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Naver Advertising – Why Naver Is the Best Search Platform for Advertising in Korea

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In the world of online advertising, there are a few big players that businesses tend to focus on. Google Ads and Facebook Ads are two of the most popular platforms for online ads, but there is another platform that you should consider if you’re looking to reach Korean consumers: Naver.

Naver, Korea’s top search engine, is a powerful tool for businesses looking to reach more customers in the country. With Naver advertising, you can create ads that appear when people search for keywords related to your business. This article will explain how Naver Advertising works and outline some of the benefits of using it to grow your business in South Korea.

What You Need to Know About Naver PPC Advertising

When it comes to digital marketing, search engines cannot be ignored. Naver is the most popular search engine in South Korea, with a search engine market share of about 60%. As a result, advertising on Naver is extremely important for businesses that are looking to reach a South Korean audience. If you want to read more about Naver marketing, you can check our post about it here.

Naver PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an advertising system that allows businesses to bid on keywords to have their ads displayed on the search engine results page (SERP). When a user searches for one of the related keywords that a business has bid on, their ad will appear in the sponsored results section at the top or bottom of the SERP. The position of the ad will depend on the amount that the business has bid and the quality of their ad. You need to make sure to select the best position for your ads to reach the target audience. If a user clicks on the ad, they will be taken to the business’s website or landing page. The business will then pay Naver a certain amount for each click.

One advantage of Naver ads is that it allows businesses to specifically target Korean users who are interested in their products or services. This is because users are only shown ads for keywords that they have searched for. As a result, businesses can be confident that their advertisements are being seen by potential customers. Additionally, Naver PPC advertising is flexible and businesses can set their budget. They only pay when someone clicks on their ad, so there is no risk of overspending.

Types of Naver Ads

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There are two main types of ads on Naver: search ads and display ads. Search ads appear at the top of the search results page and are linked to specific keywords. Display ads, on the other hand, appear on various content pages and are not linked to keywords. Both types of ads can be effective in reaching potential customers, but they both have different strengths.

Search Ads

Search ads are typically more effective for products or services that people are already searching for. Since the ad is linked to a specific keyword, it will only be seen by people who are actively looking for that type of product or service. This makes search ads a great way to reach people who are ready to buy. There are several types of search ads on Naver. Let’s take a look at them.

Site Search Ads

Site Search Ads are a type of paid advertising that allows you to promote your website on the Naver search engine result page (SERP). These ads consist of text and a site link, and they can be placed on the Naver SERP’s Power Link and Biz Site areas, Blog, Knowledge-iN, and Naver Café pages.

Site Search Ads are a great way to increase traffic to your website, as they provide potential customers with a direct link to your site. In addition, these ads can help to improve your visibility on the Naver search engine, making it more likely that potential customers will find your site.

Shopping Search Ads

Shopping Search Ads are a great way to increase product exposure and sales. They consist of a product image with a short description and price, which appear on the Naver Shopping search result page. When a user searches for a particular product or related keyword, the ad will appear along with the regular search results. This makes it more likely that the user will click on the ad and be directed to the product page. Consequently, Shopping Search Ads can be an effective tool for driving traffic to your store.

Content Search Ads

Content search ads are a type of online advertising that promotes businesses through the use of content marketing. Content search ads are displayed in the VIEW area of ​​the Naver SERP, and they can be used to promote businesses through content on Naver Blog, Naver Café, and other platforms.

Content search ads can be a great way to reach potential customers, and they can also be used to build brand awareness and credibility. However, it is important to note that content search ads must be relevant to the user’s query in order to be effective. In addition, content search ads should be well-written and informative in order to attract clicks.

Brand Search Ads

Naver Brand search ads are a great way to promote your brand and increase visibility. By using brand keywords, you can ensure that your ad is seen by potential customers who are already interested in your products or services. Additionally, brand search ads can consist of images, texts, videos, or a combination of all three, making them highly versatile and effective. When used correctly, brand search ads are an invaluable tool to reach the Korean market.

Display Ads

Display ads, on the other hand, have a broader reach and can be used to raise awareness about a product or service. Since they appear on various content pages, they have the potential to be seen by a wide range of people. This makes them ideal for building brand awareness or introducing new products and services.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are a form of online advertising that comes in many different shapes and sizes. One of the most common types of banner ads is the time board, which is displayed on Naver’s front page for a fixed time. The time and duration can be specified by the advertiser. Another type of banner ad is a rolling board, which is often seen on the right side of Naver’s homepage. Rolling boards scroll vertically or horizontally, and they usually contain more information.

Special display ads and smart channel banner ads are two types of banner ads that are designed to be more interactive and targeted than other types of banner ads. Special DA banner ads are displayed on the most popular location on Naver’s mobile main search website, while smart channel banner ads are typically personalized based on the user’s behavior.

Rich Media Banner Ads

While traditional banner ads are still popular, more and more businesses are turning to rich media banner ads to capture attention and stand out from the competition. Rich media banner ads are more creative and engaging, with elements like video and images that capture attention.

They also tend to be more interactive, with features like video extensions, image extensions, countdown-type ads, and autoplay ads that make them more engaging for viewers. As a result, rich media banner ads on Naver are an increasingly popular choice for businesses looking to reach their target audience.

Video Ads

Video ads on Naver are short-form and more engaging, making them more likely to hold people’s attention long enough to deliver a message. There are more opportunities than ever to reach potential customers with video ads. Whether you’re looking to promote a product, raise awareness for a cause, or simply capture people’s attention, video ads offer an invaluable way to reach your audience in Korea.

Naver GFA – Performance-Based Display Advertising

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Naver GFA offers a performance-based display advertising feature that allows you to target and scale your ads based on the activity of Korean audiences. You can target users who show direct interests, purchase intentions, search intentions, and behaviors. This helps you to reach your target audience more effectively and efficiently. In addition, you can also set up your ad campaign to be active when your target users are most active. This makes Naver GFA’s performance-based display advertising an effective way to reach your target audience and improve your campaign’s performance.

The Benefits of Using Naver Advertising for Businesses in Korea

Naver Ad Screenshot - Naver Advertising | Inquivix

Naver, the largest search engine in Korea, offers a number of advantages for businesses that choose to advertise with them. First and foremost, Naver has a very high market share in Korea, meaning that businesses can reach a large percentage of the population by advertising on Naver. This is a great opportunity for brands to increase their visibility and raise awareness.

Naver offers a number of targeting options that businesses can use to make sure their ads are seen by the people most likely to be interested in them. For example, businesses can target ads by location, age, gender, interests, and even keywords. This means that businesses can have their ads displayed to only the people most likely to convert, which is a major advantage. This will help you reach the right audience increasing your chances of business.

Naver offers competitive prices for its advertising services, making it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes. Search ads and Display ads are usually offered with a pay-per-click (PPC) option making it more flexible for businesses. When it comes to marketing, managing your budget is important and with Naver’s PPC option, you can easily do that.

Another great thing about advertising on Naver is that businesses can track their ad performance. This is important to measure the success of your campaigns and make necessary changes to improve results. Naver provides detailed reports that show businesses how their ads are performing.

Overall, Naver is a great option for businesses looking to advertise online. It offers a number of targeting options to make sure ads are seen by the right people, and it offers competitive prices. The benefits of using Naver advertising make it an appealing option for businesses in Korea.

Getting Started with Naver Advertising Campaigns

Advertising on Naver is the best way to reach Korean customers. If you’re looking to do some PPC advertising in Korea, Naver should be your go-to platform. With its sophisticated targeting capabilities and rich variety of ad formats, Naver can help you reach out to more Korean consumers than any other search engine.

Are you planning on using Naver PPC advertising to reach a Korean audience? We recommend working with a professional agency that understands the platform and can help you create effective ads. At Inquivix, our team of native Korean speakers can help you develop an effective Naver PPC Ad campaign that targets your ideal customers. Contact us today to learn more.


Do Koreans Use Google or Naver More?

According to recent statistics, Naver has a 56% market share in South Korea, while Google has 35%. This means that more Koreans use Naver than use Google. Naver is a South Korean online platform that offers a variety of services, including a search engine, email, news, and more. It is the most popular website in South Korea. Google is a multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, such as online advertising technologies, cloud computing, software, and hardware. While Naver is more popular in South Korea, Google is used more frequently around the world.

How Much to Advertise on Naver?

The answer depends on a number of factors, including keyword bidding, the duration, and impressions of the advertisement. The most popular payment method for Naver ads is CPC (cost-per-click), which means that you only pay for each user who clicks on your ad. The minimum advertising cost for Brand Search Ads is 500,000 KRW, but the actual cost will depend on how often users click on your ad.