.


LINE marketing in the Indonesian archipelago can be optimized by utilizing the countless options streamlined by LINE for businesses to thrive. LINE has over 36 services that are integrated to provide an infrastructure of life within its application. Line Official Accounts, Line Ads, Line Point Ads, Line Promotional Stickers, Line Ad Platforms, Line Today, and all its tools and platforms can be used by Indonesia to cater to Indonesia’s diverse multitude of people.