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Naver Synchronization – Easy Access To Diverse Services with Your Naver Account

Naver Synchronization - Easy Access To Diverse Services with Your Naver Account

Naver Synchronization – Naver Corp, South Korea’s most prominent Internet company, is the founder of Naver, the most-used search engine in South Korea. Naver has been growing exponentially, mainly because of its innovative features and services that allow users to receive the best search results, shop online, stream music, read, and more. This makes Naver an absolute platform, inclusive of all a user’s needs.

With a Naver account, users are exposed to more services all through Naver’s synchronization. In this blog, we’ll explore how Naver’s synchronization with these services gives users a great advantage, all at zero or low cost. Keep reading to learn more. 

What Does Naver Synchronization Mean?

Naver synchronization refers to the plethora of features and services that using Naver can give users. The platform aims to give users a complete experience on the Internet, and syncing its services to suit user needs and their devices is a great way to do so.

Users get access to a variety of features, from enhanced browsing to Naver maps, Webtoon access, and more, all by having a Naver account. These services are also optimized to work great on mobile devices as well as desktops, with an easy sync of their Naver account with their device. Below, we’ve outlined each of the features that Naver’s synchronization extends. 

Services Accessible Through Naver Account Sync 

Signing up for a Naver account can be the best thing that most Koreans do, and we can see why. Here are the diverse services a Naver account can easily sync with for its users. 

Naver – Search Portal

While you can use the Naver search engine without a Naver account, having one gives users more freedom of action. Naver’s acclaimed search engine is a great avenue that businesses, bloggers, and many others use to promote their content, especially to South Koreans. Users with a Naver account have access to Naver Keep, which is an easy-to-use platform that allows users to bookmark, favorite, and save the content that they like and enjoy, all in one place. 

Naver Mail

Having a Naver account automatically allows users to create a Naver email account, which is more convenient for use in Korea. If you’re a business owner, it makes you look more concerned about how effectively you want the business to cater to the Korean market. Users with a Naver account get 5 GB of free storage. They can also connect their other email accounts and have them all in one place. The mobile app is also easily downloadable from the App Store or Play Store

Naver Clova

CLOVA is an AI technology-powered platform that uses information collected via Naver, Line, and machine learning to provide users with supreme technological solutions. CLOVA is an interactive search engine tool that personalizes the tool for its users through speech recognition, image recognition, and artificial neural network translation.  

Services Accessible Through Naver Account Sync 

Naver Office

Naver accounts can use the suite of office applications in Naver Office, which includes various features to create documents, save files, and manage work better. The suite is however supported by Korean only, with Google Translate doing a mediocre job. If you know Korean, this is a great platform to manage your business efficiently, with its user-friendly interface, and easy navigation.


Naver has its own safe and intuitive browser, perfect for omni-tasking with great security. Users can easily download Whale but require a Naver account to start making the most of this browser. From opening dual tabs simultaneously to having a useful sidebar while working on other important tasks, to quick search and translation, and more, Naver Whale is a great browser with innovative features. 

Naver Maps

Just like the search engine, users can use Naver Maps without an account. However, syncing with the Naver account allows users to save their favorite locations, and even use Naver Booking, which is a feature that allows users to make reservations for locations around Korea. 

Naver Drive – MyBOX

Naver MyBOX is the company’s storage platform, hosted in the cloud. A Naver Account, gives users 30GB, with up to 80GB for the premium version of MyBOX. This is great in comparison to Google’s measly 15GB. MyBOX is in Korean, but Google Translate works perfectly for the tool, allowing users to easily navigate the platform. Users can save various types of information in the form of photos, videos, documents, and more. Naver Office documents can easily be saved here too. 


This is an amazing feature with access to the best webtoons in the world. You can sync your account to save your favorite webtoons or create your own webtoons if you’re a creator. 


Having a Naver account gives access to even more features, like the popular messaging application LINE, V Live, and many more. 

Are you interested in Naver Synchronization?

Naver’s synchronization capabilities make it one of the most intuitive platforms for users inside and outside of Korea. Naver even has a membership program, giving users even more perks and improved services, along with returns on transactions through Naver Pay, reward points, and many more benefits. Syncing your Naver account gives users access to Naver’s mail, web browsing tools, AI-powered platform, office suite, and more. 

Create your Naver account, and witness the best of Internet services!