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Naver Works: How Efficient and Feasible Is This Work-Supportive App 

Naver Works: How Efficient and Feasible Is This Work-Supportive App 

The way businesses work has transformed over the last decade with the availability of tools that improve productivity and organizational workflows. In a world where popular platforms like Slack and Trello are making collaboration and work management better, Naver Works is here to make waves, especially with its predominant user base in Korea and Japan. 

This article explores Naver Works, an innovative work-support product of the popular South Korean Internet company, Naver Corp. The Naver search engine is already extremely famous in Korea and Japan. With the huge spike in remote work after COVID-19, there is a huge demand for tools to assist in overseeing and managing businesses from wherever you are. Naver Works is one such tool, and keep reading to learn more about it! 

What Is Naver Works?

Naver Works is a business collaboration application created to manage work more efficiently. Naver Corp is known for its AI technology-powered solutions and great security standards. This makes Naver Works a secure all-in-one collaboration tool to manage work with people within and outside of the organization, from clients to other stakeholders. 

Naver Works allows you to communicate with colleagues without having to share your personal contact information. The features allow you to organize and track your messages, emails, and tasks and create a schedule that helps you manage your time efficiently. The interface is simple, and anybody can start using Naver Works for the best work experience! 

What Is Naver Works?

Who Can Use Naver Works?

Naver Works can be used by all businesses and workplaces, regardless of the industry from which it hails. There is even a dedicated version for educational purposes, which you can inquire about from the Naver Works support. Naver Works is being used by various businesses, from retail organizations to businesses in the logistics, beauty, wholesale, medical, construction industries, and many more. 

Naver Works’ Features 

As an absolute work collaboration tool aiming to streamline tasks and communication in one centralized location, Naver Works has a plethora of features to do so. However, it is important to note that all the facilities of each feature are not available in the free plan, and you get better options as you upgrade your plan. You can check out the plans here


This real-time communication feature is easy to navigate and use. Following the common features of prominent messaging applications, you can easily send texts, voice messages, photos, videos, and more to your colleagues, business partners, and more through the ‘Contacts’ feature. 

You can have dedicated group chats for different teams, mention a specific team or mention “@all”, send messages in a bundle, retrieve a message within 24 hours of deletion, and interpret and translate messages. The Note and Folder functions allow teams to share and manage work-related details with other members in group chats, while the Schedule function helps them to view their tasks at a glance. You can even have a quick voice or video call with your colleagues with up to 200 users with great sound and video quality. 


The mail feature has no learning curve for users that have experience with Naver Mail. Even if they don’t, the layout and interface are extremely easy to learn and adapt to. Users can create an email address using their company’s domain name or create a mailing list according to an organization or group. This feature is very secure as malware is automatically detected and harmful emails don’t reach the box. 

It is extremely convenient, allowing users to check who has read their emails or cancel an email sent with their corporate email address. There are also features that allow users to set reminders to re-read emails, and emails can be moved from one folder to another. There is also the auto-translation function that supports English, Japanese, and Chinese to have more clarity on the content of your email immediately. This feature works as well as the desktop version, on mobile devices too! 


The calendar feature is great for staying on top of your tasks, allowing you to have a clear overview of your tasks, as well as look into schedules shared with you. Businesses can use the different versions, from My Calendar to Company Calendar, and Team or Group Calendar, to schedule and prioritize tasks. Users can accept or decline participation in events, meetings, etc, scheduled using the calendar. A favorite group can be created to view the calendars of team members users interact with the most, without having to look for them one by one. 

One feature we love is that you can reserve shared spaces and equipment by uploading shared meeting rooms and the required equipment to the calendar, so other team members can pick different slots for their own meetings. Users can also find available time slots with the auto-suggestion feature according to the availability of other team members, meeting rooms, and video conferencing equipment.


Managing tasks is crucial to the success of any business. Tasks in Naver Works is a great feature where users can add tasks to their task list, or assign tasks to a member and automatically have the task added to the member’s task list. The priority and due date of these tasks can be included and edited as required. 

Tasks do not just have to be the name of the task. Users can add descriptions, images, documents, and other important information in various formats. Users can even choose task-related conversations from messages and add them to the relevant task. This is amazing because you don’t need to continuously search your messages for any task-related conversations because everything is now clear and evident. The task history feature is another valuable addition that allows you to see which tasks were completed, which team members were on it, and more. 


The drive is the ideal storage location for all your files, documents, and other important work-related information. According to the plan of Naver Works that you choose, you will receive a different storage capacity. This feature allows you to locate files in the drive with just one keyword, and the relevant documents will show up in less than a few seconds.

Security plays a huge role in all of Naver Corp’s creations, and no aspect of any of their applications is not safe. The same applies to this feature, and all your business data is protected and can be stored and shared according to the user’s preferences and permissions set for others on the team. 

Naver Works’ Features 


The board is the perfect tool to share information with the entire workforce. Users can maintain a bulletin board for the entire company to see, or create boards with altered permissions and settings only for a few specific team members. This allows you to share company news with everyone without employees having to say they didn’t receive it in an email or were not informed about something. 

Users can create different posts using templates or upload photos, videos, URLs, and more apart from the infamous text option. They can also search a post on the board by its title, content, and author. Users can also comment underneath, mentioning other team members, or drop in a sticker to keep the conversation going. Another great feature is that team members can receive push notifications every time a post is uploaded, important posts can be pinned to the top of the board, and notifications can be resent to team members that didn’t read the post before. 


Naver Works comes with over 10 templates for surveys that businesses can send out to their employees. Businesses can also create their own surveys from scratch, and use them for various purposes, from keeping track of employee satisfaction to finding out how business operations can be improved and many more.

The surveys show responses in real-time and are a great asset to businesses looking to find immediate solutions. The surveys can also be set to accept responses within an allocated time frame and choose to show respondent names and results to other participants. These surveys can be sent out in a variety of ways, from emails to messages and more.


Naver Works allows administrators to manage the entire workforce and decide the permissions that other employees receive. Admins can choose to classify employees according to job hierarchy, employment types, and other differentiating factors. This way, businesses can create or grant admin permissions, or separately create and manage another group outside of the business. 

Businesses can also restrict accessible IPs and set passwords and login policies to securely manage the accessibility to Naver Works. Different ways to log in include using mobile phone numbers or biometric authentication. Even in the event of losing your mobile device, Naver’s mobile device management (MDM) feature allows admins to erase their data from the lost device, and protect the organization’s data from harm. 


The bot feature allows you to integrate with different systems in your organization, from HR to marketing and sales, to improve the efficiency of your workflows. The Naver Works Bot API (application programming interface) is, in simple terms, a platform that connects different business procedures of your organization to use within the Naver Works application. 

For example, if you want to manage attendance, Naver Works has a ready-made bot template that analyzes when users start using the application and signs off to record clock in and clock out times on a shared calendar simply at the click of a button. There is a varying number of bots that Naver Works allows under different plans. 

Naver Works’ message bot API is great for receiving company notifications from company systems for approvals, attendance, settlements, and or simply acting as a communication tool for users and the company systems. Users can make their own message bots within a total of 7 types of templates, including text/image, buttons, lists, and carousel.

How do Naver Works’ Services Improve Efficiency?

All the features above are curated to make an all-in-one collaboration tool, so businesses don’t need to download multiple applications and software for different organizational purposes. Naver Works also comes with a convenient administrative interface that makes it easy for admins and managers to manage their employees effectively without everyone having the same permissions and ability to interfere in how the system works.

How do Naver Works’ Services Improve Efficiency?

Another great advantage of Naver Works is its in-house system integration, which allows businesses to maintain all their company systems in one place. Things like electronic approvals have become as easy as a cake, and the use of bots can improve efficiency by ten folds. The best part about Naver Works’ services is that you do not need to worry about security issues, which makes work much easier and more efficient in comparison to using a tool that can be threatened easily. Naver Works is compliant with international standards of security along with the skills of an influential company like Naver Corp. 

Are You Interested in How Naver Works for Your Business?

Efficiency and Naver Works are two terms that can be used interchangeably, if you will. This all in-one-collaboration is popular in Korea, its home ground, and can be used to connect with Line users, predominantly in Japan. Naver Works has a plethora of features that make managing and assigning tasks, scheduling and prioritizing workflow and having a secure platform an easy process. 

Although the application on both the desktop and mobile devices sometimes becomes slow, the team behind it is consciously working to improve user experiences and efficiency at workplaces. This is a platform worth investing in, and you should definitely try out the free plan if you don’t want to jump into it head on!