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Quality Content – The Top 12 Types of Social Media Content to Create

Types of Social Media Content to Create

It is evident that SEO is known to be a helpful tool in the business industry as it navigates the organization of websites, which would definitely lead customers and visitors to easily discover and interact with them. This tool has become so widely popular that even up to this day, many industries still find it worthy of their investments. 

Well, it is obvious that search engines have been part of the everyday lives of entrepreneurs, businessmen, teachers, students, and other professionals for a long time now. Thus, it is easy to say that most people are now relying on search engines in order to look for and discover things. This is the most basic truth about the significance of having SEO. 

Through SEO, businesses are able to gather information from other websites, which they can use to optimize the data better in order to rank higher than others on search engine results pages (SERPs). With that process, what can social media contribute to the organization’s strategy of SEO in order to market one’s business to many people?

While social media has always been a trend for everyone, it has also become an essential part of SEO. The ultimate goal of SEO is to optimize websites that are producing quality content. Therefore, with the help of social media, SEO is able to enhance the website’s organic traffic, which is ideal for business. Moreover, social media content and activities such as liking, sharing, and retweeting the website link foster the immediate expansion of quality content all over the internet.

What Is Social Media Content?

Social media content is popularly defined as the quality content created and posted by companies and individuals through social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. They can include posts, stories, photos, videos, blog posts, and other types of content. People are aware that social media has become so powerful and popular as its presence can be observed in a variety of fields such as business, welfare, entertainment, education, food, and lifestyle. 

This tool mainly focuses on bridging communication, collaboration, and content-sharing, which is freely accessible for everyone, making the business industry one of the major recipients of its benefits. Thus, social media content is effective in businesses as it plays a significant role in their content marketing strategy.

In terms of the expandable reach that businesses ideally aspire to achieve, social media content is the most accessible and valuable to use as it freely connects with people, which leads to a more effective advertising approach. 

What Is Social Media Content

As more people retweet, or share photos, website links, and pages of the company, the more they can promote and reach more potential customers. However, social media content must be smartly used in order to successfully reach its target market. Therefore, companies will be able to find more marketing opportunities when they have completely understood and applied effective social media content.

The Importance of Social Media Content

Generally, social media content is significant to businesses as it helps them achieve social marketing activities and objectives such as audience engagement, good brand image, and recognition. In addition, quality social media content being shared across various channels can help the company establish long-term customer relationships, which positively affects the organization. Thus, content must be effective and engaging as it will benefit the business in the long run. Therefore, it is important to create high-quality content for the social media channels you are using for your business.

The Top 12 Types of Social Media Content That Can Boost Your Business’s Success

When it comes to creating content,  it is just not enough to create one type and share it in all the channels available. Each channel has its own specific types of content which are popular and sometimes unique to it. Your content marketing strategy should take into account and structure your content creation process accordingly. Here are the top 12 types of content that can give your business a boost.

#1 Written Posts, Blogs, Articles, Guides, and More

Blog posts and articles are popular for presenting high-quality content, which means that strong competition can be present everywhere. However, when a company knows how to effectively market its business and efficiently engage with its target market on social media, it can be easier to surpass the rankings. Articles, posts, and blogs must be able to accentuate a company’s expertise and knowledge in order to establish a good brand reputation among customers.

Why Do Written Posts, Blogs, Articles, and Guides Work on Social Media?

Written posts and articles work well on social media because they provide quick access and visibility for the information being asked and inquired about by customers. With that, many people would find the blog interesting, which would result in more traffic on the site and a more powerful brand image from the audience. In simpler terms, written blogs and articles are effective in the manner that they can actually attract new customers every single time. That being the case, your content strategy should include measures to write high-quality content. 

#2 Electronic Books (eBooks)

Electronic books are written content that is longer and more detailed than blog posts and articles. Thus, they provide more detailed information that highlights the business’s expertise to their customers and readers. Most of the time, eBooks are known to be a more detailed compilation of content from several blogs and posts, which is a unique approach not to compete with written blogs and guides from other companies. 

Why Do Electronic Books Have a Social Impact?

Customers find credibility as a major factor, and thus, eBooks can actually help the company with this. Since electronic books are popular in providing all the necessary information regarding a business, the data included is considered part of their marketing approach as it effectively attracts people who aspire to also educate themselves. 

#3 Links to External Content

Creating content is not enough to gain authority and credibility. But linking to external resources is an effective approach for a business as it makes the content more relevant and credible. With this action, companies must ensure that the links they have provided have been evaluated in order to prevent a negative impact on their brand image. Thus, conducting research on different websites with the same topic, content, and keywords is a must. Lastly, the business must also ensure that its quality content will stand out. 

Why Do Links to External Content Work on Social Media?

External links are said to be significant when it comes to SEO ranking when done effectively. As long as the company uses links that are relevant to the content and come from authorized and valuable pages, it will surely work well for the company itself. Thus, it works on social media since it has the ability to drive traffic to the company’s content. 

#4 Images

Images of high quality can indeed foster customer engagement as well as brand awareness. They can be photos, graphics, or infographics that are relevant to the campaign or the content. They can engage the audience better compared to long posts and articles since there are some customers who find reading materials not so interesting.

Why Do Images Perform Well on Social Media?

Images definitely work on social media as they attract attention and increase engagement among people. Visual brand identity or image can be an effective tool to communicate the company’s purpose and message to the audience. With better images presented, people may find it easier to interpret what the business is all about. 

The Top 12 Types of Social Media Content That Can Boost Your Business’s Success

#5 Videos

With easy access to recording tools on smartphones and tablets, videos have become one of the popular content on social media. Using this to engage your audience is a good way to make your online presence more established. Especially, with live streaming being already in the mainstream, businesses must consider providing quality videos as it is considered an easy and convenient way to market expertise. Videos are more engaging than images, which makes them a standout among other marketing approaches available. 

Why Do Videos Perform Well on Social Media?

Videos work on social media as they can easily attract and engage people’s attention in the first few seconds. With quality videos presented in a concise manner, people can easily digest what the company is expressing to them. Thus, it can increase the views and engagement of potential viewers, which may also drive traffic to the company’s website. 

#6 Video Stories

Video stories are short pieces of content that are either pictures or videos that stay on the internet for twenty-four (24) hours. This content is useful when a company wants to keep its audience up to date on special events, new promotions, and announcements. Video stories can be a teaser about what they would like the audience to expect in the coming days.

Why Do Video Stories Work on Social Media?

Video stories effectively work on social media as they have the ability to spice up people’s curiosity. It can increase engagement, which leads people to share and talk about the content with other people. In that way, the website can engage more every minute. 

#7 Live Videos

Live videos are considered a great way to market the business’s content as they can capture the whole event, and share it with those who aren’t physically present. This type of content doesn’t disappear from the platform as the owner has the ability to either save the live video or not. 

Why Do Social Media Live Videos Work?

Social media supports live content as it is considered convenient and accessible to people. Thus, live videos work on social media as it makes the audience feel like a friend rather than just a follower since it has a feature where people comment and engage with the live video in real-time. 

#8 Infographics

Popularly, infographics have already existed forever, which makes them more credible to use. This type of content includes images and some necessary information, which can be either in the form of a statistic or numbers. With great data included in infographics, they can efficiently deliver the message to an audience by just looking at and reading it. 

Why Are Infographics Effective on Social Media?

Infographics indeed work on social media as it has the power to engage people by giving them visual content. They contain large chunks of information presented in an easy-to-understand format. This can also boost the audience’s engagement with the content, which will more likely end up being shared all over the social media platforms, which is good for businesses as it expands their engagement and reaches different people from different places. 

#9 Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and reviews are compilations of personal experiences from different people who actually have used the product or service being marketed. This means that reviews are indeed valuable, as they are considered evidence of the good or bad experiences the customer had with the business. Sometimes, potential customers end up looking for reviews and testimonials rather than for what the business is conveying.

Why Do Social Media Testimonials and Reviews Work?

Testimonials and reviews work best on social media as it may boost the confidence of the customers regarding the product or service they have experienced. As a result, the company must ensure that they are truly practicing and offering what they preach.

#10 Announcements

Giving announcements through social media is already a trend since it can cover and reach a variety of people. Giving some necessary information regarding new events, promos, and products can foster the hype within people. This makes the audience engage with all the activities running inside the business.

Why Do Social Media Announcements Work?

This works on social media as it can create excitement for people regarding the new activity coming up. This will work better when the company is consistently hyping the target audience with some promising details every day. Announcements must go well with a countdown to the special event. 

#11 Contests

Social media contests are fun and engaging, especially if they include prizes to win. These are popular as people are continuously being hooked by the interesting prizes they can get by just clicking on the internet. With these contests, it is more likely that the business will grow quickly. 

Why Do Social Contests Work?

As it is in demand today, many people are getting more excited, which will lead to more followers and wider audience engagement. With smart planning of these contests, a minimal budget can be achieved. Thus, it became one of the most effective ways to boost the brand image.

#12 Holidays

Holiday-themed content is engaging and enjoyable because many people look forward to special events and activities sponsored by the company. When they have already tried engaging people on holidays, it is more likely that their audience will always be excited to follow and visit the page for more upcoming holiday events. 

Why Do Holidays Perform Well on Social Media?

Most of the time, people on social media enjoy the holiday, which makes businesses aligned with some special events on holidays. These activities are effective and working on social media as people are becoming more attentive to promos and special events associated with special days. Thus, many people tend to be more interested in the business, which also boosts and runs traffic on the website.


When you create content, always ensure that they are of the best quality as it will give you more traffic. When people think that you create high-quality content, you will automatically realize that traffic is being generated through your content. Every business strives to create content that is of high quality and engaging. Therefore, your content strategy should be able to produce high-quality content that can stand out from the competition.