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Social Media Consistency – The Key To Winning Your Competitions

Social Media Consistency

How do you build social media consistency? Why is it important for your business? Well, when you come to think of it, whether it be, blog posts, content, or even social media schedules – you have to have somewhat of a cohesive flow, or, rather a schedule on how you post on your platforms – this helps you to keep your audience engaged in your products, while also building an online presence. 

Consistency is key with your social media marketing strategy; it is indeed a strategy, in itself! For your business to raise brand awareness, with your products and services you must be consistent to help you successfully grow audience engagement and reach. Whether it is the tone of voice you use, to the style of your profiles; you will need to ensure that you keep the best strategies that can help gain recognition within the industry amongst your intended audience. 

When we talk about consistency, what is meant by that is – the content should resonate, not forgetting to represent your brand. If your tone of voice is meant for a particular audience (well, then, it should speak to them) Consistency with an online presence helps you build an interpersonal relationship with your audience and more so, help you establish a ‘delight’ response from your audience, which helps your business, overall win more clients to your brands.

What Is Social Media Consistency?

Social media consistency, in a broad sense, helps you to engage your audience and give them more reason to ‘follow’ you back, rather than just buying and forgetting about you. By using a consistent strategy on all social media channels – will provide you the need for your audience to be a part of your journey along with you. 

Think of your social media as a live PR update, that helps keep your audience pretty much ‘in touch’ with your brand. This not only gives engagement to your business; but also builds an interpersonal relationship within your audience; which leads to brand loyalty. 

Consistency is the key solo performance to help you establish your credibility, build trust, generate leads, and strengthen your reputation. Consistency within the brand messaging is one of the factors that implement an effective growth strategy – eventually leading to the success of your business. After all, what business doesn’t want that? 

Why Does Social Media Consistency Matter?

Why Does Social Media Consistency Matter?

Being consistent on social media doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have to be constantly on social media. There is, in fact, a major difference between the two! Social media consistency matters for businesses as it will help you to engage better with your audience, and give them a sense of trust in your brand and its services. 

When you are consistent, you show your audience that you are always present and in touch with your brand, this gives your audience the feeling – that you will not let them down, it also helps you build a brand authority or, (identity) in your niche, this mainly is needed to let a brand know, like and can trust you. After all, consistency helps you to build your reach within a community. 

Being a consistent presence on social media helps you to build ‘real’ connections with people, this is after all the most significant expectation from being present online. Consistency helps you to also handle your audience/customers promptly as this will give more delegation to each customer’s complaints. Not to mention, when you use consistency on your posts, you tend to get more skilled for posting on your social channels; this helps to study and better enhance what your audience expects from you. 

Why Content Consistency Is King?

Why Content Consistency Is King?

Having consistent content out there can help not only establish credibility, trust, and reputation. But, also sticking to a schedule will help you better create and give quality rather than the quantity of content you put out there. Keeping up with a regular strategy also gives the clients a better customer experience; that will leave your clients remembering your brand products every single time. Consistency can also impact your business. Consistent brands are worth 20% more than those with inconsistent messages. 

Consistency, however, isn’t a (when you like, what you like) concept. You have to make sure to target your audience and do relative research, in terms of, what the best posting time would be or how you can implement a strategy on what works best for your brand. Also, tracking your unique page view, time spent on the page, and bounce rate can help you analyze what content performs best – and exactly what time. 

As we mentioned, learning from your audience can help you to better put out your content, on time; this will gradually capture your audience of the customers and leads. If you are or post consistent content to your blog, and social media channels – it will help you to fully connect with your audience; whereas publishing content regularly will help you learn more about the community. Making content creation a habit will give you better access to better strategize your social media and online presence. 

Ways to Be More Consistent on Social Media

Ways to Be More Consistent on Social Media

Being consistent in your content is the foundation of learning to manage social media presence. After all, content marketing isn’t effective, if there isn’t a strategic plan in place to help boost your social media consistency. After all, when you have the right content – you must try and establish consistency with your social media channels to help ensure that your brand is being recognized and is driving the right engagement to your channel. Here are a few things to keep in mind, in terms of, building consistency within your social media about brand awareness. 

Set Clear Content Goals

Setting clear content goals is important for all consistent content. When you are strategizing your infographics for social media, you must ensure that you get the right kind of plan you need to create. Social media platforms have a lot of different options to choose from (different content types) – so, always plan on what you want to structure, and how to put it out into social media channels. 

Know the Difference Between Consistency and Frequency

What is the frequency? What is consistency? Well, first off, frequency is how often you choose to post on your social media channels; whereas, consistency in a broad sense, means to stick to the frequency you choose and make sure you execute it according to that set idea. If you are choosing two days of the week, to post content. Execute that plan with consistent posting during those days.

Plan Ahead

When you are planning to post content, it would be best – if you have a month prepared in advance, so that you will not be blindsided and rush into creating content that lacks its gusto. Rather, when you have an adequate time frame, you can work with writing captions in a calm and sophisticated manner. 

Dedicate a Day for Content Creation

When you are creating content for social media, it would be best, if you can dedicate a whole day, just to get the content ready, whether it is captions, graphics, or other media. This will assist you to produce high-quality content and will flow in a strategic plan in place. 

Use a Scheduling Tool

Use a Scheduling Tool

A lot of the content you have produced can easily be uploaded on a tool – which gives you the freedom to move around and schedule your posts with ease, rather than having to stop your tasks for the day, and allocate a separate time frame to give it enough time to be uploaded successfully. Using tools like Heyorca! can help cut all your posting time in half. 

Learn from Your Audience

Oftentimes, content creation can be a challenge, and can be hard to come up with fresh content ideas. Here’s where your audience can help you to be a part of your journey. Asking your customers for suggestions and ideas on what they would like to see, can be a pretty innovative way to create your content.

Heal Your Relationship with Social Media

Social media can be damaging to your mental health, especially with your business. Rather than following your competitors and feeling insecure, follow brands and influencers who inspire you, cheer you on, and give a little boost of energy – follow those who support you for everything. 

Show Up

When you are planning on achieving consistency through your social media, you must always do a follow-up on social media and how your engagement is doing. Set aside a time to show up and do lives, respond to DMs, and engage with your followers. This helps to attract others to your website and brand overall. 

Have a Plan for Stories

Always make sure to go live and show your identity, customers love to see the brains, or, even behind the scenes of the planning process. This gives your audience a feeling of saying that you are just – like them. It can be as simple as, buying a cup of coffee, voicing your opinions, or just sharing your daily tasks of the day. 

Let Go of Perfection

Quality is pretty important, in terms of building your social media presence, but you shouldn’t always strive for perfection, as this will hinder the process of being timely with your content’s consistency. This has to be the most important aspect to remember. Perfection in your brand doesn’t always have to be met. 

What Does Consistency Look like on Social Media?

If you are interested in building consistency within your social media, it can be achieved successfully with the right kind of content you put out there. There are many different kinds of ways on how you can create content, which will help benefit a consistency strategy. Here is what you should focus on when you are creating content:

The Content 

The type of content you post is significant, you need to make sure that your content represents your brand, is relatable to your audience, and adds value to your customers. When you are creating content, remember to create a variety of themes as this can affect your social media if you remain ‘boring’. After all, switching it up once in a while – will give more interest to your audience, which in turn, can help you generate more leads to your brand products. 

Constant Brand Voice

When a business uses a constant brand voice – you create a unique personality, words, phrases, and symbols that can help you resonate with your brand. However, unlike the content – a brand’s voice must remain constant as this can oft, confuse your audience. This helps you to establish what and (who) you are dealing with. It creates an identity and personas of your brand and its services. 

Constance Branding

When you are using branding for your business, always remember to keep it similar. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be the same, but, using identical phrases, colors, symbols, and logos is good! When you adapt to these strategies it can successfully build brand loyalty, recognition, and trust amongst your audience.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Social Media Marketing Tools

Here are some of the best social media marketing tools to help give you, create the desired consistency you need on your social media channels for your brand awareness. 


Coschedule is a social media marketing calendar that is a great way to see, schedule, organize, and share your content for the month. It allows you to customize and choose post timings to suit your needs. 


Later is unbeatable, when it comes to social marketing scheduling tools, You can easily schedule posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest simultaneously and directly on the app. Later also, provides in-depth analysis for accounts with engagement and reach. 


Tailwind is mostly used for Pinterest content. It helps to schedule pins faster, with ease. Plus, it allows bloggers and influencers an opportunity to share content with other content creators for support or advice, 

Facebook’s Creator Studio

This is a free option for Facebook creators. You can schedule all content on social media channels to better your posts, carousels, and IGTVs using this marketing tool. 


Being consistent on social media can help you to get the best results, in terms of brand recognition, loyalty, and wider engagement for your business. As a matter of fact when you are posting consistently – you should maintain the frequency of the scheduled strategy planned. 

This will help impact your brand with more engagement and drive your brand to success. After all, when you post consistently on social media, your audience can have a better understanding of what your brand represents, and how the message will be conveyed to your consumers.