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Naver Subscription Marketing – The Advantages of Using This Effective Strategy

What Is Naver’s Influencer Search?

Naver Subscription – This article explores the benefits of Naver’s membership program, which Naver launched in 2020. Naver is South Korea’s most-used search engine, with many other search engines attempting to beat the prominent platform but with little success. Naver’s withstanding position is threatened by only the globally acclaimed search engine, Google. However, Naver has been coming up with innovative features that can make the company more powerful and thereby provide better Naver services to its customers. The subscription method is one such strategy. 

Below, we have discussed how Naver’s subscription service is an effective strategy for the company to maintain its hold on the Korean market. 

What Is the Naver Subscription Service?


The membership program, or subscription service, is known as the “Naver plus membership”, and provides more than just search results. Starting with a monthly subscription fee of 4,900 won, which is less than $4, the subscription gives access to premium online shopping with up to  5% return on transactions with Naver Pay, one content service per month, reward points, access to 10 webtoon series, 300 songs on Vibe, Naver’s music streaming service, and many more benefits. 

Naver’s algorithm has been designed to show organic search results without difficulty for its users based on their search terms. But Naver isn’t just a search engine that businesses use for content to show up on the first page for a keyword. Instead, it is a full-fledged collaborative space that acts as an online shopping platform, a communication site with Naver Café, a content marketing platform with Naver influencers, and more. 

With the Naver Plus membership, businesses can improve their digital marketing and presence, influencers can make more money off digital content on their Naver Blog without paid search tactics, and subscribers can access all these as highly relevant results to their searches. 

What Is Subscription Marketing?

To understand why Naver has implemented a membership program, you need to understand what subscription marketing is. Subscription marketing is a tactic with the main aim of not just attracting customers but attracting loyal members who are likely to maintain their subscription for a long time. Companies use this to treat their consumers with perks and offers as a special reward, unavailable to users that do not sign up as subscribers.

The monthly subscription fee should feel like an investment, and a smart balance between what users invest in and what they receive should keep the customers loyal. With subscriptions, companies earn more, while consumers save more, albeit the cost of the subscription. This only allows the business to improve its processes, which in turn improves the experience of subscribers. 

Here’s where Naver comes into play, using the opportunity to improve its focus, which is to improve the online experience for its users, especially those in South Korea.

What Is Subscription Marketing?

The Benefits of Naver’s Subscription Marketing Opposed to Traditional Marketing

Subscription marketing means loyal customers, and we have established that. Naver is one of South Korea’s most powerful Internet companies, and its transition to using subscription marketing means that it is more than just a profitable avenue. 

However, it is also important to know that traditional marketing is still being used by the company. A good balance is necessary to sustain any market, whether it is the South Korean market or internationally, and Naver maintains that balance. Below, we have outlined the advantages of subscription marketing in comparison to traditional marketing.

Customer Loyalty Results in Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Profit is one of the biggest drivers for any business. Users pay monthly or annual subscription charges for access to all services, whether they use them or not. While the choice to use a service lies in the subscriber’s hands, Naver provides access to all its promised services. 

This collective revenue paid upfront is used to improve the user experience and consequently keep customers more loyal to Naver! Naver offers more perks to its subscribers and keeps them in a repeated cycle of satisfaction, which in turn leads to our next point, attracting new customers. 

The Benefits of Naver's Subscription Marketing Opposed to Traditional Marketing

Attracts New Customers

Happy, loyal customers love to share their great experiences with their friends, family, and colleagues, especially those that share similar interests. This word-of-mouth marketing tactic, along with the features that subscription marketing boasts, lures in consumers who enter the cycle of satisfaction to become loyal customers. 

This is wonderful for South Korean consumers, who get to make the most of these offers, have profitable online shopping experiences, read the best of blogs from premium influencers, and more. 

Better Opportunities for Naver Influencers and Other Content Providers

Naver’s subscription marketing paved the way for Naver to build a premium content platform for influencers and content creators. With a premium Naver influencer account, content creators get to expand the reach of their digital content and see returns in terms of exposure, revenue, and ultimately growth. 

With the ability to add links on their sites to their other accounts like Facebook and YouTube, creators can take their followers to explore all their platforms. Users are lucky too; they get to see the best of their favorite influencers and be the first to see updates. 

Naver’s Shift to Subscription Marketing – A Smart Move

Naver’s Shift to Subscription Marketing - A Smart Move

Naver is continuously expanding its simple search engine that shows search results for keywords into a multi-faceted platform. Housing a multitude of features and services comes at a great cost. Naver chose subscription marketing as the smart choice to provide its users with plenty of opportunities while being at a profit. 

Naver gives its subscribers premium access to special services with a 5% discount for every Naver transaction through Naver Pay, access to 300 songs on Vibe, 10 webtoons, and plenty more. At an extremely affordable price, this gives the company enough revenue to improve its services and make it a one-of-a-kind application that competitors struggle to beat!