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Instagram Scheduling – What Is It and How Does It Help to Maintain Your Channel?

Instagram Scheduling - What Is It and How Does It Help to Maintain Your Channel?

Making sure that your audience from Instagram views your content improves your potential of brand awareness, engagement, conversions, and referral traffic. And nothing does wonders than Instagram scheduling software. Instagram’s API allows users to have third-party marketing tools schedule Instagram posts beforehand. In simple words, if you opt to use scheduling software, you can put your content and select when you want it to go live on your Instagram account, and we assure you that it’ll be delivered to all your audience without having to raise a finger to the second time. 

Instagram scheduling is helpful in a wide range of ways like ensuring your posts are consistent and well thought out, sticking to your pre-defined posting frequency, ensuring that you never miss a post, scheduling your posts in one go, freeing up time for other vital tasks, and posting at the best times for your audience. 

What Is Instagram Scheduling?

If you’re a frequent Instagram content creator, then you know how arduous it is to post. Even if it’s all about posting one content in a day, it takes a lot of time to develop and publish. You do not have spare time to squander as a starter business owner. All the things you do are time-limited and crucial. In the space of close to a billion users with limited attention duration, you can’t deny yourself an opportunity to post altogether. 

That’s why you need to consider Instagram scheduling. Essentially, Instagram scheduling implies that you can come up with posts beforehand and use a software tool to schedule all your posts to be automatically published at the right time to attract the appropriate audience. As such, you can always use your spare time handling other tasks while ensuring that your posts are getting to your desired audience on time. 

How to Develop an Instagram Scheduling Strategy?

When we talk about strategy, most people feel intimidated. But in simple words, you’re, in a way, making a very simple plan to get to your goals. And making earlier scheduling of your posts is one of the tactics used to earn more engagement rates. That being said, you can now boost your Instagram feed with these steps, and come up with your own Instagram marketing plan with a suitable scheduling strategy. 

Identify Your Instagram Goals

Your Instagram goal is to increase engagement. But you need to be more specific. What do you need people to do with your post? Get to your profile? Leave a comment on your post? Find out items on your Insta shop, or do you need them redirected to your website? Identifying and understanding your Instagram goal will go a long way in enabling you to achieve the goal.

How to Develop an Instagram Scheduling Strategy?

Decide the Posting Frequency

On Instagram, the quality of your content plays a key role. The posting frequency you choose needs to be consistent and attainable. Remember that every piece translates to time used on creation, scheduling, posting, and measuring.

Find the Best Times to Post 

If you can use Instagram Insights, you can see the behavior patterns of your audience and their time zones to know the best time to post. Better still, scheduling software like Tailwind makes the process seamless. 

Create Engaging Instagram Posts

Did you know that coming up with engaging content is not about selecting the right video and picture? It has to do with your post types, choosing appropriate hashtags, and writing compelling captions. Luckily, an Instagram scheduler can lend a helping hand. 

Analyze Your Instagram Posting Schedule

To correctly capture interest and promote engagement on Instagram, you should check your posting schedule often. Have a look at your Instagram analytics to find out the performance of your scheduled Instagram posts.

How Does It Help to Maintain Your Channel?

You should make scheduling Instagram posts among your priorities in 2022. Using an all-in-one platform to schedule your Instagram posts will help you save time, get more sales and traffic, have more followers, and have better results from your Instagram stories. Here are some reasons why you should plan your Instagram posts.

Time Management

You do not have to waste most of your time trying to come up with new content for your account every day. Rather than spending about 30 minutes daily, you can easily use the free Instagram schedulers available online. This allows you to prepare posts and stories for a week within the shortest time possible. 

You spare your time whenever you are free to develop a schedule of Instagram content that will last for a week. This includes captions, stories, hashtags, posts, and many more. With this, you will save up much time to create content each day. You only need to signup for a free account before you can start scheduling your Instagram posts 

How Does It Help to Maintain Your Channel?

Consistent Posting

Consistent posting assures you of a more successful Instagram account. A consistent content flow keeps your followers in the know-how of what to expect from your posts. Therefore, whenever you plan and schedule your Instagram content in advance, it allows you to be more consistent. Here, get out your content even during your busy days.

Visually Stunning Feed

It becomes easier to convert someone who lands into your profile to a follower whenever you schedule your Instagram posts. This will take you a few minutes. Therefore the best way you can attract more followers is by curating the look of your profile. Each time you schedule your Instagram posts, you can plan how your feed will look before posting.

Engagement and Views

It can be challenging to capture your audience’s attention because new Instagram accounts pop up every day. You can avoid this problem by ensuring that you post your content whenever your audience is active and scrolling on Instagram. You can do this by checking on Instagram insights and reviewing your audience metrics to know their best times. This is the time that you should remind yourself to make posts.

Write Captions That Convert

Writing captions can take much time on Instagram. You can avoid coming short with new captions by simply writing down your captions during your free time. Whenever you create your captions ahead of time, you will create better captions and plan on your calls to action earlier. Also, it ensures that you have enough CTAs spread throughout the entire week.


Given that you’ve grasped the technique of Instagram scheduling, you can now concentrate on the things that matter the most – like building your business. With a content schedule set in place, you can begin building your Instagram following with greater efficiency and minimal effort.