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Joon K. Lee, CEO of Inquivix, on How he Cemented his Company’s Position as “The Best Digital Marketing Agency” in South Korea

Joon K. Lee strongly believes in the power of the web and has gone on to establish Asia’s leading marketing agency that loves helping businesses grow.

Inquivix is a full-service digital marketing agency in Asia that unleashes your brand’s potential and meets your business’s digital requirements perfectly. The company is headquartered in South Korea with branches in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the UK, and the USA.

Inquivix was established in 2018 with a motive to empower global MNCs and enterprises to convert visitors into customers utilizing diverse result-driven digital marketing solutions. The company holds a clear focus on the long-term growth of their client businesses and works towards increasing traffic, improving lead quality, and supercharging their online sales.

For over 5 years, Inquivix has been featured on several top websites from various industries like Forbes, Business Chief, financial industries, software-network, and technology industries. It has won several awards from some of the industry’s most prominent and well-known businesses.

Joon K. Lee, in an interview with GoodFirms researcher Anna Stark shares how he thought of starting Inquivix in May 2017 as a marketing service provider; how he initially ran it as a side business and operated it independently; and then finally commenced the official registration and operation of the company in October 2018.

Sharing his and his team’s passion for helping startups, local businesses, and individual traders grow and reach a massive global audience, the company first focussed on setting up digital assets to build connections with users and these assets were majorly for Social Media Channels, Social Media Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Viral Giveaways, Website Design and Development, Influencer Marketing, and Email Marketing activities that help to enhance the online presence of a business in the overcrowded marketplace.

Further speaking about his company success globally he notes,

“We have seen a thrilling increase in our business over recent months as most of our clients seek help in Google On-Page and Off-Page SEO in English, Korean, and Bahasa Indonesian market. Also, our Search Engine Marketing services in Korea are in huge demand, where Naver and Kakao platforms are majorly used for advertising,”

In response to the question as to how they rate themselves differently from the competition, he answered, “Our multicultural digital experts from SEO optimization specialists to talented graphic designers believe in the power of a well-built, strategic marketing campaign. Our team works closely with clients from the start of the (and sometimes even during) development on all aspects, including paid advertising through SEO copywriting and the design phase, ensuring every aspect of our clients will get the attention it truly deserves from potential buyers”.

He further observes that the company runs excellent promotional campaigns for its clients and boasts an international clientele that includes “The Economist”, “Otter Box”, and “Telkom Indonesia”. It is ranked as the top digital marketing company in South Korea in GoodFirms listings.

A review displayed below highlights the amazing services provided to its clients worldwide.


Lee recalls how memorable and remarkable the moment when Inquivix was chosen as a top digital marketing agency in 2021. Recognized as the “Best Korea” by Forbes Agency Council Members was another significant achievement along with bagging several other awards that added to the company’s growing reputation. “We make our clients entering new markets easier and are best for any brand looking for an Asian presence. Our high retention rate satisfies our clients to the best”, he adds.

Shedding light on how the company pushes the envelope in the area of customer satisfaction Lee says that the company pays significant attention towards maintaining customer satisfaction rate. It welcomes feedback about campaign procedures to deliver revisions as per the client’s request, without delay or confusion. The company professionals align budgets efficiently and provide alternative options for campaigns utilizing effective communication management.

Inquivix offers variable payment schemes to its clients. Monthly or weekly payment options can be chosen as per their choice for short-term or long-term projects. A strict budget requirement of $3,000 is set for new clients. However, flexible budgeting is facilitated to all older customers during the COVID-19 pandemic due to their loyalty and trust in the services provided.

Lee clears it out that their lowest project in the company in 2021 was $1000 per month. The biggest monthly salary was $75,000. However, in 2022, all of this is likely to change.

When asked about where they see Inquivix in the future, Lee affirms that in the coming future they would spread footprints all over Asia. They have already been moving across Europe and Africa, and plan to cover more than half the continent in the coming 10 years. He shared that the company also ranks among the top SEO agencies in South Korea and the team Inquivix is determined to work hard and keep pushing themselves to make their and their clients’ dreams come true.

This is an extract of the interview of Joon K. Lee, the CEO of Inquivix with GoodFirms, the detailed interview can glance at GoodFirms.

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