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Giveaway: Ultimate Guide And Steps To Run A Successful Campaign

Giveaway Ultimate Guide And Steps To Run A Successful Campaig

What is a Giveaway?

A giveaway is a prize given away by someone or a company as a reward for publicity or promotion. A giveaway is a draw from eligible entries, in which the prize is given to a lucky winner. Entrants are not distinguished from one another and are chosen at random for winning selection. It is possible for participants to differentiate themselves quantitatively by obtaining extra entries, which can improve their chances of winning.

There are also rules to comply with, such as prize draws, and in certain countries and territories, such as Sweden, Ireland, and Quebec in Canada, giveaways or sweepstakes (i.e. no-skill based entry) are not permitted.

Giveaway Duration: How Long Should a Campaign Run?

The length of your giveaway is determined by your objectives. If your goal is to increase social media interaction, it’s not necessary for the contest to go on for very long. However, if you want a steady supply of qualified leads, you’ll need to give people time to locate and submit your campaign. It takes trial and error to discover the contest duration that provides the data you desire. Even so, most businesses pick one of these four popular giveaway run times:

  1. 1-week campaign
  2. 2-week campaign
  3. 1-month campaign
  4. Long term campaign

Giveaway Winners

The most enjoyable aspect of running a contest is choosing a giveaway winner. After all, you get to tell the selected individual good news.

But, it may be stressful if you haven’t prepared ahead of time. How can you pick just one winner out of the hundreds or thousands who entered?

Don’t worry!

We’ll go over how to choose a winner for your contest using free giveaway winner pickers in this section

Google’s Random Number Generator

A random number generator is one of the intriguing features provided by Google. It’s simple and free to use to choose your winners.

To begin, give each of your acceptable entries a number. Given the order in which the contestants arrived, one method to do this fairly is to assign a number based on the sequence. So, for example, the first entrant would be numbered one, and so forth.

Then, go to Google.com and search for “random number generator.” A box will appear asking you to choose the minimum and maximum values to use. The first number you assigned (most likely “1”) should be the minimum, while the total amount of valid entries your giveaway received should be the maximum. After that, hit the blue button.

Select Random Name Picker with MiniWebTool.com

If you’d rather choose a name for the contest winner than assigning a number to each entry, MiniWebTool.com’s random name picker is an option.

Enter one name per line into the text area, then click on the button to “Pick a Random Name” to utilize MiniWebTool’s random name picker. One name will be chosen at random to be your winner. You may also take a photo of the outcome as evidence.

Of course, entering each name into the text area is time-consuming, but if you’re recording your entries in a spreadsheet, you may save time by pasting the list into the web form.

Giveaway Ideas That Work for Your Business

It’s a wonderful approach to increase brand recognition by doing a giveaway campaign or contest.

A giveaway campaign or contest may be extremely effective if utilized properly and intelligently.

Promotional items giveaways are a perfect method to raise brand recognition, boost sales, and pique the attention of current and potential consumers.

Here are 8 incredible giveaway ideas that work.

  • Apparel giveaways contest
  • Book giveaways contest
  • Gift card giveaways contest
  • Gadget giveaways contest
  • Voucher giveaways contest
  • Cash giveaway contest
  • Travel giveaway contests
  • Membership giveaways contest

Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube) Giveaway

The simplest approach to create leads and expand your social media following is to participate in a giveaway.

In fact, one of the few remaining methods to create leads on social media is to conduct a giveaway. Paid advertising is the second option.

Sure, you may pay to send visitors to your site, but there’s no assurance it will result in purchases.

You may argue that maintaining a consistent presence on social media and producing high-value material is critical.

I completely agree, however, is it getting you leads that will turn into sales? I’m not sure.

We’ll walk you through the process of conducting a Social media giveaway campaign below. Start utilizing social media to build your following and generate leads by using it.

How to Run a Giveaway on Social Media

  • Step 1: Choose a prize

The most essential component of any giveaway is the prize. The reward entices your audience to participate in your contest. It must be worth the cost of entry, that is, their personal information.

  • Step 2: Match your theme

It should be distinctive to your company’s identity. It will influence the design, communication, and entry requirements for your giveaway. More than anything, it explains to your fans why you’re holding one. Because the last thing you want is for your followers to believe you’re using a Giveaway as a covert marketing strategy.

  • Step 3: Build and publish your giveaway page

Now it’s time to bring your giveaway to life. It’s critical to remember that creating and publishing a promotion using a giveaway builder or work with an agency like Inquivix is much easier. You won’t have to start from scratch either.

  • Step 4: Promote

It’s time to market and advertise once you’ve designed your social media giveaway to look pixel perfect. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve already created it; your audience will not discover it on its own. We need to bring people to it.

  • Step 5: Follow up

The last thing you’ll do at the end of your social media giveaway is follow up.

All of your communication methods should be used to announce the winner. If appropriate, post a photo of the winner on social media. Everyone who has signed up for your contest will want to know if a winner was chosen and a prize was given away. This may persuade people not to join your next giveaway if you don’t announce it.

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Giveaway Picture Ideas

Giveaway - MBM
Giveaway - BRP Sea-Doo
Giveaway - Lulu Yasmine


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this Ultimate Guide to running successful campaigns. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for ways to improve your current campaign, we hope that the tips and tricks we shared with you were helpful!

So what are some things that might be stopping you from getting a call with us now?