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Social Media Audit – What Is It and How It Helps Your Business?

Social Media Audit

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways for digital marketers to expand their business or promote their brand. To increase visitor numbers, the majority of these businesses go to great lengths to promote online interactions and engagement. 

However, in order to keep your business growing year after year, you must adapt the strategy based on previous experiences. Every digital marketer should be aware of the current state of previous ads they ran. It’s a one-of-a-kind approach to developing new ways based on prior experiences. As a result, a Social Media Audit is becoming more essential for assessing and attaining goals.

What is Social Media Audit?

A social media audit is a technique or critical opportunity for assessing a social media channel’s performance and realism. Auditing each social media site for growth or status is vital for online company development. Conducting a social media audit guarantees that a business’s online presence is kept up to date at all times. It should be a key part of a business’s social media strategy. 

Importance of Social Media Auditing in Business

You must evaluate each move in order to grow your social media presence. A social media audit may assist you in focusing on and analyzing areas where your company can improve. The audit findings aid you in recovering control of your company’s situation, allowing you to concentrate on the benefits and downsides on your own. A complete review or audit will help you stay competitive, raise brand recognition, and improve your online presence.

Social Media Auditing in Business

You may examine the performance of each social media platform separately. The social media audit guarantees that you’re promoting your business in the most effective way possible. With the aid of the auditing results, inactive and deserted accounts are also weeded out. An effective audit helps you to examine the alignment of your social media platforms with your marketing objectives. It determines if you are moving in the correct direction online. 

A thorough audit puts you in a good position to understand your social media operations via the metric form. An online audit procedure measures the data of engagements, impressions, and retweets. It also allows you to focus on interactions, consumer attitudes, approach, reaction time, and online shares from customers that replied to your social media activity.

Why Do You Need to Audit Social Media?

Every online business owner should do a social media audit. Auditing is used to identify the missing links of social accounts. After a thorough analysis, you will be able to comprehend your current route. You may also audit your operations on a regular basis to see how they’re developing. Regular check-ups enable you to identify ineffective techniques and make adjustments by adding or replacing them with more effective ones.

A social media audit can assist you in determining which strategies are most effective for you. You may use the same method if it works for you, and if it doesn’t, you can replace it. A professional audit can help you concentrate on your social media marketing strategy. A primary advantage of a social media audit is that it reveals what has to be changed, what should be kept, and what should be eliminated.

How to Do a Social Media Audit?

Conducting a social media audit can be challenging. There are many social media channels available. You may have a presence in them all or a few. Here are nine simple steps you can follow to effectively do a social media audit. 

How to Do a Social Media Audit?

#1 Track Down All Your Social Media Accounts

Make a list of all the social accounts that are connected to your online business. Collect all profiles that you have created earlier and later for your consolidation and auditing purpose. You can achieve this task by searching the web and social networks in-depth.

#2 Make Sure Each Account Is Complete and on Brand

Check the social media profiles you’ve gathered against your company’s image, information, and standards. Individual social media accounts must be reviewed for updates on a regular basis. If there is a mismatch, it may have an impact on your future progress. Make sure that your brand’s social media accounts follow a structure to maintain consistency across all the social channels.

#3 Identify Your Best Posts

Your social media audit spreadsheet will include the most engaging content. You can identify the top-performing posts. Then, analyze these engagement metrics to learn what worked well compared to low-performing posts. 

#4 Evaluate Channel Performance

While you’re auditing the channel’s overall performance, update your social account. Instead of focusing on individual postings, you might concentrate on the channel’s performance.

#5 Track Results over Time

You may compare the results of a month or a week to the same month or week of the previous year. This allows you to discover seasonal fluctuations in your adjustment of choice.

#6 Calculate Your Return on Investment

Yes, knowing your return on investment (ROI) for a given period is one of the key metrics of social media auditing. You may draw conclusions about how much time and money you spend on social media and the outcomes you get. You can adjust your social strategy accordingly. 

#7 Understand the Audience for Each Network

During the audit process, it’s critical to examine your audience’s data. Yes, by examining each network, you may deduce your audience’s wealth, demographic data, degree of interest, and education. This stage assists you in determining the status and effectiveness of your social media posts.

#8 Decide Which Channels Are Right for You

Post analysis, you can come to a conclusion about the effective social media channels that work in your favor. Your Facebook page might be working better than your Instagram account. Look at the key performance indicators and what works best for you.

#9 Do It All, Again

After conducting one successful audit, your work is not finished. Social media is constantly evolving. What you discovered about your social accounts might not be valid in a few months. Therefore, you must conduct social media audits at regular intervals to check the performance and to streamline if required. 

Four Things to Include in a Social Media Audit

There are various factors that affect a social media audit. But the following four things are a must to be included in your social media audit checklist.

Things to Include in a Social Media Audit

Profile Details

Your social media account must tell the users about you without any misleading information. And these details must be uniform across all social platforms. 

Post Analytics

Post analytics are essential for knowing how many people shared your post, how many people liked it, how many people commented on it, and how many posts you produced in the previous period. These social metrics will help you measure the performance of your social media.

Audience Information

Identify your audience during the audit process to cope with your future business promotion. This metric will guide you to create more engagement with user-generated content. 

Traffic to Site

Check with your site’s connection to the audience traffic. Yes, identify the ways that attract traffic to your site. This information will tell you about the referral traffic, brand awareness, and follower count.

Three Things to Do after Performing Social Media Audit

Three Things to Do after Performing Social Media Audit

Target a More Defined Audience

You may be in a position to discover who your target audience is and how to attract them following the analysis or after the social media audit procedure.

Do the ​​80/20 Rule

When it comes to internet marketing, the 80/20 rule applies. Only 20% of your internet material must be valuable to the audience’s personal life, such as education, professional progress, and earning prospects, while the remaining 80% must be company marketing content.

Calculate Social Media Ad Budget and ROI

To calculate the income and ROI for your social media marketing, you must have comprehensive knowledge of your social media performance and related expenditure. Yes, you must be compensated for your online labor and investments.


Working hard and dedicating a lot of time and effort to social media marketing is a wonderful thing. However, examining the outcomes of your efforts and time is far more crucial for the long-term survival of your internet business. All digital marketers must do a social media audit at some point and do it regularly. Take advantage of these social media audit ideas to learn more about your company’s online efficiency and influence.