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Naver Analytics – How Does It Improve Data Management?

Naver Analytics - How Does It Improve Data Management?

In this article, we will discuss Naver’s more recent developments, Naver Analytics, which takes stardom as it tries to improve data management. Powered by Naver Corp’s forte, AI technology, this analysis tool is set to take the spotlight with time. The South Korean company, Naver Corp, has been making waves in the industry ever since it launched the Naver search engine. The search engine’s well-rounded Korean touch made it a go-to for more than half the population of Korea.

Naver didn’t stop there and went on to include shopping, news, social networking, and more features on the Naver search engine to make it a more collaborative platform for a full experience. Here’s how this more recent addition is changing the game for data management, especially on Naver’s cloud platform. 

What Is Naver Analytics?

Naver Analytics is Naver’s analysis tool, powered by extensively tested machine-learning and AI technology (artificial intelligence). This feature is built into the platform’s algorithm and records all online behavioral data for individuals and businesses to use. From the search intent of users to how effectively the site operates and keeps users browsing with a great user experience, this analytics tool is capable of understanding it all. 

What Is Naver Analytics?

The tool was further developed to create Naver’s “Cloud Data Box,” which further enhances the data that Naver Analytics can analyze. This data can be used to derive business insights and more. Keep reading to learn more about Naver Analytics’ approach to data management. 

How Does Naver Analytics Approach Data Management?

Naver wants to bridge the gap between analyzing data and storing and using it effectively while meeting safety compliance requirements. Naver Cloud makes this possible by allowing the safe storage and management of data while using analytics to understand more about the target audience and how various types of data can affect them.

It has a comprehensive dashboard to showcase website metrics, from site performance to a visitor analysis tab, an ingestion analysis that traces how users landed on your site, a real-time data analysis tab, and more. The raw data is protected and shown as integrated data to avoid any privacy-related data management challenges. From website owners to any business users managing their organizations on the Naver Cloud Platform, Naver operates a multitude of data warehouses, securely and purposefully. 

How Does Naver Analytics Approach Data Management?

Why Is It Important to Manage Your Data?

Managing data is a crucial part of any business or individual that is growth-oriented. A simple example of this would be journaling. It is a record of your feelings and their drivers and can be perceived as a data set of your heart or mind. Sorting it out can help you focus on areas of improvement.

Similarly, data management solutions for organizations can be improved with the aid of analytics, helping people understand the relevant data and its impact. Naver’s data management systems come with heavy integration of Naver Analytics, and we’ve discussed its impacts below.  

How Does Naver Analytics Improve Data Management?

Naver Corp’s entrance into this field is not an amateur entry, and the company is well-aware of ensuring that its data sources guarantee data quality and accuracy. However, Naver Analytics does more than provide trusted data with high data security to manage it on whatever platform you wish. 

It goes a step further and ensures that all raw data is analyzed and presented in a variety of formats that can be used for improvements to user experience or as far as maintaining an organization’s data on the Naver Cloud Platform and deriving business and marketing insights from it. Below, we’ve explained in detail how Naver Analytics makes effective data management possible. 

How Does Naver Analytics Improve Data Management?

Effective Log Search and Analytics for Naver Cloud Users

This is one of the most effective data management solutions available for Naver Cloud users, with support provided by Naver in the form of consoles and APIs (application programming interfaces) that allow for smooth data integration.

The Naver Cloud Platform console allows you to easily create projects and manage data through them. You can use multiple filtering features for quick and easy searches on the dashboard, such as viewing logs that occurred for a certain period or typing in keywords you want to look up. You can also download log results in multiple formats. 

The analytics also help detect mobile crash logs generated by mobile apps separately. You can diagnose the cause of the issue with its pattern and frequency and proactively adjust your app. With extensive data governance compliance, Naver Analytics makes it easy to ensure no data privacy issues will emerge. This makes it easy for database administrators to easily streamline business operations with the analytics reports provided by Naver Analytics. 

Shows Which Data Causes Poor Website Performance

One of the most important business applications is the website. Naver Analytics has access to big data but ensures data sets are stripped of personally identifiable information when it presents the final data. Together with advanced analytics, people can view how their site drives away users and manage their data in the right places to keep users on the website.

This helps lower bounce rates and keeps consumers returning to the site for its potential value. This also helps develop a dedicated data management strategy across smart devices to make sure users aren’t lost in any of the multiple sources available on the Internet. This is also a great way to reduce the cost of hiring dedicated data scientists to analyze data to make business decisions. 

User Data to Improve User Experience

Retaining users is important, but it is equally important to understand the intended purpose of their visit. Naver Analytics evaluates all the data about the user’s visit and presents it comprehensively, so website owners and organizations on the cloud can understand what to do better, and what to completely avoid as they try to reach their target audiences. 

Adherence to High Safety Protocols

Harmful or bad data is a huge concern that is easily averted by Naver’s compliance with data governance. Naver’s cloud computing uses information pulled via a data lake (a centralized location for all structured and unstructured data) to run various analysis tests that are more accurate while maintaining high safety standards across all data management systems. 

Naver Analytics Is a Great Option to Manage Your Data Better

Naver Analytics Is a Great Option to Manage Your Data Better

Naver Analytics is second only to Google Analytics in South Korea. It is a machine learning and AI-powered tool that analyzes website performances and user journeys with access to big data analytics. It can also be integrated with the Naver Cloud Platform, utilizing an organization’s data to provide useful insights on how businesses can reach their consumers better while managing their data effectively. 

Managing your data is an integral part of any successful organization, and Naver Analytics makes it an easily achievable goal. While there are many improvements to come, it is still an effective tool that users who are extremely comfortable with Naver can continue to use without having to shift to other tools. 

Are you interested in Naver Analytics and data management? Reach out to us and we can guide you through the process.