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Instagram Highlight Covers Marble Heart

Instagram Highlight Covers Marble Heart: 100 Free Templates

Instagram Highlight cover is a great way to have your Instagram profile on-brand and take your aesthetic to the next level. With the right design, your posts can drive more views to your Instagram Stories content, which leads to extra airtime for your building up social media engagement.

Instagram Highlight Covers Marble Heart: 100 Free Templates

Instagram Highlight Cover Marble Heart

With millions of accounts on Instagram, you need something that will set you apart. Whether you’re running your own business or you’re in the job market, make sure that your Instagram account is representing you well.

“Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources.”

Sean Gardner, author

What is Instagram highlight cover Marble Heart

The most popular Instagram highlight covers are a love shape made from marble colors that play off one another beautifully in contrast to their surroundings. It’s not just about Valentine’s Day either- these designs work for any special occasion or day when showing your loved ones how much they mean can’t be more important than anything else!

How to make an Instagram highlight covers using Canva


Log in to Canva


Draw a circle


Edit template





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How to add Instagram highlight covers: Step-by-step

After saving an image to your phone, open the Instagram app.

Scroll through the screen until you come across your profile icon, and then either add a new highlight or hold down on an existing highlight. Click the ‘Edit Highlight’ option.

The next step is to edit your cover. To do this, click on “Edit Cover.” You can also add or remove highlights from the existing cover image below.

Next, scroll to the far left so that the little image icon comes up and click on it. This will open your camera roll. Add the image that you just created and click done!

What size to make Instagram highlight covers

The best size for an Instagram cover photo is 1080 by 1920 pixels or within a 9:16 aspect ratio. This way, designs will be contained in profiles and pages but take advantage of all the space offered. Instagram Highlight Covers Marble Heart

What’s Included in this bundle

20 Instagram highlight covers marble heart for bestie

These Instagram highlight covers with a heart shape and marble color are perfect for a bestie. This is a set of two and you can use the covers as the highlight on pictures and as a photo cover for memories. These are perfect for framing pictures and as decorative pieces.

20 Instagram highlight covers marble heart for a dog

We have designed an Instagram Highlights Cover for all dog lovers out there! If you want people to see your highlights at a glance, this is the cover for you. Our cover has a heart shape and beautiful marble color which will give your feet a soft and clean feeling. You’ll be surprised by the number of people that will follow you in order to take a peek at your life.

20 Instagram highlight covers marble heart for mother

Instagram can really make you feel like you have somebody. We’re all reminded just how many people we can connect with and how many people care about us. Show your friends and family just how much you love them with an Instagram highlight cover. These covers come in many shapes, from hearts to stars to squares. And they come in a wide array of colors, especially marble color.

20 Instagram highlight covers marble heart for quotes

It’s important to find the perfect Instagram cover art. You want to put something that looks good and shows your personality. Once you have the perfect photo, it’s time to use a photo editor to crop it into a square and make it fit your profile. I like Heart Shape and Marble color for quotes. You can change the text to say anything you want to display.

20 Instagram highlight covers marble heart for family

I just love Instagram highlight covers, for both my business and personal Instagram accounts. I recently picked up a new Instagram highlight cover for my family account, and it’s perfect! It has a heart shape and a marble color, and it’s the perfect size for my family pics.

Instagram Highlight Covers Marble Heart: 100 Free Templates