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Plumbing Leads -10 Proven Strategies to Generate More

Plumbing Leads

The ultimate business goal of any business is lead generation, which sets the pathway for the future of the business. Businesses need to plan how they approach their consumers and put their brand out to the world. This process is crucial and extends to all types of businesses. 

This blog explores how a plumbing business can generate exclusive plumbing leads. To understand the process, the blog will discuss how digital marketing for a plumbing business works, the importance of an effective digital marketing strategy, and lead generation to present 10 of the best-proven strategies to get plumbing leads. 

Read on to find out more about which strategies are best applied for a plumbing company to secure qualified leads.

What Is Digital Marketing for Plumbers?

For a plumbing business to succeed it is important to understand their client’s pain points and how they can address these concerns through their plumbing services. Digital marketing is a straightforward avenue to start sharing your plumbing business to reach a vast number of people with minimal cost and resources at the initiation. People looking for plumber leads online can easily find your business if you deploy the right digital strategies. 

Researching plumbing leads and their search intentions, whether it is a repair for a clogged toilet or a burst pipe, and ensuring you promote your services relative to their needs is how digital marketing works for a plumbing company.

Plumbing is a competitive industry, and because your client base is mostly residents, your efforts to increase plumbing leads have to focus on reaching people specific to your service area. While traditional methods like sending out flyers do work, the digital age witnesses more consumers looking for solutions online.

What Is Digital Marketing for Plumbers?

Importance of an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy 

Newer generations frequently use social media or simply lookup for products or services on a search engine to discover solutions to their daily concerns. You must utilize this knowledge to create an effective digital marketing strategy to maximize the opportunities presented by the shift of businesses and consumers to the digital era. 

To effectively build your plumbing business, you’ll need to craft digital marketing campaigns that appeal to both existing and new customers while staying competitive in your sector. 

An effective digital marketing strategy will analyze your target audience, help you develop products and services catered to their needs and evaluate the performance of your business by stating clear metrics you want to keep track of. 

These metrics can range from evaluations of the cost per lead to how many more sales your plumbing business has made after applying different strategies. This helps you ensure that your digital marketing costs are being utilized to get more leads and grow your business. 

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation for plumbing companies in the process of how the business converts a potential customer into a paying customer. A lead is somebody interested in a company’s product or service. Since people have various choices and requirements you cannot consider every individual a lead. Only by addressing your target demographic through lead generation can you ensure that your brand is well-matched with the appropriate customers.

What is Lead Generation?

Increasing the number of new clients acquired by focusing on high-quality leads has the potential to increase the pace of new customer acquisition. Having a large number of new customers will help you quickly create a loyal client base. This can also improve your ROI in the long term because the faster you grow your clientele, the sooner you can retarget prospective and current customers.

Want to know how you can secure leads for plumbers? Below are 10 excellent strategies that can get plumbing leads for plumbers.

10 Proven Strategies to Get More Plumbing Leads

The Local Consumer Review Survey, 2019 showed at least 90% of customers accessed the web to discover a local business in the previous year, with 33% doing so daily. Given this huge opportunity to reach potential customers online, we have gathered 10 excellent strategies for a plumbing business to generate exclusive plumbing leads.  

0 Proven Strategies to Get More Plumbing Leads

#1 Revamp and Optimize Your Website

Your website is a key component of your business. It should be mobile friendly and offer a responsive design so it can easily fit any mobile device, desktop computer, laptop, etc., plus Google ranks websites that are easier for customers to navigate through higher on their search results page!

An optimized website will contain easily accessible contact information with a great 24/7 inquiry set-up, a personalized plumbing business story and message that increase the human touch of the business, online reviews of satisfied and happy customers, website content optimized for search engines, and amazing promotional offers and direct call to actions (CTAs) that bring in website visitors that are exclusive plumbing leads. 

#2 Leverage Online Advertising

There are plenty of online advertising tools that can be maximized to promote your plumbing services to attract new leads and remarket to old leads. The key to successful online advertising is knowing what your customers expect from you and their possible pain points and using this content in your advertising campaigns

Online advertising methods range from running paid ad campaigns on your social networking sites, especially the social media sites that people in your local community predominantly use to simply advertising your plumbing service on your website. 

Tip: Don’t give up on traditional advertising methods, and always use the opportunity to promote your plumbing services in your local networking events, and carry your business card around. While the overall plumbing lead generation from these methods has been reduced, it still gathers a considerable amount of valid plumbing leads.

#3 Master Local SEO

Plumbing work is always an urgent requirement that customers want in real-time because of which they also want a plumbing contractor that is near them. This is why it is crucial to master local SEO (search engine optimization) for your plumbing company to show up when customers search for “plumbers near me”, or “leaky pipe repairs”. 

You need to research keywords related to your niche and location that rank high and include them in all your business platforms from websites to social media so that your platforms show up higher on search results compared to other websites. Another great practice is to keep your local profiles updated with your location and contact information so potential customers can access your plumbing company easily.

#4 Manage Online Reviews

Positive reviews on community-based networks like Google, Facebook, and other social media and business-reviewing platforms can attract quality leads as customers tend to favor businesses that other real customers have tried and tested.

Positive reviews help in acquiring free plumbing leads. According to a Consumer Review Survey, potential consumers read up to 10 reviews before building confidence in a business, and 89% of these consumers between the ages 35 and 54 consider reviews on the web as reliable as personal recommendations. 

What are you waiting for? Get your previous exclusive leads that turned into loyal customers to bring in more leads by leaving their positive feedback for your plumbing services on the different platforms your plumbing company uses.

#5 Customer Service Training

Good customer service can get you two major benefits. Quality plumbing leads as interested consumers enjoy the customer experience provided by your plumbing contractors and positive feedback for you to generate more leads! 

How can you achieve this? Train your plumbing contractors and other employees to provide high-quality service to your customers from the get-go. Make sure all your employees make the process for plumbing customers smooth from booking an appointment, how the plumbing job is done to asking them about their experience and getting them to leave a review about your plumbing services. 

#6 Plumbing Software and Mobile Application Automation

Do you want to enhance and ease the experience of your plumbing leads? Invest in a mobile application that is integrated with features that provide your customers with a flawless experience and instant responses to their queries and requirements. 

Some commendable features of the app would be a smooth interface that allows easy booking and scheduling of appointments, a back-end that supports providing immediate responses and estimated quotations through the app, a portfolio of successful plumbing work, and updates on the status of the customer’s plumbing appointment. This is an excellent way to generate quality plumbing leads that choose your company for future services.

#7 Invest in Targeted Email Marketing

Email marketing is an extremely affordable marketing tool in comparison to traditional marketing methods. Targeted email marketing that is relevant to your business and target audience – potential plumbing leads are guaranteed to succeed. The key to leveraging targeted email marketing is ensuring that your emails aren’t generic, lengthy, and solely based on content that forces consumers to use your service. 

Curate emails that have creative subject lines and share content that recipients find useful and will remember your company when they require a plumbing service. Sort your email list by open rates to send follow-ups, or remove recipients that are inactive to ensure you are sending out emails to a customer that has the potential to become a plumbing lead. 

#8 Know Your Market Audience

Knowing demographics such as your plumbing lead’s age, gender, average family income, and buying power allows you to focus on the specific plumbing lead to curate your branding to include all the types of plumbing customers.

Encourage plumbing service recruits to email family and friends to provide a free service call or consultation. This is excellent in assisting recruits in becoming acquainted with the company’s facilities, but it also aids in the development of a positive brand reputation. 

A practice for targeted emails would be to further classify your target audience, by zip code, occupational status, subscription status, date of last plumbing maintenance, or new homeowners in the region. The prime factor is to know the most relevant content to send and when it should be sent to each different segment of consumers.

#9 App-Based Plumber Referral Service

Research and find out applications and sites that provide referral services for plumbing leads. Many sites host groups for people in individual neighborhoods or connect small businesses to other businesses close by to generate shared leads. 

Look out for other reputable local businesses that provide individual referral services and utilize them to generate plumbing leads for plumbers!   

#10 Deliver Great Customer Experience

Look out for management, organization, and tracking tools that help you analyze your business’ performance in delivering a brilliant customer experience that plays a huge role in an effective lead generation system. Map the processes of your customer’s journey in choosing your plumbing services and ensure that you can connect at every phase of their journey.

If you are struggling in these aspects and your lead generation system is struggling, reach out to our experts to help you bridge the gaps to deliver a smoother customer experience.

Extra Tips for Plumbing Lead Generation 

We have also gathered very specific tips a plumbing business owner can do to enhance the strategies mentioned above. 

Extra Tips for Plumbing Lead Generation 

Create Blogs about Plumbing 

Customers want to know about the services they receive, and what better way than an expert sharing their knowledge about the different plumbing services, how they work, and why customers need them. Sharing informative blogs on your website optimized with high-performing keywords can also bring in visitors that can become leads. 

However, be mindful not to make your blogs sound like a service page promoting your business because not every reader is interested in sales-oriented content and is simply looking to learn about plumbing. 

Educate with Videos

Create short and helpful videos with tips and tricks for viewers to solve their plumbing issues. These videos help build brand awareness, and the content can vary to show easy DIYs to complex plumbing problems that require a professional. 

Build an Email List

Don’t forget to have an email subscription section for your website, and also encourage your social media following to sign up for your emails. Share snippets of your blog content, tips and tricks, and interesting plumbing industry information to that email list you build

Learn about their preferences and make sure you send out relevant emails customized and personalized to each person. People interested never forget you, and who knows? They might become your next plumbing leads.

Create a Google My Business Listing

Having a Google My Business account with updated and optimized information helps Google identify and show your business as a relevant search result for plumbing searches in your geographic area.


Plumbing services are in demand all over the world throughout the year. A plumbing business owner has to ensure they have a detailed lead generation system in place to make sure their business is successful. These strategies are based on understanding and segmenting the plumbing consumers of your company. A plumbing company can utilize the plethora of opportunities in the digital world by ensuring they run highly optimized websites and other social platforms, maintain an active online presence and implement local SEO efforts to rank high on search engines. 

Other strategies like advertising online by serving ads tailored to the specific consumer segment, requesting and managing positive feedback, equipping employees with sufficient customer service training, investing in targeted email marketing, and even venturing into the realm of a dedicated plumbing mobile application can gather quality leads. 

These strategies have to be tracked and analyzed to understand how it impacts the process of generating leads for the company, and if the plumbing leads cost is justified or has to be directed elsewhere. If you find these strategies hard to implement but are interested in using them to secure more plumbing leads, reach out to our digital marketing experts to help you get started.