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Social Media Brief – Why It Is So Important Before Start A Campaign?

Social Media Brief

Social media has become an effective marketing strategy, on how you can better reach your audience, in terms of, using content marketing to better advantage your brand awareness and products. Social media has a better potential of reaching further ‘reaches’ than any offline channel. Over 2.5 billion users in the world use social media as a networking tool; whether it is for business, finding career opportunities, connecting with people who have similar interests, and sharing their thoughts.

Businesses implement creative strategies by using social media to branch out and cultivate interpersonal relationships with their audience. When you put great content out – your business has better chances with increasing conversion rates. Social media platforms, in today’s digital marketing industry – can, in turn, boost leads and sales. But, to achieve a successful social media presence, you have to implement a solid content marketing strategy. By using a social media brief template you can easily achieve the best results from running a social media campaign to achieve a successful engagement for your business. 

What Is Social Media Brief?

A social media brief template is the foundation to run a successful social media campaign. A brief template creates an effective strategy for a business to structure, outline, or (plan) objectives, determines the hows, whats, whens, wheres, and WHY you will need social media to engage with your audience. This implants a strategic plan in which approach you can take that works best for your business. After all, as a business the main objective you have in mind is to – you will need the right goals on how you can grow a community or generate leads. 

What Is Social Media Brief?

What Does a Social Media Brief Look Like?

A social media brief helps you to identify what the best strategies are, and how they can be utilized to help build a plan to attract customers and generate leads for your social media platforms. Here are a few of the ways a social media brief can be an effective tool to implement in your business. 

Overview of the Brand Story 

This is the narrative of what the brand consists of; it contains the feelings and facts that are created or are (represented) by the brand. This gives your audience a connectedness to your brand. A story relates more to your audience, more than a bunch of facts. 

Objectives / Goals  

The objective of a brand is a long-term investment; which is something that the business looks forward to building and growing towards. After all, what is a business, if we don’t have an executed plan?

Tone of Voice 

The tone of voice refers to the way your brand conveys a message, or rather, (how you want) the brand to speak for itself. This is an important aspect of marketing, as this will either win or lose your audience. 

Current Social Media Efforts / Previous Campaigns 

A social media campaign is the coordinated marketing tactics that help you to successfully implement or (strategize) on par with your business goals on your social media platforms. 

Target Audience

Target Audience is the specific group of people your business is likely trying to attract to your product or service. Target audiences can be related in terms of demographics, geographics, gender, income, and interests. 

Questions to Ask in Your Social Media Creative Brief

Brands continue to always compete with the consumer attention on social media, and to generate successful leads with new visitors is a MUST! However, it can be daunting, if you are walking into the playing field without a strategic plan. A social media brief helps you to assess what you want to achieve as a business, as a whole. 

A brief doesn’t have to be detailed information about your campaigns, instead, it could very well be a ‘summary’ of just five minutes to help you and your team understand your project, the strategy in place, and the goals of what you expect from the campaign. It has to be, in fact, a simplified document, that’s easy to scan and skim through without any hassle. 

What Is the Desired Audience Reaction to Social Media in This Campaign?

What do you expect from your audience, as a reaction? A reaction is better than leads, as people tend to remember how they felt, rather than what looks pretty on a page. Businesses should structure content, graphics, and infographics that are meant to be captured. When a pre-planned emotional response from their audiences. If you elicit a ‘delightful’ response with new products – you will set the correct energy for the campaign. 

Why Would This Topic Start a Conversation?

This is an important question that will help you to understand what the community expects. Rely on the power of how your topics can be spoken about with friends and family around the world. This should be the main objective of your social media campaign. Always, use general observations of what people want, rather (than what you think they need) to build on social concepts that can be the talk of the town. 

What Other Campaigns Will Be Active at or Near the Same Time?

When you are planning your social brief, make sure to take into account how you can get the right moment to boost your campaigns. After all, when a consumer’s feed is personal – if they feel like there are too many campaigns, they will feel invasive. Running a social media campaign should be strategically planned to ensure that multiple campaigns aren’t running at the same time. 

Which Social Channels Are Best for the Campaign?

Which Social Channels Are Best for the Campaign?

All social media platforms – really don’t target everyone in the world. Rather you should imagine how you can best strategize different social media channels that will affect your brand’s campaign. You must always make sure to run evaluated research on which social media platforms target your desired audience for your brands. This will give you an understanding of how you can drive high-quality traffic to your business. 

Can You Incorporate Video?

Video Media has become a highly trendy movement amongst the younger generation. That is why many brands have now implemented video embedding and linking to their social media channels. This has helped to successfully create fun, informative, and emotional responses from the audience. Video content receives about 49% more interactions than images on Instagram. 

How Will You Measure Social Campaign Success?

Well, this is probably the most important outcome of what you want to get from the social media campaign. This helps you to determine the expected goals you had in mind. Always remember the reason why you want to run your campaign – is it to gain X% of engagement? Or is it to drive X% of followers? If you have a plan to strategize, always try to target higher than the last campaign, you did before. 

Steps in Writing a Social Media Marketing Brief

Writing a Social Media Marketing Brief

With the whole world, using social media – it would be better if you can get a well-considered and thought-out plan for your social media marketing on various platforms, where you can attract more customers to your website. You don’t need to have the experience to create a perfectly planned-out social media brief template. All you have to figure out is what works best for your business, in terms of engagement, community management, and influence. If you want to pursue a social media brief single-handedly, you can always look to improve your skills by signing up for a social media marketing course. 

Background of Your Organisation

This is a basic wrap-up of the vision, mission, values, primary activities, or, (services) company history and other corporate brand information of your business. It must be essential to outline the current brand identity if there are personality attitudes, the overall perspective in-and-out of the business. This can help establish how you can carry out a successful campaign run, without a hitch. 

Current Online and Social Media Marketing Efforts

This basically, describes all the online properties which your business owns online – whether it is blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) and the kind of services which you offer your customers. If a social media audit is really useful, you can outline your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Be frank, about all your successes and failures, this helps to assess your business on how you can better your campaigns in the future. 

Target Customers and Audiences on Social Media Channels

Demographic research can help identify who your target audience is. In addition, doing some research can help give you a basic strategy on how you can best capture the best audience for you. You can use their online behaviors and preference, and their offline reactions with the business as well. 

[H2] Social Media Marketing Goals

What are your social media goals? How can you get the best results from using a strategic plan to run your social media campaigns successfully? Here are a few checks to make sure your marketing goals are specific in your campaigns. 

 Social Media Marketing Goals

Improve Brand Awareness

This is if your brand is trying to expand, create more customers, want to share thoughts, or even just put your products out there for your audience to see. 

Increase Engagement

By increasing engagement, you can improve the overall engagement rates of your online communities. 

Generate Leads

Generating leads helps businesses to attract more qualified leads to your brand’s products and services. 

Grow Community

Growing your community can help expand your business through social media communities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

Drive Online Sales

By driving online sales, you can improve click-through rates to your e-commerce page and drive more traffic to your website – which means more sales!

Strengthen Advocacy

Strengthening your advocacy can help increase content sharing and trigger more viral sharing to your audience, this helps to get the content out. 

Curriculum Vitae of Social Media Agency

Knowing how to strengthen your social media brief is just one part of the game; as a matter of fact, you must take note of how as a business you should choose the correct digital marketing agency that has the best experience with their social media marketing team. Many different gurus think they know what social media marketing is all about, but provide unsatisfactory results to your business. 

When you are looking at candidates in a social media agency, have a checklist on what you need to find out about them, to help you kick start better strategized social media campaigns for your business:

  • Resumes of the team 
  • Social media profiles 
  • Client List
  • Case studies 

Tailor Your Brief to Suit Your Social Media Needs

When you are constructing your social media brief, you will have to make sure that you first, tailor-make your brief to fit with what works best for your company. No matter how hard, you may find it hard to sit down and list all the reasons for a social media campaign – using this time to research helps a great deal, with reducing the ambiguity of the relationship between clients and agents. 


Social media brief templates help your business to run successful campaigns, as they will assist you to get the best content out into the platforms which can be used to generate leads, attract followers, and overall generate traffic and brand awareness within your business. By constructing an overall campaign can also help businesses to get to the desired goal of the company.