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Social Accounts – 10 Top Sites to Consider for Your Brand

Social Accounts

Does your business have social media sites? What are they? Are they the best social media platform for your business? These are a few of the questions you, as a business owner, would face. 

The power of social media stands unmatched today. Businesses of all levels turn to these sites to win customers. No brand can think of surviving the competitive era without having a presence on social media platforms. 

What Are Social Accounts?

Put simply, they’re websites and apps through which users can create and share information, personal details, and ideas. People use social networks to connect with friends and loved ones. Businesses can use social media accounts for marketing their products and tracking customer concerns.

The Value of Social Media for Your Business

Today billions of people use social media platforms for various chores. These websites open up possibilities for businesses to get in touch with any type of customer within minutes. The beauty of these sites is that messages get passed on in the blink of an eye with the help of millions of active users.

Business owners can promote their ventures and products through social media sites for betterment. Unlike organic SEO, social media marketing brings in quick results with much better conversions. However, a ton of initial labor is necessary to gain the desired outcome. Above all, promoting products and brands on these websites doesn’t cost as much as traditional media. Even a cash-strapped business can get started with social media promotion and make consistent sales and leads.

All these social media sites have expanded their presence to mobile phones as well. Many active users prefer the social media apps on their phones. And because of that, your potential customers are just a click away.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Types of Social Media for Your Brand

Best Types of Social Media for Your Brand

The digital media sector keeps expanding with the addition of new social media platforms every once in a while, making your choice overwhelming. However, not all of them suit every business. It’s essential to pick the top social media sites for a business based on the following 3 tips.

Know Your Audience

Figure out where you can find your audience online. Are they hanging out on Facebook or Twitter? An honest answer to this question will narrow your search. Next, try to understand how your targeted prospects use that platform. The type of content they seek and the accounts they follow should come in handy here.

Keep Up to Date with Social Media Statistics

If you come across a new platform, find out whether the website has the potential to drive your target audience. Many social sites start with a bang. However, a majority of them disappear after a while. There’s no sense in wasting time with such sites. Check reviews and find the latest statistics about the network in question. See the number of monthly active users on these social media sites. If the website is growing by leaps and bounds and has your audience, you may go with the site. If not, you’re better off weighing other options.

Align to Your Key Business Goals

Find out which social media site can accomplish your goals. If you want to create awareness about your brand through videos, then Vimeo or YouTube should be your priority. For micro messages, Twitter makes the right choice.

Top Social Media Sites for Your Brand

Top Social Media Sites for Your Brand

Apply a realistic approach when choosing social media sites. Don’t base your decision on the popularity of the network alone. Instead, pick social media platforms that can serve your needs as expected. Here’s a list of popular social media sites for your business.


How Can Your Brand Use Them?

Ephemeral content formats such as stories are best suited for posting time-bound content. Facebook gives you an edge here. Founded in 2004, the site has become a popular hub across the globe. You can host live events and make announcements for limited editions through Facebook.

Due to the small 24-hour shelf life, the platform allows businesses to show a natural human side and win the attention of prospects. Also, with the site’s very own Facebook Messenger, the business and the customers can easily communicate with each other.


How Can Your Brand Use Them?

Twitter makes an ideal choice for out-of-time customers. It allows multiple micro-content formats. Businesses can tap the resources and disseminate speedy messages among their followers.

Hosting interactive sessions, making a micro-blog of announcements, and sharing links pointing to offers are the real deal on Twitter. Engaging Twitter users will improve your brand if played right.


How Can Your Brand Use Them?

It’s a picture and video-sharing platform that captures user attention and brings products to life. Instagram reels and stories come in handy for promotion. Make short-form video content that inspires, educates, and informs the audience. Include a call to action toward the end of each story or video to steer visitors to your site.


How Can Your Brand Use Them?

Starting as a social network like other platforms, LinkedIn has grown to be a hub of serious professionals. The social media platform works well for targeting B2B customers. Create an ideal profile and put detailed information about your business. Write posts centered on your company and products to drive users. Businesses can also search the network directly to find B2B clients.


How Can Your Brand Use Them?

It’s the most popular social site for video content. Billions of active users are on YouTube at any given time. If done correctly, the network can steer a ton of targeted traffic to your site. Create educational videos that are helpful as well as inspiring to win the attention of users. YouTube live streams are a great way to tap potential customers with promotional content.

Tik Tok

How Can Your Brand Use Them?

TikTok is a site that lets you post shorter videos. However, the rate of engagement is higher compared to most platforms. Show a profound understanding of humor and make the content entertaining to intrigue prospects. This is a popular social media site among the younger generation. So, this is a very good opportunity if your target audience is them.


How Can Your Brand Use Them?

If you operate in the food or travel niche, look no further than Pinterest. It’s an image-sharing website that brings fruitful results for travel and food businesses. Fashion, health, and beauty are other hot niches. As with any other platform, build a long list of followers and post your product pictures consistently with links to your main site. 


How Can Your Brand Use Them?

WhatsApp is a renowned instant messaging platform to send messages, documents, text, video, and audio content to users. Businesses can employ the app to communicate with potential customers on a personal level too. With the ability to make video calls or group video chats, this is a suitable platform to communicate with your customers.


How Can Your Brand Use Them?

Being a niche social media platform, Reddit will help you to gain a specific targeted audience. Reddit is more of a discussion forum for forming communities, networking, and answering questions. Lend your business’ expertise and answer questions in your niche. Reddit, unlike other social media platforms, attracts an audience that is looking for an answer.  If your solutions attract users, you could win loads of traffic through this forum.

Top 5 Eastern Social Media Sites for Your Business

Eastern Social Media Sites for Your Business

You may not be familiar with these popular social sites. However, they rule their home countries and are quickly gaining traction in the western world.


Starting as a simple instant messaging app, the website has grown to be a popular site for videos and other content formats. WeChat offers various appealing features including, calling, messaging, online shopping and transferring money. Just get familiar with the varied functions to target prospects efficiently.


It’s another China-based app. Some of the popular features of the site include gaming, movies, shopping, and a lot more. If you want to tap the presence of more than 530 million active users, capitalize on the varied features of the platform.

Sina Weibo

Termed as China’s Twitter, Sina Weibo has immense potential for any business seeking expansion in the East. It lets you post micro-blogs of 140 characters. You may even upload videos and photos of your products to get leads and sales.

Baidu Tieba

It’s similar to Reddit and allows discussions. You can create a profile and get involved in discussions in your niche. If done correctly, your solutions can captivate the hearts of potential buyers.


Originating from Japan, it’s a multi-purpose website and messaging app that can do wonders for any business. Entrepreneurs can create branded social networks to share views, engage users, and promote offers.


Social media platforms have become the driving force behind online success. Businesses that ignore social media platforms are shutting their doors to a million active users who can be potential end-users.

On the flip side, entrepreneurs that record massive success are those that tap the power of social media sites for business. So, don’t be left out. Design a social media strategy for your business. Create your presence on popular social media platforms and build your social network.