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Press Release Marketing – What You Should Know When You Launch a Business in Indonesia?

Press Release Marketing

Press release marketing can help your company or organization gain media attention both globally and locally. A professionally worded and widely circulated press release can assist your company in gaining coverage in news outlets locally and abroad, industry magazines, impactful blogs, trade-specific articles, and other tailored editorials. Some common reasons for issuing a press release include sharing company updates, acknowledging a concern, responding to a crisis, talking to the media, releasing product updates, expressing acclaim, broadcasting success stories, sharing knowledge, declaring an event coming up, or boosting the release of a new book, film, or album. 

It is a common practice in Southeast Asia and even around the world despite the digital advancements that we’ve seen over the years. A press release supports businesses to gain popularity, especially on a local aspect. However, the purpose of press releases has changed over time and is now used by content marketers for more than just press coverage. They use them to increase website traffic, lead generation, and higher conversion rates. Obtaining your brand awareness on news websites is merely a bonus when compared to the potential ROI. Let’s take a closer look and read more to find out how press releases can be used now, especially in Indonesia.

When (And Why) Should You Send Out a Press Release?

You need to keep several things in mind when you want to send out a press release. First off, you have to sort out your objectives. Figure out what you want to achieve by sending out a press release. If you want people to be aware of a new product or service release, you’d want to time around the holiday season when gifting will play a critical role in landing sales. You also need to know your customers, do you want local coverage or national coverage?  Once your objectives have been set, you know when it needs to go out and who your customers are, you also need to make sure your content is professional, precise, and ‘press-worthy’. 

And finally, you don’t send out press releases to every journalist out there. Every media hub has its own style of news it showcases, so ensure you’re sending company news to business reporters and editors, stock market evaluations and trends to investment editors, and editors that cover the product and service sector get information related to products and services.  Sending out press releases that are well organized and thought out will help your brand keep the world updated with your brand, new products, and services you offer and secure a memorable brand image.

Benefits of a Press Release

A press release has plenty of benefits that have not ceased to exist despite the shift of companies online in Southeast Asia. However, the region boasts a strong impact from press release marketing over the last few decades. Press releases can benefit a company in many ways and some of them are listed below.

Benefits of a Press Release

Exposure to an Established Audience

You can have great content and nobody might read it especially if you have a new office or are rather new to the industry. Featuring on an already established website, or publication from a well-established brand with loyal readers is a good way to put yourself out there. Once you’ve reached a group of potential customers, your business gains traction and can be propelled further through your content. 


Press releases are known for being affordable especially compared to any traditional paid media advertising. If you’re looking for press release marketing services, it is ideal you choose a PR agency that can provide you with details of the ideal metrics that determine a successful press release, and has payment plans that work for your budget. 

Potential Sales Increase

If you want to maximize the likelihood of purchases from your press release in real-time, a popular strategy is to highlight the primary benefits and characteristics of your product or service inside the press release.

When you intend to announce the launch of a new promotion or product, it’s a good idea to have a press release to build some hype for that product before it launches in real-time. It can be a terrific strategy to improve sales, which is usually enough to return the costs of your press release. Press releases may also be a very efficient strategy to reach new consumers in markets you may not have previously explored.

SEO Benefits

While the wonders of search engine optimization cannot be ignored, press releases can further increase SEO benefits. If your press release is well-written and widely read and shared, it may appear in organic results. Alternatively, you may even see it on Google’s “News” section. Although direct SEO boosts are attainable, your press release is significantly more likely to have an indirect influence. In other terms, if you send out an articulate and appealing press release that gets covered by a newspaper, media outlet, or blog, your firm will receive links, likes, mentions, visibility, brand awareness, accolades, and the ultimate reward: referral traffic.

Increased Web Traffic to Your Website

You choose a press release marketing service for a reason. To drive traffic and generate leads. An ideal way for you to use this technology here is for you to link your business to the publication it releases. This will support customers who may be interested in being redirected to visit your website. How much website traffic you will receive depends on your niche, and how much traffic the publication generally receives for press releases from your niche industry. You can enhance the customer experience by leaving opt-in forms, discount offers, and many others for customers that visit your website through backlinks. 

Social Sharing Potential

Make clear, concise, and innovative content and they will for sure be shared to friends and family. Appealing content always has its own way of free marketing that has great sharing potential. This drives a great deal of unexpected traffic but is not a surprise if you have well-tailored content reaching the right customers in the right country as well. Personalized content reaching customers through the right PR channels is a great way to get your content, products, and services shared. 

New Marketing Channel

Press release marketing is a good addition to your palette of existing marketing strategies. Relying only on press releases to highlight your services is not the best marketing strategy for your business and brand. However, it will support your business in gaining traction if used correctly, on par with other marketing strategies.

Provides Authenticity to Your Brand

The use of press release marketing and the fact that another company is willing to publicize your brand is a terrific way to showcase your brand’s reputation. It speaks for the credibility of your brand, products, and services you have to offer. It allows your brand to secure a position for itself in the industries it is part of. This credibility will make customers feel more confident in sharing your brand with friends and family, ensuring that you gain loyal customers. Brands that use press releases are said to be 3 times more likely to gain a loyal customer than brands that do not. 

How to Write a Press Release for Your Small Business?

Remember your objectives when writing a press release. While you may want to share as much as the word count permits, you must remember that journalists and all readers alike prefer short, thought-provoking content that keeps you interested and informed. To make sure your content is of benefit to others and your business, here are some quick tips to ensure you deliver just the right amount of content in just the right way. You don’t want to be part of the Junk folder. That’s a good objective too! 

Format Properly 

Remember the objective, don’t fall into the junk folder. Use a template online that is approved and works perfectly for your industry. Don’t distract the journalists with the template, rather ensure your content is amazing enough to keep them occupied.

Seize Attention

Write a killer subject line!  Once you catch your audience’s attention from the get-go, place your headline in the middle, and don’t suppress its moment with unwanted clutter. Follow up with an engaging sub-heading right underneath your headline, no more than 20 thoughtful words that sum up and deliver your content precisely. 

How to Write a Press Release for Your Small Business?

Don’t ‘Bury’ the Story

Don’t drag your story. No matter how good your content is, user attention spans tend to always be little. Ensure that you mention the important juice at the beginning of your document because not everyone always waits for the story to develop.

Find an Angle

Try to connect what you’re trying to say with something that relates to your audience. Finding an angle for your content to be relatable and interesting is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Ensure your story gets conveyed, and you don’t waste your investment. 

Make It Personal

Do not send out generic emails. It has more potential to get into the Junk folder than other content you sent. A better way is to make your content personalized, include their name, and increase your chances of getting press release marketing by a reputed publication. 

Use a Quote

Set yourself apart from the bots that are your competition. Send mails that don’t get lost among the many others. Rather use quotes, from your CEO, a business person, or anyone that will help you sound human, less robotic, or generic to journalists. 

Why Should You Have Press Releases in Indonesia?

Indonesia has evolved like all countries, embracing e-commerce, encouraging different operations in different industries. The country only further developed during Covid-19 amidst the many trade issues every country in the world faced. In this new phase, despite the progress towards digital marketing platforms, traditional methods are still used by a commendable 95% of Indonesia. Indonesian companies, and therefore the Indonesian government can still benefit, develop and progress forward through press releases.

Why Should You Have Press Releases in Indonesia?

Although press release marketing will not bring in a massive significant revenue, it is still impactful and its impact cannot be denied by any company in Indonesia. While the next five years is questionable for a lot of resources, press release marketing is not on the list of extinction. Indonesia’s prevalent roots in traditional media leave excellent room for press release marketing to be used as a great business marketing strategy in Indonesia.


With these many benefits, you do not want to lose out on how effective press release marketing can be for your business in Indonesia. Press release marketing is an extremely pivotal tool that can be utilized by any company in Indonesia to boost both its physical and digital presence. Indonesia’s multi-faceted marketing reach, through both digital and traditional media, is great for businesses to increase customer experience. Combining press release marketing with other marketing tools can give Indonesian businesses an upper hand in obtaining ROI.