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Roofing Marketing – 10 Ideas That Are Must-Haves

Roofing Marketing - 10 Ideas That Are Must-Haves

Roofing Marketing is an exceptional tool to bring businesses into the spotlight. It is an excellent method that all businesses can use to promote their brand, products, or services. This extends to even roofing companies, and this blog will explore 10 exceptional marketing strategies that roofing companies can use to promote their business. To understand the marketing strategies, let’s have a quick look at what a roofing company is.

What Is a Roofing Company? 

A roofing company provides roofing services for your roofs. Roofing companies specialize in many areas of expertise from installing roofs to fixing them. The companies employ roofing contractors and other qualified employees to suit the needs of their existing and potential customers. There are many types of companies but we have classified the 3 most common roofing contractors and which of them you should use for your needs.

What Is a Roofing Company?

The 3 Different Types of Roofing Companies

A qualified roofing company does not have to specifically be able to repair your roof. The reason is that a roofing business can specialize in one or many areas. This means that depending on the type of roof you have installed in your property, and the intensity and differences in the roofing services you’re looking for, you might have to look out for more than one roofing contact business. 

This makes marketing for roofing companies all the more important so that customers can easily locate the right roofing company for their needs. Below are the three most common roofing companies in the industry.  

Commercial Contractors

A commercial roofing contractor employs a large number of roofing employees as they generally provide roofing services for huge buildings that need a lot of people working on them. This requires employing many administrative and on-the-floor employees on the payroll, along with extensive space allocated to store the necessary equipment and transportation mediums for them. 

Generally, commercial contractors are not localized businesses and have to be hired from their prime location, and travel to their customer’s locations. These are also added costs you need to consider. It is an extremely cost-effective method for huge buildings that need a larger roof. However, it is not a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for residential roofing. 

Residential Contractors

A residential roofing contractor is generally known for performing the “Shingles roofing system”,  most commonly used by residential properties. They are generally local businesses whose expertise lies in providing quick roofing services both by arriving earlier and in completing the service as opposed to commercial roofing contractors. Obviously! There are many factors involved in choosing a residential roofing contractor, and by marketing these residential contractors can easily reach their target customers and vice versa.

Residential Contractors

System-Specific Contractors

System-specific contractors provide shingle, metal, single-ply, silicone roof coatings, or spray polyurethane foam roofing systems. However, they specialize in providing services for only one of these roofing systems, which makes marketing crucial for them to direct only the consumers that are high-quality leads for their specific roofing system.

By directing their marketing efforts without focusing on their exact target market they may receive inquiries from many customers who are interested in roofing but cannot transform into the right roofing leads for their specific services. 

10 Marketing Ideas for Roofing Companies

Marketing is essential for roofing businesses because of the diverse nature of the services each roofing company provides. These companies need a roofing marketing plan that promotes their exclusive roofing service to make them attract the relevant roofing leads. 

This is why a roofing business should invest in marketing. We have gathered the ten best roofing marketing ideas for a roofing business to generate the relevant roofing leads specific to the services their business provides. 

#1 Get Customer-Ready Online

Browsing through social media, and looking for roofing solutions on search engines is an extremely common practice now. If you want your business to show up on these searches to reach potential customers, having an updated roofing website and active accounts on the plethora of social media platforms keeps you ready for your online consumer base. It is also vital that you set up a website that is mobile-friendly and optimized for all mobile devices.

If you don’t have a roofing website and/or a social media account, we can help set these u for your business.

#2 Dominate Your Local Roofing Searches

Once you have a roofing business website, and social media accounts it is also crucial that you rank high when a customer is looking for roofing solutions through local searches. 

A great way to do this is by applying local SEO strategies, like researching for keywords that your customers will most likely use on search engines and also setting updating your business information on the Google My Business listing so customers can find your business as a roofing company near them. 

10 Marketing Ideas for Roofing Company

#3 Fill Out Your Local Profiles

Research for local websites that showcase local businesses in the vicinity. Local customers accessing these websites for their needs, and are possibly looking for a roof contracting business in a particular location can find your business on these sites and even be directed to your roofing business website.

#4 Show Off Your Roof Work Portfolio

Showcase your successful roofing work on all your platforms. Advertise them on Facebook, Instagram, and your website to gain more roofing leads. Always utilize high-quality images that represent your work in its best view.

#5 Get Real Reviews

Once your roofing work is done get your loyal customers to rate and leave online reviews on your profiles and other review sites. The power of the review a happy customer leaves for you will drive in online traffic. This is an excellent strategy as consumers are interested and feel safer when there is proof of satisfied customers.

#6 Offer Free Roof Estimates and Inspections for New Customers

Start marketing by providing special opportunities for new customers. Providing a free roof estimate and inspections allows you to gain the traction necessary for customers to choose you. Once you provide this aspect with quality, lead generation is as easy as cake!

#7 Send Direct Mail

The marketing opportunities via direct mail are not lost. Reaching out to local customers through direct mail is an effective marketing strategy to drive in more leads and also serves as a word of mouth marketing technique in the local community. 

#8 Remarketing and Social Advertising

Remarketing is reaching out to the website visitors that have not reached out to you after visiting your website. Tailoring ad campaigns, and other paid advertising tools for remarketing audiences can convert them into roofing leads. Google Ads has a dedicated section for remarketing and it is a great tool you can use as part of your marketing strategy.

Social advertising is another effective method that is a combination of digital marketing activities paired with optimizing local ads to reach out to exclusive roofing leads through data analyzed by their social media usage and interests.

#9 Network Locally

Don’t be taken over by the digital age and be part of local community activities. Attend commercial meet-ups, meet more business owners and share your business with other attendees. This helps you build a solid local network, increases the chance of more quality word-of-mouth marketing, and creates opportunities for better lead generation on the local forefront.

#10 Ask for Referrals

Provide referral programs for your past and current customers. This is a great sales follow-up method, and it brings in more leads for your roofing business.


Roofing marketing is an amazing way for a roofing business to put their business out to reach their target audiences. Roofing company marketing allows companies to showcase exactly which type of roofing service they provide which helps generate quality traffic and more roofing leads relevant to the type of roofing company. 

By establishing an online presence, and optimizing search engine optimization practices, you can ensure your roofing business ranks high on the search engine results page of Google searches and other search engines. Making sure your website is mobile-friendly, securing online reviews from customers, asking them for referrals, utilizing ad campaigns and paid ads are great for your roofing business.