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WhatsApp in South Korea – Is It Allowed?

WhatsApp in South Korea - Is It Allowed?

WhatsApp in South Korea is a simple yet reliable messaging app that has a global reach. Currently, WhatsApp allows for video and picture sharing, making it more popular among people. So, is WhatsApp permitted in South Korea? We’ll respond to that shortly.

Short answer: Yes. WhatsApp is allowed in South Korea, and most of its population uses this app to communicate with friends and family and even with their colleagues. If you didn’t know, South Korea is a nation with a high population dependent on technology, and WhatsApp is no different. Plus, we must say that aside from WhatsApp, there are many instant messaging services available in South Korea.

What Makes WhatsApp Special?

WhatsApp is simple and nice, and most interestingly, it is user-friendly. Aside from that, it features end-to-end encryption for every message, and security is top-notch. Unlike when using other platforms, WhatsApp is fully secured. The appeal of WhatsApp in different countries is unrivaled. Currently, it has millions of users, and most of its users are active. If you’re wondering what makes WhatsApp simple and more popular, then below, we delve into the features that have enabled WhatsApp’s reputation to increase every day.

Text Messaging

WhatsApp allows you to text simply and reliably. You can message your family and friends for free. The App uses the internet service of your phone to relay messages. Hence you don’t incur any SMS fees. The messaging utility allows you to chat with friends from your own country as well as from abroad. Truly, text messaging is a great feature you can rely on. 

Group Chat

Secondly, you can keep in touch with those people who matter the most to you in your life. You can join or create a group so that you can share ideas, worries, and any kind of info that brings you together, like your family members or your group of friends. With group chats, you have an opportunity to share photos, messages, videos with more than 250 people at the same time. Additionally, you can mute, name, customize notifications, and so forth.

Voice and Video Calls

A good feature that allows you to speak freely. We like this feature because it can enable you to make both voice and video calls, and you can link up with your family and friends. Plus, it allows you to talk beyond your borders. And better still, you don’t have to pay more than you paid for your internet providers. 

What Makes WhatsApp Special?

WhatsApp on Web and Desktop

This feature enables you to continue with the conversation even if you don’t have your phone around. With WhatsApp on the web and desktop, you can easily sync all your conversations to your pc to allow you to use the device that you find convenient for you. 

End-To-End Encryption

WhatsApp is indeed by default secure. Whether messages, videos, or pictures, the security of WhatsApp is not compromised at any point. It uses end-to-end encryption.

Photos and Videos

WhatsApp allows you to send and receive photos, videos, and GIFs. You can share pictures and videos without paying anything at all. Additionally, you don’t incur any costs to share photos and videos. The newest feature is the single-view photos, where the photo gets deleted automatically after viewing.

Voice Messages

This feature enables you to send audio messages that you record directly on the platform. After which, you can send to group chats and your friends. Also, it is free.


WhatsApp allows you to share all types of documents which include spreadsheets, PDFs, and slideshows. This reduces the inconvenience caused by document sharing apps or email. 

WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business together with WhatsApp chatbox has become a very important tool in e-commerce since it is one of the retail places. Even if you do not build a WhatsApp chatbox, you can take advantage of the benefits that WhatsApp Business offers you. It has many features to ease operations.

WhatsApp Business

You can opt for quick replies as well to save you time on frequently typing the same message to different customers. On the other hand, it organizes and categorizes your contact allowing for easier access. Also, it has a catalog that allows your firm to display your goods so that your clients browse and check on the products they are interested in without any difficulties. 

Is WhatsApp Available in South Korea?

South Korea is among those countries that use WhatsApp. You can use WhatsApp to call and text friends from overseas. This App is easier to use by all persons of different ages. Better still, its encrypted features keep all the messages safer.

However, WhatsApp has a hard time tapping into the Korean demographic.  Most people use Kakao talk and Line which are similar to WhatsApp but are Korean versions. Most of the population who uses WhatsApp are those from western countries who are used to this app already. But it is slowly gaining a foothold in Korea with its ability to connect globally. 

Is WhatsApp Available in South Korea?

Who Competes with WhatsApp in South Korea?

WhatsApp, while being a popular instant messaging app in the world, has a lot of competition in South Korea. Here are some of the biggest competitors for WhatsApp in South Korea.


This is the most popular of the messaging apps used by most individuals in Korea. It is one of the must-have apps if you are planning to spend your time in this country. This app is free and easier to use by everyone including beginners. You can download it from Google Playstore but you’ll need a Korean phone number with the email address for registration. Each time, you need some instant messages, you can always use this app because almost everyone uses it.


Instagram is gaining popularity as a social media app in South Korea. The younger population is the one that makes use of this App the most. You can use this app to send messages, videos, or photos. Moreover, it allows you to share and view content to know what’s going on. Most younger people prefer communicating using this app because it is less formal. The messaging feature in Instagram is a competitor for WhatsApp, even though both platforms are from the same company. 

Facebook Messenger

This is another popular messaging app among the younger people in Korea. Facebook messenger is mostly used by those people who are into political issues and the intellectual population. The international community uses this app to talk to their friends who reside outside Korea and even ex-pats and foreigners. 

Social media networks


This is the second most popular App in Asia but has few users in Korea. It has similar features with KakaoTalk but the difference is the area of use. It is useful whenever you need to connect with people living outside Korea. Most Koreans who use this App are not active at all times. Therefore, it is used by those who have visited some Asian countries that use this app or have friends in those countries.


Telegram became popular back in 2014 in Korea. Most people opted for Telegram when KakaoTalk compromised their privacy. Most younger people in South Korea mostly use this App as well. Also, it is being used by other ex-pats however there is no need of installing this App.


Discord messaging app is mostly used by students and younger people who love playing video games. You can easily communicate with friends or even strangers in real-time as you play. For you to download this app in Korea, you will need to verify your age. This means that you will not be able to download it if you are below 19 years. It is more useful to download it for video games and not primarily for messaging.


You can use WhatsApp in Korea for messaging and calls. It has a wide range of features making a better communication channel. You can send voice notes or make video calls to other countries. It only requires a strong internet for convenient operations. Whenever you are in Korea, you can use this app to connect to your friends or family members living outside South Korea.